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Fever for 5 days and then Scary poosp?

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What the heck is this? Anyone seen anything like it? Dd is 22 months. She has a temp of about 100 during the day and it spikes up to 103 at night. On the morning of the 5th day (today) she had an absoutely nightmarish poop. The run down your legs kind that smells like a toxic waste dump. She's eating and drinking normally throughout this ordeal but she's definitely clingy and weepy. Poor lamb. She's already been to the ped. He was mystified. Offered to do a urine culture with a catheter to check for UTI but seeing as she had no symptoms of that I declined.

Any info on a similar experience appreciated.

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This sounds a lot like the experience we had in our household last month. My 18 mo. old dd ran a fever of about 101-102 degrees in the evenings, and had an extremely foul bm every other day. It had a chemical smell to it. Unlike your dd, however, she also refused all solids during this time and would only bf. After a week, I broke down and took her to the ped., who ran several tests on her stool for parasites, rotavirus, and UTI. Everything came back neg. and after 10 days of this, she made a complete recovery. We never found the cause, and now believe it was viral. Hope your dd gets well soon!

Amy, mom to Tsuneo, 09/12/01
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My 17 month old had something similar last month. It went away on it's own.
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a lot of viruses seem to cause the foul poop thing...
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Thanks everyone.

Lord, the stench! It's like The Exorcist with diapers! I am giving diluted juices with infant pro-biotic mixed in. I cut all dairy and am doing BRAT for her. She's now refusing to take more than a bite of food at a time. Lots of weeping. Lots of clinging. Tomorrow will be day 6 of this insanity. I'm burning lavender candles and the house still smells like something died in it. That must be one bad bug.

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we went through it in january. so sorry you're living it now. ds is 11 mo and he'd spike an awful fever at night, be fine during the day, but clingy, no solids. went on for over a week and he developed ear infections.

and those poops--in our case they reverted to nb poops from all the extra nursing.

cutting dairy made a big difference for us (he'd been eating yogurt, cheese, and a little milk-based formula to supplement from my breast reduction). adding bifidus helped too...

good luck, and hopefully it passes soon.

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Okay. Fever broke yesterday afternoon but was followed by a rash, first behind the ears and then spreading to the trunk/back and now is starting on the face. This child is also a weepy wreck today. Our worst day yet for crying and carrying on. All I can do is hold her.

Is this Measles? She had the full series of shots for MMR. What do you think? I understand that Measles are rare now.

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i forgot to say b4 that ds had hives for three or four days. it cleared up but worried us a bit.
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Oh no! this sounds like what dd is starting with today. She won't eat or drink though. maybe if I pumped some milk for her she would drink that (she weaned a while ago and now I am nursing her sister). Have you found out anything about the rash?
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Sound very much like the babay measels.Also known as roseola.Do a search here at mdc for it,and also here is an article

and here at dr sears http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T083600.asp

hope all is well soon.If it is the baby measels the worst is over when the rash appears.Hope your little one gets well soon whatever it is.
Do you have a homeopath you can talk too?There are GREAt remedies to help with the bms and the clingyness too.
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Baby Measles it was! A Prize to Charmarty! Man. This was a bad one. I am glad it's not real measles. It sure looks like it though. Poor kid is one big rash. Fevers all gone though. I didn't think we would last another day of fever together. 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!

Roseola is a form of Herpes. There are two strains that cause this disease in infants. This particular strain my dd had really presented like measles with the only real difference that the onset of the rash is during the fever in measles and after it subsides in Roseola. Oh She did not get the sores that appear inside the mouth just prior to the rash portion of true measles. So Roseola. No fun. I don't recommend. Give it a miss.

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