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I hope you hear soon! I'd be very frustrated. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that the selection process is taking longer every year.

But you have the right attitude--your children are and will be fabulous regardless of how this works out, and if you keep that in mind, you'll cope beautifully in coming to a decision yourself what's best for them.
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Originally Posted by LindaCl
Are you still waiting to hear who's been chosen as the new first grade teacher? It's awfully late in the year to understand how the school can still be giving you no word on that.
We just announced last week. Many has been the year when we went up to and past the end of school without a first grade teacher. The trust our parents have in our kindergarten teacher (who keeps them updated on our first grade teacher search) is truly amazing.

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Unfortunately, as a parent who still has questions about Waldorf and realizes how much the teacher matters, it puts me in a terrible position to have to give them a deposit and be looking for backup options simultaneously. I certainly trust our teacher but I have seen grade teachers I like and some that I don't and they were chosen by the same wonderful people. Blind faith is something I'm not good at, I hope that doesn't preclude me from being a "good" waldorf parent. I am also mature enough to know that they aren't going to cancel first grade if they don't find the best person. Rather they will pcik the best of the bunch, hope it works out, and if it doesn't, fire them and hire someone else. It's happened enough times for me to get it and I hope we don't go through that.

I really want to meet this person...
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Of the schools in Seattle, I understand that 2 have teachers and the last school is deciding between two strong candidates. I know that the last school has lost students to the other classes because the parents couldn't wait any longer. The schools do not start the process until after Christmas which I think is too late especially when you know there is no returning teacher. Ads should go out in December so there are candidates to look at in January. Waiting for the 1st grade teacher is probably the most stressful thing a Waldorf parent has to go through.
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YEah a school near where i live, are only maybe going to have 3 or 4 mixed grades because there isn't enough in not one grade, maybe not even enough to keep the school open, They hired someone with out any Waldorf training for the kindergarden grade, I'm talking class sizes smaller than 10.

It's frustrating for everyone invovled teachers don't know if they will have work, the kids that go there yikes, and the potential new comers probably think it's "unstable"

I really like the community, but will pobably never have enough money to send my son, But i would like to suggest when the time gets closer the school possibly working with homeschoolers for some classes

hope it survives, although it's such a well kept secret not sure how anyboby could find it anyway

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Still no word here at a very established school.

Homeschooling is becoming more inviting by the minute...
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mijumom, do you know if they are considering any candidates? I would be really concerned if they didn't have any candidates. The school in Seattle with no 1st grade teacher yet, has narrowed it down to 2 candidates. They really want to hire one, but that one, has a family member with health issues and hasn't accepted yet.
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Yes, our school apparently has two candidates but it's been a couple of weeks since they interviewed and no final decision yet. It will be okay. We just want to meet the person because our staying at the school is contingent on our connection with the teacher (unlike some people we know who are commited to this education regardless).

Thanks for holding my hand through this.
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Teacher insight...

Regarding class size: I think success depends on many factors. In the first grade, I believe teachers should have an assistant in a big class. Some do, some don't. It's likely a funding issue.

Mijumom, I hope you know soon!

FWIW, the grades curriculum trainings begin in late June on both coasts. If schools want to have time to register and send new teachers, they should certainly be hiring them within the next week or so!
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Still no teacher...
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I'm really starting to have a meltdown here. My son is so prepared and eager to go into the first grade and they still don't have a teacher...I just can't tell him 100% that he's going. I keep saying that mommy and daddy will meet the teacher and decide but he says "I just know she'll be so nice"...

Forgive me, I'm a little hormonal but I just don't so good with ambiguity (a little life lesson here I suppose).

Any support?

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Well, they just hired a teacher at SWS in Seattle this past weekend. The 1st grade families met her on Sunday. She is from California. I had heard through the grapevine that the other candidate was from a Waldorf charter school in CA. I wonder if the charter schools are having some difficulty this year hiring and keeping teachers.

You know, I would call the school and ask for an update. How close are they to hiring someone? Will they hire someone before the end of the school year?

I hope for your sake they hire someone soon. Waiting around is the worst thing.
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We're not at a charter but what a shame to know that everyone is vying for the same teachers.

They've said they will notify us as soon as they know...I've asked so many times but it seems we may be finishing up the year without knowing who the teacher will be.

Well, I really need to work on dealing with not knowing and accepting that we'll deal with whatever comes...as I said a good lesson for me but very uncomfortable.
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I'm so sorry, mijumom. I understand in theory why schools would need to require large deposits on their prospective students, but it seems somewhat insensitive to expect parents to pony up hundreds of dollars for the deposit when the school doesn't even have a teacher lined up.

There just aren't enough trained Waldorf teachers to meet the demand. And every year I see great Waldorf teachers with years of experience decide they need to move on to other ventures. A year sabatical is often taken by teachers after the end of their 8th grade year. And this year our eighth grade teacher, who has taken at least two and maybe three classes through the full eight years, has decided to teach in the high school. Many go on to teach new teachers, which is very valuable too, but that means one less experienced class teacher in the pool schools have to choose from.

At least you know that your school is deciding between two candidates! It's too bad you couldn't meet them both.......maybe you'd find you'd be very pleased to have either one of them . But the selection committee at your school has met them both...hopefully that might explain why they haven't felt pushed to make the final selection yet.

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I don't get the impression they're impressed with either candidate because they've started to give messages like "by September we'll have a wonderful teacher..."

I only gave part of the deposit, I just can't do the whole thing.

I'll keep you posted.

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Anyone would be stressed in your situation mujimom. I hope you know soon!
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Originally Posted by mijumom
I don't get the impression they're impressed with either candidate because they've started to give messages like "by September we'll have a wonderful teacher..."

I only gave part of the deposit, I just can't do the whole thing.

I'll keep you posted.

How awful, I'm so sorry. They're signalling you won't know until SEPT?

A Waldorf teacher would have a very difficult challenge getting off to a good beginning if he or she has no time to prepare prior to the start of the year.

Thanks for remembering us in your updates, mijumom. It's such a difficult position for you to be in, I'm so sorry!

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Oh, I just don't know. I think they are trying to make the point that one way or the other, come september we'll have a great teacher, not necessarily that it won't be sooner. Maybe I should ask for clarification.

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No teacher. :
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They haven't been able to hire ANYONE? Oh no...

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