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Mine broke at 29 weeks (PPROM). I hadn't done anything different from normal. At midnight, I got up for my normal midnight-pee, and as I was walking to the bathroom, it just "released"! I ran to the bathroom, and fluid was running down my legs all over the bathroom floor. I didn't hear any popping sound or feel anything except a bunch of fluid coming out. Sat on the toilet and said "Uh oh!", to which my husband awoke and said "Is that a 'call the midwife' uh oh?", and I said yes.

Contractions didn't start until about 11 hours later, at which point the hospital put me on drugs to stop those contractions, since they were obviously way too early.

I don't know if it feels any different in a full term woman or not... I'm hoping to find out this pregnancy.
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40 weeks, maybe 10 minutes before she came out. Itw as a fast labor.
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With baby #1 my water broke at 36 weeks. I was awakened by a pop and a gushing sensation in the middle of the night. Contractions started immediately afterwards. I delivered 11 hours later.

With baby #2 my water broke at 38 weeks. I had gotten up to pee at about 2 AM and it broke while I was on the toilet. Contractions started about half an hour afterwards. I delivered a little over 3 hours later.

With baby #3 I was induced at 37.5 weeks (preecclampsia) via Cervidil gel. My water broke during a contraction when I was at 4 cm. The nurse was getting ready to check me and had just asked whether my water had broken. It broke with the next contraction, so I answered: "It has now."

I've always said that if my water didn't break before or early in labor, I'd have no way to tell if I was in labor!

I've heard that only about 10 percent of women actually have their water break on its own before active labor begins.
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39 weeks.
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Mine broke at 40 1/2 weeks. I had just gotten done nursing my then 21 month old. I stood up and felt a tiny fist punching my cervix and then a huge warm gush all over the floor.
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Baby #1 37 wks, 6 days with no active labor, lots of interventions leading to c/s. Was just a trickle, and I thought I peed a little

Baby #2 6 days shy of EDD after 2 weeks of prodromal labor (was 5cm at the time), still no real active labor until 26 hours later. Was a gush, and each contraction would gush some more. Baby born vaginally with only antibiotics as an intervention.
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My water broke on its own both times. First one it broke as baby crowned.(38.5 weeks) Second one it broke twice. First was a high small break at about 2am. I'd been in early labor for about three hours but was in bed trying to sleep. As I was dozing, I felt a snap like a rubber band hitting my belly, heard a pop, and felt a little trickle, but it sealed up after that. Then, at about 10am, I was completely effaced, 4.5 cm dilated, ctx every four minutes, and midwife had just left because she didn't believe I was in active labor and I wouldn't let her break my water (again) to "get things going..." and it broke with a huge gush as I was packing my bag for the hospital. Ds was born 1.5 hours later. (37weeks exactly) ETA: Had six weeks of prodromal labor with both babies.
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My water broke on it's own about 5 minutes (if that) before dd was born. I was at 42 weeks (roughly).

Just curious, why were you induced at 33 weeks?
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My first sprung a small leak with a contraction which was the first of many and gave birth 9 1/2 hours later.

My second didn't break until I was pushing him out, about 5 minutes before birth.

Both were homebirths.
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Originally Posted by CryPixie83
Just curious, why were you induced at 33 weeks?
Was just about to ask that. That seems REALLY REALLY dangerous.
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For my last pregnancy, my water broke at 42 weeks during labor, while I was pushing .

With my first I had AROM and letting it break on it's own was a million times better!!!

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I was at 39 weeks. It felt like a balloon popping inside me.
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With both of my babies my water broke during the pushing stage. With Gareth is was about 15 min before he was born. It totally splashed all over my Doc. I was pretty embarrassed but didn't have too much time to think about it. with Viola it broke and then she was born. I was hoping she would be bornin the caul... Oh well
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Both times just before birth

With #1, it broke at the end of transition.

With #2, I was laboring in the tub and (in retrospect) lightly pushing through contractions even though they never felt like the waves of huge urges to push that I'd with with #1. Water broke in the tub and she dropped straight to crowning position. So - end of transition again?
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With #1 my water broke at 41 weeks after I was already in early labor.

With #2 my water broke at 40 weeks, and I went into labor about 18 hours later.

Nothing (sex, walking, spicy food) brought it on. When your baby's ready, he's ready and not a moment before! LOL

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Baby #1, I was just falling asleep, laying in bed. It was about midnight when I heard a pop and a gush and my water broke. I was 1 day shy of 42 weeks pregnant. Contractions started almost right away and were 3 minutes apart. I called the doctor pretty quick and went right to the hospital.

Baby #2, My water broke when I was pushing. I was 41 weeks pregnant. After maybe 2 or 3 pushes. I was in the tub. Again I could kinda hear it and saw the gush (homebirth)

Baby #3, 40 weeks and a few days pregnant, I was standing in my bedroom near the tub, I had been holding my hand tightly near my vagina- imagine how a little girl might stand holding herself if she has to pee- I had been holding my hand there like that for a while as I paced the house during contractions. Anyway, I was feeling kinda frantic, I think I had my hand there because I was feeling the pressure of my bag of water on my cervix and holding seemed to help. But so I'm standing there feeling a little pushy and I felt my water break. It wasn't as gushy as with the first two babies but it was obviously broken. When I had the next few pushes I would push little streams of water out. (homebirth)
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with #1 water broke a few hours before she was born. it was an induced labor (no real reason for the induction imo) with pitocin but the waters broke on their own iwas 39weeks and 6 days

with #2 water broke at 39wks5days baby was born about 15 hours later drug-free
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Babies 1,2&3 they broke my water.

Baby #4 I went to bed at midnight started getting pretty intense contractions, got up, got dressed, and blam all over me and the floor!!! I wouldn't get into my car until dh put a towel on the seat because I didn't want to stain the upolstry He was born about an hour later on his due date!
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Originally Posted by annakiss
Was just about to ask that. That seems REALLY REALLY dangerous.
A baby is typically induced at a time like 33 weeks if there are issues in the pregnancy that make it safer for mom and/or baby if the baby is on the outside. Examples include pre-e, prolonged PROM (like some women's water breaks as early as 16 weeks or earlier, and around 32-35 weeks, the risk of infection and low fluid issues becomes higher than risk to baby coming out that early), IUGR, etc.

If your hospital has a level 2+ NICU, a 33 weeker should be fine (barring any congenital problems not caused by prematurity). They do have to stay in the NICU for a little while though, as their lungs are not completely mature, they probably can't regulate body tempature yet, etc. But it's amazing how fast a baby can mature in those areas and come home completely healthy.

Inducing at 33 weeks due to a medical issue is not the same as inducing at 38 weeks because the mom just wants the baby out.
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I was 39 weeks pregnant when my water broke in a big gush - I will never forget it because I was on the phone with my eye doctor getting a new Rx for glasses!!! Later, I told him he's the one who put me in labor!
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