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hey guys,

took one last test today to prove to myself that i'm really not pregnant, and i'm really not. at least it feels like kind of a relief. i'm hoping that charting is going to help me feel like i know a little more of what's going on.

which is... not much. temp today was back to good old 97.7. i've been feeling crampy again and have some cm. but that happens a lot with me these days.

the night weaning is going so well. he seems fine with it. he still wakes up a few times but totally accepts that he doesn't get to nurse. that baby,

stafl, your chart looks great! make sure you keep posting so we can keep looking at it. i too will keep all my parts crossed for you!

sparklin, i thought that annovulatory meant not ovulating. is that wrong?

beth, thanks for telling us about how night weaning worked for you!

citizenfong, how's your exercise going?

oceanone, i thought our cervixes were low when we're infertile, high when we're fertile. i hope your babe is feeling better.

night night mamas,
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Chrissy, sorry you are not pregnant. I know what you mean, sometimes it's just a relief to know what's going on. Then you can plan. Sounds like you are going great with the night weaning.

I think you are right about the cervix thing. It's definitely low. Hmmmm. I think I'm just ill then and it was probably just post AF stuff coming out.

Stafl, your temps are looking awesome!

Sparklin, I am not going to wean my little one yet, either (19 months). I think it might straighten my cycles out and give them more predictablility, but this last bout of sickness has really convinced me of it's importance. He's not ready.

Beth, I love what you said about kids getting cuddlier when they are done nursing. One of the things with my son is that he doesn't much like to be cuddled or sit and be held. He is all go all the time and nursing is very special down-time for us. I have hope now that he might like some of that down the road.
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Do you still get sore nipples when you ovulate or are they "calussed" (sp?) enough from nursing that you don't really feel a difference?
I don't remember my nipples being sore when O occurred before last month. They were sore last month but I realized it was because I did conceive and lost it so I rack that up to pregnancy hormones-not O.
This month they are really sore but I know it was right B4 O, not after. Maybe the hormones are stronger this month for some reason?
I certainly hope it's not yeast-God forbid-what a pain!
Warm thoughts to everyone!
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Oceanone - I sometimes get fertile quality cm right after AF stops. Doesn't mean anything really, until temps go up.

Ann - Seems my nipples have been really sore during the 2ww each cycle! Plus, my supply drops down to nearly nothing by the end of my cycle, and DD is a bit rough on the nips as well.

My cervix doesn't seem to follow the rules. High or low means nothing, it's how open and soft it is that tells me where I am...

Thanks everyone, for the encouraging words! I wish I knew for sure when I o'd!!! five more days...five more days...
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LawORMama, I hear you on testing. Sometimes it's just good to know. i was hoping it was positive for you. Yes, annovulatory means "not ovulating." But it's characterized by up and down temps with Egg white an some creamy days, too. If you're holding around 97.7 theorectically, you may ovulate. Here's a link to see some annaovulatory charts. It's the TCOYF website. http://www.tcoyf.com/ourtcoyf/galler...y.asp?typeid=6

It's just so nice to have this board. Nice to get to know you all. Thanks so much for the info on night weaning. You give me good ideas for when the time is right.

Oceanone are you feeling better? I hope so. There are some bugs going around. I usually don't get sick, but this winter has been a pain! I was sick every 10-14 days. Must be some super bugs out there.

Edit: Hey, check out the nursing mamas charts. They are really interesting. Many of them conceived. http://www.tcoyf.com/ourtcoyf/galler....asp?typeid=11
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One day closer to knowing if AF will show, or what?
My chart has never looked so good!

So either I'm pregnant, or I just have better temps (read that, better progesterone levels) this cycle!!!!
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Looks great Stafl!
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Okay, so I've been wondering about cutting back nursing a bit... but I'm not sure if it's the right choice for us. I was thinking about night weaning. But ohmygosh, I'm not sure I can do it. I really don't think DS is ready. He has been demanding more space in our bed, DH is a big guy 235 pounds and 6' 4" tall. I'm a stick, but I'm 5'10" so on a queen with a 25 pound 17 month old who looks 2 we're a squishy bunch. DH snores and turns over a lot & disturbs DS's sleep. He wakes up mad a couple of times a night... more after 2a.m. or so and of course, nurses to get back to sleep. I think he would sleep better in a bed of his own next to us so we're picking up DH's twin bed from MILs house (with a new mattress) on Friday.

Anyway... last night I tried to just have DH comfort him instead of me nursing him and it was such a disaster. He got so worked up and screamed and cried... which of course didn't last long, I nursed him to sleep. Poor baby.

Anyway, what do you think? I'm kind of hoping sleeping in his own bed next to us will be a more restful night sleep, because I really think he only wakes up when he gets jostled or bumped in the tossing and turning of my DH. So perhaps he will nurse less during the night aiding in an increased or easier to detect fertility? Not sure... I guess we'll see.

Kinda rambling
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Stafl, your temps are up there. Look good for you either way as you said. Of course we are hoping you are pregnant!

Jess, exact same thing with us. We simplified everything. Put our mattress on the floor and a little twin bed parked right up next to it between us and the wall. He falls asleep in his own bed. I'm not saying he stays there, by any means But, there is more space. If we need it we can just pop him into his bed, or I can sleep there myself or whatever. It's just like a bigger bed. It will definitely help if you problem is jostling. Good luck!
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Alright Stafl! Those temps look really good. I love your levels! (And, I teach some Interpretive Studies, so I say that a lot -- "Levels, I need emotional levels in this piece!" or "Oh, I love your levels!"

My temps keep climbing right now, too. I *think* and hope it means good things about my fertility. I just started charting. I don't have any charting sofware, but here are my temps...
97.7 -- S & BD
97.7 -- C
97.7 -- C
97.6 -- IUD removed & spotting
98.1 -- spotting
98.2 -- spotting
98.3 -- spotting
98.5 -- BD

Unfortunate -- I was having the IUD removed probably right during O and we did not BD. I just hope this means that I am Oing again. I still have not had my first period since conceiving Jude. I hope I get one this month at least. Pregnancy would be great, but I'll settle for periods and hope for fertility.

in the mean time, I'm starting on this formula of herbs. Any comments about list? Add or subtract?
These are all per day
Vitamin E: 400-1000mg
Selenium: 200-400mcg
Zinc: 80mg
Evening Primrose Oil: 3-6 per day
Vitamin B Complex: 50 mg
Paba: 50 mg
Calcium/Magnesium: 1 per day (before bed)
Prenatal vitimin with above doses adjusted for what's in prenatals

Jessica, your idea to prolong DS sleep sounds like a good idea. My DS starts out on a mattress on the floor in his room & then moves into our room when he wakes up. Or, if I feel like I need my space, I just nurse him back to sleep on his mattress & return to mine.
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Jessica, I think our situation is eerily similar! I am 5 11, dh is only 6 1 or so but he is about 230 (i think) and Noah is 16 months. Weird!! Anyway, I was hoping that the twin mattress right next to our bed would do the trick, but it didn't. It actually seemed to get me less sleep because it was more work for me to move over to him or pull him over to me to nurse him. I was very very skeptical that night weaning would work for us, but it has (so far, it's not even been a week yet). I will say that the first night we tried the daddy comforting idea and that did not fly at all! Noah was so sad and mad. After 10 minutes or so, I took over but he was already pretty worked up. Not good. I think it was a double whammy for him- no nursing AND no mommy. So I sleep next to him and comfort him when he wakes but he just doesn't get to nurse. I certainly am not trying to convince you to try it if you guys aren't ready, just trying to tell you that it can work.

Sparklin, your temps do look good!

Oceanone, how are you feeling?

I am in a nice mood tonight. We went to a candlelight vigil for peace. It was very... well, peaceful.

Stafl, I'll be looking for another high temp from you tomorrow, young lady!

Good night everyone,
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Oh, and Sparklin, if you're interested www.fertilityfriend.com has free charting. You don't need software or anything. It's really easy.
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Well, tonight is Night 3 of the nightweaning effort at our house. It looks like it's going to work.
I have to echo what's been said about Dad comfort. We tried that really early on Night 1 and ds HATED it! It really was like a double whammy. Plus it woke him up more, which was bad! I realized that it's something that ds and I have to do together with only support from dh, just like night nursing has been, you know?
The first night we were up til 4:30, but he didn't nurse til 4:15. We decided to consider that a victory. Last night he woke up at 12:30 and was MAD, really crying hard. I couldn't get him to let me help him. Finally he decided he had to go to the potty. After we got back in bed and he started crying again. I said Are you mad cause we can't nurse and you want to be asleep? He nodded yes. So I said Well you haven't even tried to go back to sleep. How can you sleep when you're screaming? He IMMEDIATELY fell asleep. Sometimes exhaustion brings clarity!
Anyway, he didn't wake up again or ask to nurse till 4am. Pretty cool. So I guess we'll get this new pattern somewhat established and then we'll push the 4am envelope just a wee bit and see if we can make it to maybe 6 or so.
I'm still apprehensive that we might have another hard night, but overall I'm very encouraged.

BTW, just my 2c...anyone who is considering nightweaning but is ambivilent (sp?)...my ds is 23 months old. It seems like most of the babes mentioned in this thread are a bit younger (of course! cause almost no one goes as long as I have w/o fertility returning!). I was ambivilent for a long time too and I'm glad we waited, because it's quite clear to me now that he really is ready, you know? So, don't feel pressured to try it if you don't think you're ready. And anyway, we all know it's no guarantee that you'll get your fertility back, right?
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Tracy - I don't think most of the babies in this thread are that much younger, if at all! My DD is 23 months, too. Our babies don't have the same birthday, too, do they? That would be just too weird!

OK Chrissy - Another high temp today!!!

So, either AF will be here in two days, with no warning (which is highly unusual for me), OR.......
This has definitely been the strangest cycle so far!
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Hi Everyone,

Feeling much better today. Babe is too. He has cut back on nursing, but still more than before.

I think it didn't really affect O. Seems on track for later this week. You never know till it happens though.

Stafl! Things are looking great for you.
Citizenfong. I like the idea of night-weaning when i can speak to ds about it a little bit. That sounds ideal. Once he can speak back I mean.
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I think AF is coming! My temps just dropped like mad this morning. Down to 98. Here's my fertility friend chart (thanks for suggesting it).

Of course this would be the day that I have to work outside of the home. I haven't worn a pad in years! I'll be prepared, though.

Also, now that I have TCOYF again, and I see that once again, I have what is considered a short lutal phase. I had this when we conceived Jude, too. I read that Vitamin B-6 helps with lutal phases. So, I think I'll give that a shot next month. Ahhh, the joys of TTC.

Excited to meet AF! Or at least I hope I meet AF. Since I haven't charted for too long yet, not sure if she's really coming. I hope she is. I'm a little confused, but sure am glad I picked up a copy of TCOYF!
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Sparklin - To give us the right link to your chart, go to FF and click where it says "homepage", type in whatever you want it to say, then click where it says "generate" Copy the big red URL and paste it back here for us to see!
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Goodmorning everyone,

Sparklin, I couldn't see your temps either, but I am sorry to hear they dropped. One temp by itself doesn't mean much though right? It's the trend?

Ann, I have been thinking about your "sore nipples question". At first I thought it was just pre AF. I kept thinking I was pregnant because they were more tender than usual. Then I noticed it happened at O, and after, and sometimes before. When I first got pregnant it was a sure sign for me. Now, I take it with a grain of salt, because it just seems they are affected by the slightest hormonal changes these days.

I am a little uncomfortable today because ds is feeling much better (and so am I) and his nursing has really cut back.

Found a tiny bit of EWCM this morning. I am excited about this month. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have popped that magical egg.

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Oh, thanks so much Stafl -- here's the ACTUAL link to my chart.
Yes, it was just one day of low temp, but I charted for a year and half before I coneived Jude and that seemed the way AF came to my house. The day of or just before I started my period I'd have a low temp followed by other low temps. It's such a drastic fall. But, I could have another high temp tomorrow. That would be good. And, good for my lutal phase.

Oceanone -- best wishes with the EWCM! So, glad to hear Oceanone that your son is feeling better, too. Ew, I know how the overly full thing goes. I teach just Tuesdays and Thursday from 9-4 and that seems to be too long to go without nursing. I ache when it's done but I don't have time to pump in between classes.

CitizenFong, I hope night weaning is still going smoothly. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

Stafl, those temps you have really look good!
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Forest through the trees, forest through the tress -- this is my new mantra. Alright, so I feel silly for posting so soon yesterday. Today the temp is back up. I'm just so excied to see AF for the first time in a long time. Maybe my cycles will become regular again. From what I've charted so far, it looks like I ovulated at least.
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