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overdue? when?

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Ok, here is the deal. I am 'overdue', maybe by six days, maybe by one. How long will I go? Geeze, I am so eager to have this babe in my arms I would love to have her NOW...

Anyone else out there 'overdue'?
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Just try to be patient. (I know, easier said than done!) Just think about my friend who was finally induced last night at 21 days overdue! She did LOTS of blue and black cohosh and castor oil twice, but her HB MWs finally got uncomfortable with the wait and delivered her in the hospital. It's pretty safe to say you won't go that long!
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I went 11 day over with my DD. This time I am trying very hard to focus on a due month, not a due day. Remember that the average first time mom goes 8 days late. So you are well within normal range. Enjoy your last few days with the baby as "just yours." It's hard to remember late in pregnancy what a miracle the whole event is. For me anyway, labor finally came when I stopped stressing about it and decided DD would never come out!
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been there..... all 3 times and will probably be late with this new babe. I just figure it's so nice and cozy in there they don't want to leave They know when it's the right time. It is hard being patient though.
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I am 5 days past my EDD and absolutely miserable (mentally, anyway). I want this baby OUT. I want to meet him, name him (we're waiting), nurse him, etc. With my first child, I delivered 5 days past my EDD and she was posterior (known to cause longer pregnancies)! This one supposedly isn't and sure is taking his sweet time. Yes, yes, I know that "he'll come out when he's ready", but that doesn't help either my impatience or my fear of being induced!
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