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Oh, and the humidity started here yesterday! I turned the AC on the second I started feeling sticky....I am very thankeful we have central air!!

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I couldn't imagine living w/out central air!!! But when I walk outside the heat hits you like a ton of bricks and the humidity is so high that it feels like Im trying to breathe thru a wet sock! LOL!
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: I'm content to wait! I'm 38 weeks and feeling pretty good. I just finished working (well I'm going to see 3 pts next week)and I'm very content to have a couple of weeks (or more??) to prepare. I'm still relatively comfortable (most of the time) and I think since this pregnancy was long awaited and very fought for, I can ignore a lot of the discomfort, as I may not get to do it again. We'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks tho.

I also am feeling like I need this last bit of time unencumbered by work and other things to do some cleaning and clearing... and not just the house kind. I have some mental and energetic cleaning to do....

I did notice the past couple of days some low pinching cramping cervical discomfort. It wasn't horrible, but it definitely got my attention. Somethings changing!
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It looks liek we have ten June babies born already. How exciting!! In my last DDC with my son, I was the first to have the baby...it sure is different being on the tail end of it!!

I PM'd someone about making the thread a sticky for Predictions, now people can start filling in what REALLY happened!!

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I'm content to wait, too. If he feels like coming soon, that's ok too, but I'm in no real hurry (I'm 37 weeks 3 days). I have too much to do around the house first, and a lot of it I can't do and have to rely on lighting a fire under DH!

I am sooo happy to report that after a day and a half of wacky hands-and-knees positions, sitting on the birth ball for several hours, getting adjusted by the chiro and a nice 2 mile walk that the baby has moved out of a posterior position and into an LOA position! Yay! I can tell because of the hiccups. Now DH commands him to get the hiccups all the time to make sure he's still in the good spot.

I have had a couple of rockin' contractions in the last several days, though - these were NOT BH! The first time we were out at breakfast at the Original Pancake House (best bacon EVER!) and I thought I was dying of food poisoning all of a sudden. Then I realized what was *more likely* to be happening. It was definitely different. I had two right then, lost my appetite (: ) and that was that. DH was alllll worried, said I turned completely white and got out his watch to start timing, hahaha! It happened the next morning over breakfast too, but only once and not quite as intense. Definitely feeling a lot of cervical crampiness throughout the day and I also feel like the baby is sort of head-banging my tailbone every now and then which elicits a kind of funny-bone-like reponse and feels verrrrry weird.

I'm pretty much enjoying all the weird sensations. I just miss being able to sit in a reclined position. I'm daydreaming about being able to do that again....
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39 weeks 3 days

I am miserable! Out, baby, OUT!
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My new MW is coming tomorrow for the homevisit. It seems weird that we'll only see eachother a few times before I go in labor but oh well. We got really good vibes from her yesterday. She's expecting me to go anywhere from 1 to 2 wks. June 1st is THIS Wed!!! FINALLY!!!! Our month is coming. : I'm excited.
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I'm still around too. I woudl like to say that I am happy to wait and I am truly happy for her to stay in and cook as long as she needs to, but all these false starts and the PUPPPS rash on my legs is making me crazy! Was thinking today may be the day again and now who knows. Frustrates me that I can't tell if I am in labor and this is baby #4...never been a problem before, why now?

I have also been extremely grumpy and short with my kids, which I don't like at all. I know it's just a sign that the end is near, but it's not really fair to any of us. Trying to keep that in mind!
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Originally Posted by mommy2girlies
Although Im dying to meet this little man, I can stand to stay pregnant awhile more. Since Im only 36wks, I know I'll be pregnant for atleast 2-5 more weeks. Its just the 5wks that sounds so long!

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, and honestly I would not be so impatient if it weren't for DH's trip in late June. I still feel great (although dd2's birthday party, 25 little kids at Chuck E. Cheese, did take a lot of out of me!! ) Yeah, the heat is getting bad here, it's supposed to hit 90 degrees for the first time this season on Tuesday, ugh! I was literally dripping with sweat in our old church building this morning! But with both girls it was summer, too, and I was fine to wait until my due date, it was only AFTER it that I got really bad! I mean, of course I was anxious to finally hold them, but it wasn't such a big deal. Now, each day that goes by without a baby I will be thinking that DH might miss the birth But I guess I won't panic for a couple more weeks.....
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I DEFINITELY want at least another week. Yesterday, after weeks of looking at colors, we finally decided a new color to paint the living room... and then my hubby started it! He's hoping to have it all done (including replacing and painting out the trim by the end of this long weekend, but I'm still hoping for another week.
I just quit working, and haven't gotten my nesting energy back yet, so I have a few things on my list i'd like to do to. I need to finish sorting through all the baby stuff and reorganize the room that it's all in, as well as the desk in the hallway.. it's piled high with crap that needs to be dumped!
Next weekend is my birth blessing, and I am having my parents and two friends stay over for it, so there is a bit of cleaning to be done for that.

Keeta, so glad baby isn't posterior any more! yippie! I spend some time leaning back and sometime leaning forward, i need to put my feet up as they have taken on an interesting apperance... cankles, so so sexy.
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Gosh, I feel like I"m lucky! I live in Seattle and the past week it's been raining up a storm. I mean, a torrential downpour for the past two days straight!! I asked DH this morning if he'd built the ark because I had the animals two by two. I feeel like we're going to float away in a flood. I sort of like it though... especially since last pregnancy I was super pregnant all summer and it was like 90 degrees. So I feel for you ladies in the heat. I'm not nearly as swollen this time.

And I'm 39 weeks tomorrow... ready to have the baby but realize I still have a week until my due date. DS was born ON his due date... I wonder if DD will be too. But June 3rd is DH's bday, so that would be kind of cool.

Oh, and I definitely feel sort of "introspective" lately and find myself really quiet, not saying much. I remember this right before DS was born, too. I went on long walks by myself and stayed at home a lot. Of course I didn't have a toddler, then, either!
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Sorry, double post.
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Well, I'm bored!! I had been on bedrest, we really expected this baby weeks ago. I can't believe I am 38w+1!! I keep thinking this is "it," but I guess my body just really loooooves to practice

Everything is ready. Since I got preggers, I had been saying that I just had a feeling the baby would be born on May 28 (*looking at watch* -- nope, no baby yet).

DH is already on paternity leave (but thinking about going back Tuesday and Wednesday if I haven't given birth yet). The house could use a good cleaning, but I have no motivation for it. At least I am well-rested.

I can't drive, so I need to think of some good activities to keep busy. Technically my due date is June 10. I guess it could be a while. Ho hum.
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I am new to the forum and am 38 weeks 3 days with my first. It is wonderful to read what everyone is doing these final weeks (days?). Getting up last night for the third time with intense sciatic pain attempting to roll over made me feel so lonely--I am amazed that there are so many of us going through the same things at the same time. I must say it let's me know that I will get through this and our little one will be here soon.
It's been windy and dry here which made my attempt at gardening today a little bit futile. Now I'm back inside attempting to simultaneously bake bread and make muffins. My dh is upstairs making stainless steel skewers for some veggie kabobs for grilling tonight. We had a busy day yesterday prepping our room for the baby--cosleeper just needs to be anchored and we're all set!
I wish you all smooth births...
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