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Braxton Hicks...

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Anyone else having terrible braxton hicks? Mine are terrible!!! They dont really hurt per say... but boy are they irritating!! We are moving into our house a week from today and I have a ton of things to pack... yet I have to keep stopping due to these dang BH. I called my doctor's office and was making sure they weren't hurting anything and she said nope... but to take it easy... :

I'm hoping maybe this move causes some contractions which puts me in labor... I'm SOOO ready for this baby boy to be here.

Does anyone know if BH will cause you to dilate?
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I get painful ones whenever I take a walk longer than about 10 minutes. Also when I do the dishes, weirdly enough. I got some yesterday when I was out all afternoon that kind of scared me--they grabbed up high, at the top of the uterus, and really hurt, felt like I was going to be sick, too. But they always go away when I rest and drink.

I don't know if they dilate you at all. I think it varies. I do know that they make the uterus stronger which can only be a good thing for labor. My midwives say the best way to not go "late" is to stay active and squat instead of sit as much as possible. So I guess if you're in a hurry, keep being active, just don't overdo it such that you're too tired for labor!
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I can soo relate to being done! This pregnancy has been nothing but stress and its only getting worse. Ive been having the bh off and on the past two days...and of course im supposed to be on bedrest...ha! like thats gonna happen. My blood pressure has been up so Im sooo hoping he will induce by this weekend. As horrible as it sounds I want this kid out! I have total mixed feelings about it, but its like the sooner the better. Im such a bad mommy
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