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I'm expecting my first baby at the end of July. My midwife recommends that all of her clients take 5W during the last five weeks of their pregnancies.

I don't know much about herbs. Can anyone direct me to a good website where I can learn more about this? Or does anyone have experience taking this supplement at the end of their pregnancy? My understanding is that it is a combination of Black Cohosh, Squawvine, Dong Quai, Butchers Broom, and Red Raspberry.


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I have only just heard of this... there was a thread a while back (lets see if I did this right) -- http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...ghlight=cohosh

I'll check my link here...
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I took it. I don't know if this is a result of the herbs or just luck but I had my baby at 38 weeks (early but not too early) after 4 hours of completely painless labor. I pushed 4 times. I only took them for 2 weeks. I know if i get pregnant again I will definitely be taking them.
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