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Who is next???

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Ok, I am itching for another June baby!! It is time, some of you must be at 38 weeks now.

I am just about at 36 weeks, and I had my one daughter at 36 weeks 4 days. Of course, my other daughter was 42 weeks, but we aren't thinking about that one.

My boys have seemed to run pretty much around 40 weeks...so I have a feeling I am going to mid-June.

Someone go......maybe if someone goes first everyone will go, you know, like at a buffet line...

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Laugh! Everyone in my family seems to think we'll be going soon. I don't think that will be the case though. We still have about 5 weeks to go! Somedays I wish I only had a couple weeks left and she was almost here instead of a few weeks left.
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I'll be 38 weeks on Wednesday! I'm ready. I have been having really weird dreams and have been really emotional
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Ok, you can start the buffett....

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I don't think it'll be me, unfortunately....I would love to have this baby early but I tend to go right to 40 weeks, give or take only a day or two. Oh well....so I'm 36 weeks, I could still have an entire month more to wait!! So I'll be with you in mid-June, Caroline, most likely! Ugh. I can't complain though, I feel great and I'm not having any problems or anything - I am just impatient to finally meet this little guy!!! Fortunately the next few weeks are jam-packed with things going on, so while I won't have much time to rest, hopefully I won't have time to obsess too much either
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I'll be 38 weeks in about 3-4 days. My official due date is June 5. My son was born right at 40 weeks (ON his due date!), but i've been waaay more active this pregnancy and I'm still nursing him 3-4x a day. Apparently that's a good way to get labor started, so we'll see. I'm thinking maybe memorial day weekend??

Oh, and coco4cloth -- same here. I've beeen having bizarre dreams, can't hardly sleep, and very emotional.

I've been wondering when we'll see another June baby as well!!
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BundleFish... think we have the same due date anyway. I have been given two, June 19th and June 20th. Too bad we are not at the same hospital!!

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Originally Posted by AugustineM
I'm thinking maybe memorial day weekend??

That would be a great weekend....you could always celebrate the baby's birthday on the three-day weekend!!

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I'm 38w2d, and I feel like I could go anytime, but it probably won't happen.
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I'm 37wks today according to my June 10 due date (LMP) I had to get an ultrasound a while back which gave me a due date of June 6 so that would mean I'd be almost 38wks now. (Like 4 days *really* matters anyways) I'm measuring 39-40cm already but no dialation which is think it because the baby has been breech. (Although I think s/he has turned around, at least part way. We'll see @ my app. on Tues. ) I have a hunch that I'll go before my June 10 due date so, we will see! I DOUBT I'll be the next to go though...so I'll just get in line. DD was born @ 40wks3-4days.
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I go off bedrest on Wednesday, and DH insists we're going to, you know, do a whole lot of what couples do to get things moving. Could it be me?!!

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I have a feeling I will have this baby around June 14th. My first two were 41 weeks exactly. I'm trying not to think about it. How much more can a women clean I was scrubbing the floors today. I can't keep up with this house.
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I'm 38 weeks and 1 day ... though I'd be shocked if this babe came before (or actually after) my due date of June 2. Ds#1 was 2 days early (but on time according to 1 u/s if I remember correctly - we had a few done because of a low-lying placenta). Ds#2 was right on his due date (Thanksgiving day of that year!). So, I'm thinking this one will be between June 1 and June 3 ... but early would be nice.
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Perhaps it will be me? I am due 6/7 (I am 37 w, 3 days), but each baby has come just a little earlier. Last oen was 10 days early so I am expecting a slightly earlier baby this time as well. All along I have said the 26th or the 28th of May but after my appointments this week and hearing about how low this baby is, I'm not so sure. I do think she will be here within about 8 days or so though. Guess I just need to get it right in my head and finish all of the little last minute details so that I will feel like she can come at any time.

Dh is eager for some "couple time," but I just cannot until I feel like I am ready for her birth. With ds, we had sex and then I started having bloody show and labor by early am. Need to keep him away for a few more days!
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doulanichole. We're in the same boat.

I'll be 37 weeks this Tues. and everyone seems to think I'll go early again like I did with Qualia. (She was born a couple days past 38 weeks.) I've been freaking out about getting everything ready just in case this little guy decides to come early, too. I think dh got the "message" because he's home cleaning up a storm today!
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You know, I was JUST thinking this yesterday as I checked the board again in the afternoon, hoping to see another welcome baby post..I was thinking our mamas who are due in early June are awfully close and somebody has to be going soon.

I was given June 21 as my due date, but then they changed it to June 27 at my first ultrasound; personally, I don't think that's right, based on my LMP and the fertility/ovulation signs I had in Sept. For some reason, the date June 23 keeps coming into my head, so we'll see. It feels like an eternity to wat, but I suppose it's been 35 weeks already, what's another 5? DS was born ON his due date (I know, not the norm, but it was spontaneous labor!) so we'll see what this babe does.

Oh, and as far as "couple time", since we're pretty sure I got the baby turned from breech recently, DH said he doesn't want to 'ruin' anything, so he won't come near me with a 10-foot pole!
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Originally Posted by donosmommy04
DH said he doesn't want to 'ruin' anything, so he won't come near me with a 10-foot pole!

10 feet huh?? Interesting.....

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I'm 37w today, and feeling a little anxious! I'm having the weirdest sensations, not at all like the ctxn's I've been having for weeks. LOTS of cervical twinges and tickles. The baby is very active. And I have this sudden burst of energy--just went around and cleaned and got all the supplies ready. Maybe this is just more practice

#2 was 11 days early, and I had been thinking May 28, but I guess it could be any day now!
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Originally Posted by Caroline248
10 feet huh?? Interesting.....

Oh, that was funny!

Unfortunately, to me, sex right now could not sound more unappealing...
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I'm 37.3 weeks... but hoping to not go too early. I'm working till39 weeks, and would like a week off to relax. I know I know... I'm stupid for working that late!
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