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Due you still take Prenatal Vitamins??

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I was just wondering how many EN still take prenatal vitamins or what other type of vitamins you take? I stopped taking my vitamins I guess when Littlebit was about a year old,but have started taking them again.
I have been having alot of trouble being tired all the time.I have gained some weight back and I am never hungry.I have to make myself eat.I had my thyroid checked a couple of months ago and everything was fine,but I am still just so tired.I talked to the LC and she said I should still be taking my prenatal vitamins and told me I could start taking Brewer Yeast,she said to take 6 of these a day.2 with each meal.But on the bottle it said to take 3 a day.Has anyone ever taken these before.Will they help with me being so tired? I know I need to exercise more,but I am just always so drained.I am thinking about joining weight watchers.Has anyone had any luck with weight watchers? I just know I don't like the way I feel.
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Ye...I'm still taking them, I also stopped when dd was about a year but then I noticed that I was always really run down. Now every moring I pop a vitamin with some OJ. I'm feeling much better and having more energy. Can't help with the Brewers Yeast stuff...or the Weight Watchers. BUT I have a lot of friends who have found success with WW.

Good luck!
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Yes to the vitamins...my youngest dd is still nursing at 2.5 and I take prenatals. The kind I buy also states 6/day but I take between 4-5 as I figure I don't need as much as a pregnant woman or a woman nursing an infant...not sure if I'm right but....
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I take a breastfeeding/pregnancy multivitamin, vitamin E, zinc compound & executive B and I notice distinct differences in my well being if one runs out and I take a while to get a new bottle, particularly the multivit and the B. I know that breastfeeding really take is out of you, but I now wonder how much of my poor health/run down-ness pre pregnancy was lack of vitamins.
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I really should take mine, I pretty much forgot about 2 months post partum... : Maybe vitamins would help dh too? He is always run down and tired. Think I'll pick up some tomorrow...

Anyway, check out the WW thread in Personal Growth, there are a lot of us on it, and even if you don't end up following it it may show you some new ways to eat (ie: not a huge pile of rice under your stir fry, but maybe a 1/2 cup or something...)
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Yeah, I still take them. When I ran out of the prescribed prenat vitamins (when dd was about 6 months old), I bought the the GNC brand, with iron. I think they were instrumental in keeping me healthy through this winter season. I stopped taking them for about 2 weeks once and got a cold immediately. I now take them regularly (almost). I figure that I will continue to take them as long as dd is bf, since I need the extra vitamins. HTH
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Yes, I'm still taking them. I figure that with two toddler who nurse very frequently (well, at least one of them does) I need the extra vitamins.
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I don't but I didn't while pg either (had to go off them with DD because of intense vomiting, never got on them with DS). But, with all the comments about lack of energy, maybe I will try them again! Thanks all for the comments.

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This got me thinking too ... guess I should start taking them again, since I often feel just drained!
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Yep. Dd is 13 mos. and I still take my pre-natals.
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