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Pregnant and nursing ALOT help

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(Cross posted on the Pregnant board)
Hello all I just found out I'm pregnant edd 10/30 and I'm so nervous because DS is only 10 months old. We've tried solid food and while he likes it as a hobby, he doesnt really eat. Visualize gallons of organic food cubes in my freezer going to waste

Anyway I'd say he's 98% breast fed including frequent night nursings -like every 1.5 hours. I'm still amazed that I ovulated at all.
It is such blessing and I am grateful for my apparently robust fertility but I am feeling badly for my son who IMO isn't ready for this. I worry about his nutritional and emotional needs not being met. I always hoped to have a second child
spaced about two years and tandem nurse but I worry this is just a little soon.
Anyone have advice or experience to share? Also are there any good books for nursing while pregnant/ tandem nursing? I'm seeing the pediatrician tomarrow and want to be prepared.
I'm feeling so torn -joy over the miracle of pregnancy and heartbreak for my sweet little nurser.
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Hi there - I also got pregnant with #2 when dd1 was 10 months old. I did find that my milk dried up quite a bit, but not until dd1 was 14 months old.

Not ideal, I know, but at least my milk supply stayed OK until after her 1st birthday. As my milk supply decreased, though, she just naturally stepped up her eating. Children know when they are hungry, and I'm sure you're ds will also make sure he eats enough.

DD1 also continued to nurse throughout my pregnancy, and she's still nursing at 3 1/2 years old (along with dd2, who is almost 22 months). Although it can be difficult at times to nurse through a pregnancy, if you are committed to it, it is definitely possible.

There are some things I regret (for dd1) about getting pregnant so soon, but I think there have been many compensations for her as well. Both of my dds love each other and play so well together now. I'm glad that they are close together and will very much grow up together. DD1 never remembers a time without dd2, so there wasn't a lot of jealousy (some unsettled sleeping for a month or so, but that was about it, that I remember).

You're little one is still a baby now, but he will be a toddler when his sibling arrives...he still has you to himself for the next 8 months or so.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.
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Thank you so much, your stories have really helped ease my mind. DS is already noticing some changes I think and has been eating a little porridge in the AM to my great relief. I definitely need to step up the water. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.
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I also got pg when ds was 10 months old. Of course he didn't seem ready for a sibling then, but by the time the baby came when he was 19 months, he did just fine. It was hard and I didn't (and still don't, really) think of ds #1 as my "big kid". I just thought of it as having two babies instead of one! I am still tandem nursing them. My milk didn't dry up when I was pg until ds was about 13 or 14 months and by then he was eating a variety of foods and drinking water and juice from a sippy cup. He cut back on his nursing so that he was only doing it 2 or 3 times a day, but then as soon as the babe was born, he went right back to frequent nursings which continues to this day. He is nursing as I type right now:LOL.

Anyway, we went through a bit of a rough period when ds #2 was 6 months or so- but now the two are best of friends They do still have their moments, of course, but they really are best buddies and play well together, starting when the younger one began to walk. I will pick the younger one up from outside playing with his big bro to take him inside for his nap and Will will say, "mom, put Ben down. Ben wants to play with me!"

Everything will work out just fine. You'll see
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The tandem nursing section in LLL's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding might be useful. It is brief but helpful. Try having yummy solid foods readily available for your DS and inviting him to eat solids throughout the day (avocado slices, soft, juicy fruits like mangos & peaches; crunchy pretzels or teething crackers). The extra water you drink will definitely help. Good luck!
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