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Hi all! I'm Meghan, mom to my DD who will be 2 on August 4th, and expecting another DD on August 9th! I'm hoping this little one decides not to show up on her big sister's birthday, I already feel guilty enough taking the attention away from my peanut. Anyone else expecting number two around 2 years after the first? Are you as nervous as I am about how the older one will react?
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Hi Meghan, I'm only pg w/ #1, so can't help w/ the sibling issues, but just wanted to say welcome!

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I'm on #1 too, but I did notice how your babes were going to be close on birthdays... wondering what it is about November for all of us?


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Mine will be 22 months apart (August 06 and October 04). At first I was worried about keeping up with both. I just about got that settled in my head, and DD decided this week to get possessive of me. She shoved the cat off my lap this morning with "My Mama!" Oy vey, I'm not sure what to think about this yet.
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Hi there! Mine two boys are 15 months apart. The beginning is pretty busy and difficult, but I think in the end it's nice. After a few months we got into a routine and things were fine. I tandem nursed, though they took turns.

- Krista
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Mine will be roughly 26 months apart. I am also concerned about the beginning, but I know the girls will just adore each other, so I'm not too worried about it. Plus, I FINALLY get to be a SAHM, so I'm ready to be home with both the girls!

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Thank you for the warm welcomes! I'm sure things will be fine, and we'll naturally fall into a pattern of sorts. But I can't help being a little nervous. Oh well, it's just life's next great adventure.
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My baby is due around my dd's b-day too. However, she will be 5 so I don't have any really good advice for you. I know plenty of people who only have 18 m to 2 yrs between kids and they've all survived.
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Hi Meghan! Welcome to the club. My friend's girl's birthdays are three days apart, and they have suffered no ill effects! One of the lovely symptoms of pregnancy is the fact that we mamas get to feel lots of guilt about all kinds of things - there's got to be a way we can blame it on our husbands or MILs.
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Originally Posted by ColoradoMama
there's got to be a way we can blame it on our husbands or MILs.
Speaking of those family members...my first son shares his birthday with my MIL. This one is due very close to my husband's birthday. Baby #2 was "due" the day before my mother's birthday, but he came almost 3 weeks "early" (though he appeared to be way overdue) and my mother was all disappointed...there's NO WAY I could have made it that long, grrr...
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My first 2 are almost exactly 2 years apart. They were actually due the same day, but both came a little early. Their b-days are 2 days apart. I was nervous too, but it worked out just fine. I didn't know it any other way, so I just made it work. I'd have to say the only problem I can see coming is they are starting to have very different ideas about what they want in a bday party. So far I've been able to put it off, but eventually, they are going to want to have a real party with friends and stuff. Because of the closeness of the bdays, we've always had a combined party, but I don't know if that's going to work down the road!
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Not that I have much personal experience here, but a friend of mine was born maybe 2-3 days around her sister's birthday. The older one seemed to resent having to share the day and the younger was sad that she didn't get her own cake. If I remember correctly, she had leftovers which is totally sad in my opinion.

Maybe it may help in the way you present it to your eldest as something special for her?
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Since dd really wanted a sib, we've been telling her that she is getting a baby for her b-day this year. She loves the idea! I think he might actually show up a couple weeks before then though. The way I see it is I'd do separate parties if they were a few months apart so it shouldn't be too bad to do separate parties a few weeks apart. At least my house won't need too much work for the 2nd party each year. If he is born closer to her b-day though I might be in trouble. Maybe do one party the weekend before and one the weekend after and alternate who gets to go first each year.
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There's no way I'm doing one party for both of them, even if they have the same birthday. It's not fair to either of them, but especially not to DD#1. We will be doing a bday party for her this year, but it will be small, with immediate family only (last year we went all out for her first bday, but DH's family is huge and I just don't have the energy to cater to all those people). I don't care if it kills me, she will get a bday party. Luckily I have family in town that can help if I need it. I think maybe what we will do from now on is for first bdays have a big to-do, then subsequent bdays do a toned down family party, until they are old enough to have friends at a party. At that point we will re-evaluate.
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