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Spotting at 30 weeks?

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Hi all....I"ve been out of the picture lately, we've been busy moving, etc. But I've definitely been missing this forum!

I'm wondering if any mamas out there have any experience with spotting this late in pregnancy? My midwife is on vacation (of course) so I saw the doctor yesterday (an ob/gyn) who she refers people to when she's not available. At the time I saw her I wasn't having any other symptoms...no contractions, no cramping, etc. She checked to make sure I wasn't dilated, which I wasn't....and checked my urine for any sign of infection, which there wasn't, and then sent me home saying "it will most likely clear itself up, if it doesn't, come back". So....home I went. I should also mention that no, there has been no sex in my life lately....so that isn't what caused this

When I woke up this morning I was still spotting, plus the addition of a very mild, lower back ache, which by this afternoon has disappeared (but the spotting continues). So.....what do you think I should do? I called the midwife/docs office....their suggestion was to go to Labour and Delivery at my local hospital because today not only is my midwife still on vacation, but now the doc I saw yesterday is off! They didn't tell me I SHOULD go, only that IF I wanted to be seen, I would have to go to L&D.

????????????????? Robyn
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Hi Robyn,

I was *just* seen for this very thing last night. My spotting subsided, and I think, was due to intercourse a day earlier coupled with lots of walking. out of an abundance of caution they did a sono to make sure my placenta was properly placed and that I didn't have a blood clot. You might want to have it checked, especially since you haven't had sex, just to rule out any other concerns.

Good luck!

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It sounds like you're doing all you can, but I would always err on the side of caution in a situation like this. Stay in close contact with your midwife and the OB-make sure that if it doesn't clear up soon, to get checked again. Better to be safe than sorry! Keep us updated!
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I would go and get a U/S. That will help clear up any risky situations with the placenta. The other thing you could do is monitor fetal movement a couple times a day (yourself), just to make sure that it doesn't decrease at all. As a first-time mama, I always feel better after going to L & D, just b/c then I don't worry for as long. (Had frequent spotting in 1st trimester and cervical cramping in 2nd)...

good luck and

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Robyn, I'm so sorry. I haven't had spotting this late, so what I say to you is only based on my spotting in the 2nd tri. But, I probably wouldn't go to L&D. I would definitely monitor kick counts/increase fluids/and lay down on my left side for 1-2 hours to see if it let up. Could be maybe you overexerted yourself during the move?

Have you checked your cervix? Mine is always ridiculously sensitive during pregnancy, so any kind of check would cause bleeding for me.

Is it brown or red? If brown, I'd be even less concerned. But, if it were red, I would be more careful about watching the amount.

s mama
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I would go to l/d and rule out any problems, but I am a big worrier like that. I hope it turns out to be nothing

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Thanks for all of your input ladies Happily I can say things have only been improving...and I didn't go to L&D...to me that seemed more stressful than just waiting it out and resting. By bedtime last night I was feelingmuch more normal, and today I've had minimal to no spotting (it was brownish blood, by the way, not red), and no cramping. SO.....I'm feeling better about the whole thing. Never during this whole episode have the babies movements decreased either, so that helped keep me calm too.

Ack! It's too close to the end for stuff like this to be popping up

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts R
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