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....I was right next to a lake, and I could jump in and have my body temp brought into perfect harmony with the temp

When I want to clear my mind...
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...I listen to music.

Today was rather...
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If I could go back, I would have never...
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... worried so much.

Sometimes I secretly...
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...scarf an entire chocolate bar and pretend it never happened

I wish I would have....
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stood up for myself to those nasty kids on the school bus.

I am going to work hard tomorrow at ...
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Originally Posted by catinthehat View Post
I am going to work hard tomorrow at ...
. . . trying not to smother my Dad.

The scariest thing I've ever done . . .
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The scariest thing I've ever done . . .
is trust my DH when he quit his deadend job and we moved for him to become a full time student.

One of the things I miss most from my childhood is....
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music lessons.  And I never thought I'd say that!


The thing I love the most about myself is...

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my honesty.


I wish I could create....

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something, anything out of wood or leather.


If I was completely true to myself I would...

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stop holding myself back.


If I had 2 hours to myself I would...

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stare at a wall and ponder without guilt.


The first thing I will do in the New Year is...

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kiss my husband.


I believe that the best way to be good in life is to . . .

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Try to be happy.

If I could be anything I wanted I would be
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having more alone time with my husband while our toddler was with an excellent childcare provider, and also I would be doing more exercise and living in my ideal home! In the next ten years I think the many environmental issues on our planet will , , ,
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be acknowledge by a broader spectrum of individuals, not solving all of them but at least putting them on the table for serious discussion. 

my favorite season is __________ because ________________________________________

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My favorite season is fall, because it starts cooling off and we can spend more time outside (without the pesky pollen of spring time or 104 degree heat of summer).


if I could change one thing about myself it would be....

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my anxiety.


Sometimes my kids really...

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annoy me!

On Halloween I'm going to be..
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