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dumb question

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what are the benefits of extended nursing? and when do you become an extended nurser? how long are fornmula babies usually on formula?
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All of the same benefits that a smaller baby enjoys! There is no age that breastfeeding suddenly stops being beneficial. I have even found, as my daughter has moved into toddlerhood (she'll be two in a week!) that nursing seems to provide a grounding point she can come to when she's feeling out of control. It sort of smoothes the emotional roller-coaster that marks the age. And there are still all the health benefits.

As far as what makes an extended nurser. I suppose it is a matter of perspective. I don't really consider my 2year old to be an extended nurser (maybe at 3, but not yet, certainly ). But there are those that think nursing a 6 month old is extended nursing.

I don't know for certain, but I think formula fed babies are generally given formula for at least a year. I don't know if they get formula after that.
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This past week, DD age 21 months came down with the flu. It was horrible. She spent most of the time nursing b/c it was the only thing that she could keep down. Both DH and myself swear if I still wasn't nursing, she would have become dehydrated and ended up in the hospital.
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Believe it! DD just had her first GI illness that caused vomiting and diarrhea since she weaned...and she ended up in the hospital getting IV fluids.
I never worried when she was nursing and got sick, because her intense love of the breast meant she would get some life-giving clear liquids. This time (she is 6) she refused everything, including sips of water...I had to practically force them into her. She dehydrated in about 3 days. (I kept trying to get liquids into her, but it just wasn't enough).

That alone would convince me of the value of Extended nursing...but I also remember all the soothed hurts and calmed tantrums...the colds she didn't get because my milk gave her the needed antibodies as I sneezed and wheezed away...the calories she packed on in her marathon nursing sessions before sleep after a day of picky eating and too-busy playing .

It's not for every woman, but it sure was a great thing in this house!!
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thanks for the info! it will help me when i get to that point..
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yes! even though I was sadden she was sick, dh has been pressuring me to wean here lately and it just furthered my ammunition!!!
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