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Twinges and pricking

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I need to be reassured about this. This is my first baby and I am having all kinds of weird feelings in my pelvic region. I get BH where my whole belly tightens and its kinda makes me breath funny but dosent hurt at all. There are the times (I think when he moves his whole body) when my heard start to beat harder, not terrible but juts enough, and I get a woosey feeling and maybe what Iam feelingis pressure on my lungs. And then there is the "Are you trying to claw your way outta my cervix?" feeling that is not a very nice feeling. And I get a bit of cramping really low kinda like period cramps, which I am none to familiar with fortunetly. I have scaird my MW because I told her I have a high tolerance to pain. Example: I had labia plasty (excess libia minora was removed) and I took half a dose of pain meds and then i was done, maybe a Ibuprofin and half a pain pill when I had to work (waitressing) but for the most part the pain wasnt bad enough to make me want to do anything about it. I had a problem with my sholder that is cronic pain and itkills me sometimes but I still put up with it cause there is really nothing Ican do about it

How do I know when labor is starting? What feelings am I looking for? I know my MW can answer these questions but I am impatient. I am almost 36 weeks (tuesday) so its getting close.
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OK, I've been told by multiple health care practicioners that I have a high pain tolerance, but it didn't mean that labor didn't hurt like hell...so I don't know if that helps or not, but I wouldn't expect labor to not be really painful. The sheer physics of it pretty much dictate it's gonna not be a painless experience. I guess the difference was that "I took it like a trooper", or so the MW said last time. The nurses last time were floored that I only took one hit off the morphine pump (right before they got me up to walk around the first time), and 1/2 a percocet for the first 2 days after my section for DS, then nothing for pain after that. They kept trying to push more and saying I didn't have to be in pain, and I kept telling them I really wasn't. I'm not a hero, it just didn't hurt that much for me...and I like to keep an "eye" on my pain, to make sure it's getting better, instead of completely numbing it. I know, I'm kinda weird...well, maybe not so weird around here, but definitely weird in the mainstream.

I've had the cervic scraping feeling infrequently; my most painful thing right now is actually my right round ligament...if I hit it just right, it sends a shockwave through me. Not fun.

As for whether you're in labor, I can't really say - I was afraid I wouldn't know, but then I didn't have a lot of pre-labor contractions last time, so once I went into labor I knew it was labor....I don't have enough experience to give you any good advice on labor...sorry.

Hang in there! It's not painless, but it IS a finite amount of time...every if it's a long labor, it WILL end. I just kept my eyes on the prize and knew eventually it would be over and I'd have my beautiful babe in my arms.
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All I can say is YOU WILL KNOW. With my DS I had days and days of prodromal labor and I kept thinking..how in the world am I going to know when this is the real thing??? And when it was...I knew. It becomes regular and rhythmic and predictable...and obviously...it begins to hurt more. If you have to stop what you are doing and breathe....that's a real contraction. I think pain tolerance won't matter....you will feel the pain and be able to deal with it if you have a higher pain tolerance...but it will be there. The good thing about labor pain is that it comes and goes and you get a chance to catch your breath between contractions. Whereas with surgical pain or such...it's just there constantly. But really, all I wanted to say is that you will know when it's really happening. You might have some false alarms along the way but then when the real thing happens you will say to yourself, how could I mistake this? Good luck and hang in there these last few weeks.

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I agree with the others who have said you will know. I know that doesn't really help much, but it is true, or at least it was for me

For me (and I should insert here that I had contax for about 24 hours on my own before being started on pitocin, which made for a whole other feeling type of contraction! : so maybe I have no clue what I am talking about since I only got to 4cm dilated on my own last time around ...) when the "real deal" started my contractions went from feeling like mentrual cramps - low in my belly, mostly in the front - to a cramp that wrapped right around my whole lower body - my back, my belly, my waist, all in one big squeezing feeling. They started coming in a rhythm and had a build up and a build down to them (where as the "false" or "pre" labor contrax I had just seemed to grip me out of the blue and then let go, again, like how my menstrual cramps are)

They key, for me anyway, for dealing with contrax was to try to embrace each one as a sign my baby was coming and to relax through them. (Yes, this is easier said than done and I needed reminded of this by Chris more than once ) yes, they still hurt, but the ones where I was relaxing my body and trying to keep my legs, body, and even my face nice and loose hurt much less than the ones where I tensed up. Once the pitocin was started I had to be hooked up to a monitor and I actually had them turn the sound down and face the monitor away from me because it was picking up on my contrax faster than I felt them and when I heard or saw the machine saying I was getting ready to have a contrax I would tense up and they would REALLY be painful then.

My Dr. says she doesn't like the term "false labor" because it makes moms feel embarrassed if they mistake it for true labor and get hung up on that. She says every contrax is doing something and is part of our bodies getting ready for the birthing. I kind of like thinking of things that way, too.

Basically, I'd say just watch out for contrax that seem to come in a regular rhythm and to trust the little voice in your head. You'll know. Best Wishes!
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I DO NOT have a high tolerance for pain, but I handled labor really well... not to say that it wasn't hard, but what are you going to do?

I have all of the same things you're describing going on. The "clawing out" feeling is so intesnse it has made me scream a time of two, dd did that as well. Only, my contractions have turned painful, more so than that menstrual crampy feeling, which I've had since Feb.

I will say this though, I did NOT know when I was in labor! ... until my water broke and hard labor instantly began, 3 hours later dd was born. My mw has prepared us for dh catching the baby since second babies often come faster and I've been in labor off and on all week. I'm scared too about how I will know, I really thought I was in labor Saturday night, well, I guess I was but it stopped. Some women do that. So basically, I'm waiting for my water to break and hoping dh will be here and that the birth team will hurry!
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My experience was similar to Holly's -- I thought I was in labor but didn't think I was that far along. Well, I got checked after about 6 hours and thought I was maybe 3-4 cm and I was 8!! Now I'll be much more vigilant this time. I knew I was in labor because I had to breathe through contractions (couldn't really talk during them) and they were very regular. I mean, VERY regular, like every 5-6 minutes on the dot. They also hurt when I sat down or layed down, but they didn't hurt as much as i had anticipated they would. I was prepared for, like, a mindblowingly painful experience but it was not nearly like that at all. For one thing, contractions come and go. I mean, it's not painful the whole time, you get little breaks. At least that was my experience.
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Originally Posted by AugustineM
I knew I was in labor because I had to breathe through contractions (couldn't really talk during them) and they were very regular. I mean, VERY regular, like every 5-6 minutes on the dot. They also hurt when I sat down or layed down, but they didn't hurt as much as i had anticipated they would.
See, I'm extra confused this time because several days this week I've had labor for 5-8 hours with painful contractions 2-3 minutes apart... how on earth will I know when its really time?!! ... other than when a baby comes out of me that is!
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Originally Posted by bibomommy
All I can say is YOU WILL KNOW.
Add another AMEN!

Don't worry about it - you will know. It's nothing like any of the stuff you're experiencing now. There's no mistaking it for anything else!
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Once active labor starts...

You will NOT be able to post on the MDC boards asking if "this is it."

You probably won't be able to talk at all.

Even if you physically can answer questions, you'll probably be too zoned out to want to.

And there will be no doubt that you are in labor!
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And, it won't stop...it will just keep going with contractions getting closer and closer together and stronger and stronger. I had days of prodromal labor...with very regular contractions for 6-12 hours at a stretch...but when the real thing started...it was OBVIOUS.


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I agree that you will just know. I didn't have too much BH or contractions at all with DD until it was time. But when it was time I knew. I woke up at about 3am and I knew that this was the real thing. It started very mild like a menstrual cramp and by 8am I knew it was going to happen that day! I went to the hospital at around 11:00 and DD was born a little past 4pm. I didn't lose my plug or have any bloody show, my water didn't even break!

Don't worry mama when it's time you will know. Good luck!
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