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we found the heartbeat this morning. The u/s showed an active baby, but there is a pocket of blood in my uterus. They don't know why. It looks like the placenta might not attach well, or at all. They said to expect more blood and go back in 4 weeks to see what the placenta has done. It might be trying to attach over the os; it was unclear. They said the pg is "touch and go" right now.
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Tree, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the update, i have checked every hour to see if you posted.
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Thanks for the update.

~*~*Sticky (placenta) dust your way! *~*~
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Thanks for the update. Please continue to keep us posted. I've been thinking about you all morning. I sincerely hope all works out for you.
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What did your OB/midwife suggest? Do you have to go on bed rest? Oh TreeLove, I hope that everything is okay.
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Thanks mamaoui. No, no bedrest. She said to do my normal stuff unless that makes the bleeding worse. The only restriction is no sex til the next u/s, to see if the placenta has attached well. I am SOOO bad a being pg. There are ALWAYS complications and they are always different. So weird.
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TreeLove, I'm thinking of you. I really hope that everything is ok. Please keep us posted.
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--------------------->>>> to you....

Remember to breath, remember to take care of yourself, you and that babe are the most important things right now.

s to you and your family.

Here are some affirmations I liked when I was pg:

I am a strong and capable woman.
My baby is strong and healthy.
My baby is growing and developing in a healthy and good way.
My baby and I are working harmoniously together.

The one on the list that always makes me laugh is "I like my baby."

I'll be thinking of you.
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Are they sure that it is not simply a low-lying placenta? With my first pregnancy I had a major bleed at 13 weeks. Like you, US showed a very healthy and active baby. She is now 2 years old. I am sooooo glad that you were able to find a heartbeat. Hang in there, TreeLove.

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Yay--a step in the right direction! Praying for only more good news...
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That sounds scary. I'll be praying that the placenta attaches well.
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I'm so glad that your baby is still OK- thank God, & I hope everything goes well!

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I'm holding a good thought for you and your baby.
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i've read a lot of your posts. your boys seem neat; love their names. i will pray for this little baby too, i was so relieved they heard the heartbeat!!

i like my baby!

that's funny.
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sending prayers & good thoughts your way! here's a couple more affirmations you might like-
life is abundant
life is resilient
blessings, maria
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I am praying for you and this beautiful baby.
Try not to worry.
I know easier said then done.
Take care of yourself.

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I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers Treelove! I hope the placenta attaches well and everything is ok!!!
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Thank you everyone! I am trying to take it easy and not get too stressed about the baby or life in general. My dh realy stepped up last night. He stayed up til 11:30 cleaning the house while I slept. It was such a relief to wake up to a clean house. The poor guy is exhausted! He had to get up at 4:30 to go to work and he hasn't had a day of in 10 days and he won't for another 9!It really helps to have him on my "side" this time. When I was pg witht he twins and they were really sick from Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome he tried to remain oblivious for sooooo long. Then when they came home, he just didn't want the responsibility for caring for sick twins. He wasn't being a jerk-I just think that I met the challenge with such zeal that he felt inadequate so he just tried to stay out of the way. This time he is totally involved. He wants this baby more than anything. He finally feel "ready"!:
Thank you for all your support and kind words.
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