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only 5 dpo & i'm wiggin out...could i be pg?

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Hi Mamas! I am 5 dpo today & I need your help analyzing what may be pg symptoms. Here's a list of those symptoms:

I have had some random twingy feelings (wouldn't even quite call them pains) in my abdomen area;

my bbs are really veiny & have lots of capillary (i think that's what they're called ) looking things on them & are definitely fuller--dare I say getting almost "missle-shaped" w/ slightly puffy areolas;

feel like I have butterflies in my stomach (which I figure is likely from getting all worked up about the other symptoms & general nervousness);

feel like I have bad breath, but DP says I don't...but I still taste something odd no matter how many times I brush my teeth/tongue;

when I cross my legs I feel like a dull, continuous ache (definitely bearable) near my pelvic bone...sciatic nerve area, i think (this has never happened to me before, but don't know if it's a pg symptom);

and, TMI Warning! ) I've noticed that even my inner labia look more bluish-purple & are definitely veiny.

Oh yes, & I had a cryfest this evening just worrying about being pg, worrying about not being pg, worrying about having a baby that will reject me.

Please, somebody,tell me if I'm going crazy. Are these pg symptoms? Could I really notice anything at 5 dpo. Thanks for understanding, Mamas!!
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They all sound promising!

I'm going through the same things you described, I didn't chart this month so no idea really how many DPO I am, I'm thinking about 5-6 DPO give or take, and I have the same symptoms, however for me anyways, I noticed from charting everything in months previous I get all these symptoms too during my luteal phase, so I'm not getting my hopes up. Damn PMS for being the same as pg symptoms!

Are these symptoms all abnormal for you after O? If so, then it definitely sounds like a little bean might be on the way!

Keep us updated okay?

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they sound good to me, too! : I hope this is the cycle for you! any idea when you're going to test?
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Thanks for posting, Mamas! I woke up this am & my bbs still have major veins (raised up from skin) & seem way sensitive. I really notice how heavy they feel & I've gotten a few tingly-type pains in them. Even DP says they are def bigger, heavier, veinier! Honestly ladies, I really can't believe this could be it...it's so hard to not get excited!

Mammakoz -- These are signs that I don't normally get, Mammakoz. I guess that's why I'm being so overly-analytical...but yes, they're so PMS-like that I don't want to get too excited in case I'm just going to start AF. Cool...sounds like you're in the 2ww,too. Isn't it a blast!?

Peacechief -- I'm thinking that I'll test on CD 28 (which is 6 days away!: ) It's a long time...but I want to be sure that I am first. It's so disappointing to POAS & see a BFN. But, depending on how these "symptoms" keep going...I may test earlier! How are you doing this 2ww, peacechief? I believe we're on the same cd.
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I'm on 5dpo today - same as you or are you one day ahead of me?

It's kind of a rough 2ww this time. the timing was good, but i'm just feeling pretty discouraged. It seems like ever since we decided to start ttc at the beginning of April, I've had one health issue after another - first it was hives, & so I was on zyrtec for that until the beginning of this cycle, and i know that dries out cm, then I got a yeast infection that wouldn't go away... and now i'm concerned about the fact that my temps are so low - 96.5 - 96.9 pre-o to ~97.5 post-o... I know that could mean thyroid issues which could mean infertility issues....

anyway, sorry, i'm rambling. point is, feeling like this isn't the month, though at the same time hoping so much that it is, and scared that i won't be able to get pregnant, or that it will take months and months or years...

But, I'm really excited for you Sending you patience vibes to help you through the next 6 days & got my fingers crossed!
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I've had similar symptoms lasting since 7-9 DPO (didn't chart, so I'm going by CM). I can't wait until a test would be accurate. SIGH.
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All of those symptoms sound very promising!
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Your replies are much appreciated, Mamas!!

Peacechief...we are on the same day, I messed up & put 5dpo instead of 4...I'm actually 6 dpo today. Sorry about the confusion! So sorry about all of the health issues. I'm sending & vibes your way, nonetheless!! I was afraid this wasn't my month either,since I started out w/ a slight UTI.
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best of luck 2 u

right there with ya in the 2ww

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Any updates? Still feeling pregnant? If you are feeling this way so early, I think there is a good chance.

I actually was pregnant once for like 6 weeks, and boy did my boobs grow! haha! I dont remember having veins or anything though. It is kinda a long story, that ended in m/c. My fault.. I was at my b/f (now husbands)parents house when I started m/c, i wanted so bad to yell out at the kitchen table that I was miscarring.. i am glad i didnt That would have been embarrasing. We had only been dating like a month at the time.

What happened with the m/c was that I took the morning after pill, right after conception, (dumb idea). Didnt even know anything about it or that I was even fertile at the time. So, I got pregnant anyway but I guess it took awhile to kick in and then started m/c after about 6 weeks of being pregnant. Those pills made me sooooo sick too. I have never been as sick in my life. I still worry that they will prevent me from getting a sticky baby now. But I know that isn't true, as they are just a really big dose of birth control. Right? I dont even know.

Sorry to post this sad story. BUt it turned out good in the end, me and my then b/f are married now. Having a baby so early on would have made our relationship more rocky probably and now we are really ready to be parents.

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Good luck and hope to hear some good news for you (and keeping : & : for us)
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Hi All!

Thanks for your warm wishes. I've been sick the past few days. I was feeling really sick on Thurs & Fri. Against my wishes, DP took me to the local ER Friday night as I had major abdominal pain and a fever of 101.6. The (RUDE!) doctor told me that I had a UTI & that I "definitely wasn't" pregnant. I told him that I was only 7dpo, so it was possible that I could just barely be & obviously there wasn't hcg in my urine yet to test positive. He told me it was "slightly possible, but highly doubtful". grrrr...the nerve!! I was like whatever & just blew him off. So he brings in a pill & cup of water. I asked him what it was & had DP write it down and had DP also write down a description of the pill. When I asked him he gave a lil huff (?!) and said Bactrin DS (looked it up online...it's actually Bactrim DS) & he told me that it was safe for me as long as I wasn't "9 months pg or BF'ing." I took it & when I went to have the Rx filled, the paperwork said not to take if you're pg or think you're pg. DP & I discussed me taking it as my fever rose & I got more ill. We finally decided that at this point I guess I needed to take it (as I'm unfortunately not yet educated enough in homeopathic remedies ) So, I'm taking it (2x a day) for 7 days. So, if anyone knows anything about the safety of this drug, I'm interested in any info. I did find something about it saying that the Bactrim DS may inhibit the absorption of folic acid, so I've been taking an extra 400mg of folic acid w/ my prenatals & got some fortified cereal to eat.

So, I haven't been logging any of my bbt temps. Yesterday, I was spotting a lil & today, too. Bbs are still larger & veiny. But, I have no idea what's going on...am just sad about the turn that this took this weekend. Thanks for everyone's support.
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itsang - I'm so sorry That just sucks when you were feeling so good about this cycle. That doc sounds like a jerk : . I don't know anything about that med, but it sounds like you're doing a good thing taking it, what with how sick you were (I hope you're feeling better!).

are you still planning to test tomorrow? let us know what happens
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Another for you. Wish I knew anything about that med - but I would've done the same as you if I was feeling that sick! It stinks that the doc was so insensitive. You definitely might still be PG!

Good luck!!
~ Gina
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I am so sorry to see af found you. I think I had a bladder infection during this cycle and I ended up going to the health food store and getting something for it. Cleared it right up. If you have a hfs close by I'd definately go there and quit taking the meds. The people who work there are usually very helpful and can help you find what you're looking for. When I get home later I can look at what the stuff I used was called.
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itsang - been thinking about you since I haven't seen you posting in a few days - how are you doing?
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CRANBERRY juice (best if you can get one sweetened w/other fruit juices rather that sugar) is the hands down best cure every for a UTI. I took antibiotics once, the doc misprescribed the dosage, and I got the UTI again immediately. Ever since then, at first sign of a UTI I buy two of the biggest bottles of cranberry juice I can find, and start drinking it. This is scientifically proven, the cranberry creates a barrier so that the bacteria cannot establish/grab hold. Doctors are still reluctant to not prescribe meds, because of major malpractice insurance issues/

hope you feel better soon!

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Thanks for all the help and concern, Mamas! I'm doubtful that I'm pg, but I'm going to test tomorrow with my FMU and I will keep you all posted. It was just sooo weird this month, because I had a really light period, which I can never recall happening before. I have a strong feeling that I will be back on the TTC rollercoaster this month.
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Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'm not going to test. My temps are down in the 97s, which is where they usu. are pre-O. I have no pg signs or symptoms & I just don't think I can handle a negative test at this point, especially if I'm sure I'm not pg. I am taking a few vacation days from work this week & I just don't want to give myself anything to feel down about. I am just going to wait & see what happens this cycle with us just continuing to TTC as we have been. Thanks for all of your replies & support.
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Sorry to hear that.
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