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Baby still not here...

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should I even be worrying about it? Doing something about it?

I'm just wondering if I should let myself obsess about it or just be confident that when its time it'll all work out? I'm not even a week overdue yet, so worrying too much is just silliness, right?

They midwife did a non-stress test thursday, because she was worried when the babies HR was 110. The test was done and she seemed reassured that all was well, baby's base HR is 120. She ordered an amniotic index, which I didn't want to do, but since she seemed concerned I accepted it. No one's called, so I guess all is well.

So should I be actively doing something or should I just be going about my daily business? What would you/did you do?
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I don't have any personal experience since I'm pregnant for the first time, but I have a friend who went 2+ weeks beyond her due date. Her doc had her in every couple days for a non- stress test and that made her more worried than being late! (even though the results were always fine) I'm sure everything is fine. It's definitely not uncome to go beyond your due date. I would maybe call your midwife to find out the results of the amniotic index. Then you're not guessing that everything is ok. Good luck! I hope you can enjoy these last few days before your beautiful baby arrives!
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Just remember that a due date is an estimate, an average - some women go two weeks before the date others two weeks after and you will most likely fall somewhere in those boundaries. So I'm sure that you're baby will be fine and come when he/she is ready.
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Ah, Lea. There's nothing like being very preggo is there?

Did you know that the length of the average first pregnancy is 41 weeks (not 40!). That's average... means some are longer and some are shorter.

My friend/coworker went to 41 weeks with #1 and 42 weeks with #2. Her mom had six babies and five of them were 'late'. Some women just carry their babies longer... or maybe it's just that they O later in their cycle etc.

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Originally posted by mamapenelope

I send you gentle rocking-chair moments of journaling these final days.
Oh what a nice image. Beautiful, beautiful.

Sending you labor vibes. Your baby just needs to "cook" a wee bit longer.

Mama to Violet and Zoe
Born at home!
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Woo! Looks like we're having a baby today! Been having contractions all morning since 5am and I'm dilated to a 3, 80%efaced. This is good news as my amniotic fluid level index showed a big drop today from what it was friday.

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Happy birthing! Trust your body to do what it knows how to do. And post your birth story when you feel up to it!

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CONGRATS! I love knowing that someone is in labor at this very moment! Sending you beautiful birthing thoughts!
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