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We need help....Our 16 month old want to go to everyone, including complete strangers ...I hate this! I am also concerned with her safety. Are there any recommendations on how to stop this?
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Well, I would say she's too young to have the kind of boundaries you would like her to have, though many babies instinctively won't go to nayone but family members.

I'd think you have to wait it out until she'l a little older and you can talk. Until then just keep an eye on her.
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My dd is the same. It's starting to go away now and she is getting more cautious at 22 months. Just be vigilent.

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That's a tough one. I think they're too young to understand much about strangers being bad, etc. I'd be grateful she embraces life/people and just gently guide her away. I'm just starting (w/my 2 y.o.) to say things like "no, we don't know him/her and they might not want to play, etc."

I tell the kids in my kinder class that some people are sick in their heads, kind of like we get colds or coughs or sneezes. Some people have a sickness in their heads that we can't see and it makes them think differently. Good luck.
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Amazlilith - sounds like you have a happy child

It scares me that we have to worry about these thing.
ds is 20 months and loves everyone. If he stopped smiling, waving, and relating to everyone on the subway, the world would be a colder place - seriously a shared smile especially a childs really brightens people up. Old grumpy looking men, busy rushing business women, and boys with scary hair.

that said, I wouldn't let him out of my sight, ds is with me 24 hours a day. I guess that's why I stay home, so he doesn't have to be with out me or his mom at all. So he doesn't have to have the "don't trust strangers" talk until ... I don't know when until but not yet.

When would you all have that talk?
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I'm with you, Papachee, and since we're in the same city, I'm interested in your feelings on this. This is a safe city. I grew up here and feel safe. BUT my almost 3 year old son is damn cute and I worry that some sicko may snatch him - I don't worry allot but if he gets out of my sight in a store or something my heart beats faster. I occasionally leave him in the front yard for 15 seconds while I run back into the house to get something so I've been thinking of the don't speak to strangers conversation but how can I explain it so he can understand? I like that the old men in the neighbourhood pat him on the head, how do I differentiate?

Sorry, Amazlith, if I've gotten a little off topic. I don't think you have anything to worry about at your child's age. I am sure she would never be out of your sight.
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I think all babes go through this. I have a 20 mo old and she will roam anywhere. Sometimes she does approach people- but she's getting shy now. I just have to keep a good eye on her, keep her in the stroller or wear her. It keeps me on my toes. I live in a large urban area so I don't think I can be too cautious.
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I do the same 15 second dash when I forget my keys.

It is my job to make it very difficult for bad things to happen to my son. I don't want to delegate that job to him, by teaching him fear. Upon a lot of reflection and talking to dw. I think we will wait till he is going out on his own (when ever that will be) before we have that talk.

Before then he can not help but pick up on my non verbal cues. I am sure he is aware that I am more nervous in some situations than other, and with some people. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but ... when it comes down to it I'm still careful.
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