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Did you consider rhyming/cutesy names?

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I never did consider the rhyming names, as I just did not find it appealing. And then I was reading a book (was it Barbara Luke???) that said it (rhyming) was another way of taking away their individual identities. So it got me thinking - how man progressive AP mommies considered or did do this? Just curious, not judging or anything.

And what are your names?
We decided on DSs name first. We chose Santino Pasquale Cxxx - Sonny for short. Then we were working on girls names for quite some time. Eventually we realized we had created a pattern without realizing it. All of our girls have names that start with "M". We have decided to continue our "cutesy" theme. : So in trying to find a name we told the kids we needed an "M" name. Well aformentioned DD figured out "the perfect" name. If we need an "M" and he is Sonny . . . well you KNOW what makes sense, right? Yup, she has named the baby girl Moonie. All I could think of was the Zappas. Anywhoo, now that we have decided on a name (Mia Gianna), she refuses to let go of Moonie and yells at us that her name is Moonie, NOT Mia. I love my little munchkin'!!
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The cutesy/rhyming names didn't appeal to me so we just went with names we liked.
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Oooooooh, I like the way you spelled Jazmin. When I was little, that was one of "my baby names". I thought for sure I would have a Jasmine, a Nadine and a Starr. Not even close!!
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We haven't made any final decision yet with regards to names, we have a few ideas, but it's frustraing when you can't agree. I don't particularly like ryhming names, but do tend to go for girls names ending in 'a'.
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we didn't like the rhyming name thing either. but we did do it alpabetically with the first letter of their names. ds1 c, ds2 d, dd1 r, dd2 s. CDRS.
we even gave the girls colors in alphabetical order. dd1 pink and dd2 purple because pi comes before pu. . yep alittle legallistic, i know. we also did want them to have their individuallity as well.
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We did not want rhyming names, or even names that sounded similar. Instead we decided that since we honored the German heritage last time we would honor the Irish heritage this time. We use family names as middle names.
Since we now know we are having 2 boys they wil probably be called

Owen Jeffrey and
Kieran Turner

Although we reserve the rate to change if the names don't suit after we meet them.
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We accidentally ended up with cutesy names for our b/g twins. Haden and Hayla. We had two boys' names picked out: Rowan and Killian. Well we switched Rowan to Haden and this was the top pick for if we only had one boy since the middle name was the next family name we wanted to use, Kendrick, which didn't work with Killian.

We had the name Halie picked for a girl since our oldest was conceived but decided there were too many Hayleys, Haileys, Halies, etc. We picked it because it was close to my grandmother's name Hallie, which my husband abhored. So, in picking girls' names for the twins I was babbling two syllable names with H and L and Hayla came out and I instantly loved it. We never found a second girl's name before the ultra sound...when we realized we were going to have the Hey-Hey twins.
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Jessi, I bumped the homebirthin' role call thread for you.
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No cutsey name but my dd REFUSED to call her brother anything but Bunny Hop Hop for about a week after he was born...she like his name now.
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There can be problems for same-sex twins with simliar names. I went to school with a Kari and Kelli. Even being in school with the same people for 13 years, many classmates still had a hard time telling them apart. The names seemed to make it worse as they were so similar people would think they'd have the right sister but get confused with the names. It caused a lot of frustration for the sisters.
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Our girls' names ended up rhyming but it wasn't intentional and dh and I didn't even realize it until someone pointed it out. (Chaya, Shira and Batya)
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We picked out August Hugh (Gus) early on. I was positive I was having 2 girls or a boy and a girl. We had our girl's name picked out before I was even pregnant. It was Aurora Katherine (Rory). We realized that it would be a little cutsey with both names starting with "Au", but since the nicknames were so different we decided it was ok. Then we needed another girl's name. We decided we loved the name Celeste. Celeste and Aurora both have celestial connotations and I decided I liked that. So we were all set for names by 15 weeks!! Then I had that darn 20 week u/s. I almost passed out when they said 2 boys. Well, being the efficient namers that we are, we came up with Benjamin Taylor on the drive home. It's more popular than most of our other choices but it just felt right. And since they were already Baby A and Baby B, it was easy to decide who was who!

I'm still sad that I'll never have an Aurora. It's up for grabs all you pg mamas!
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We didn't have names picked out before the girls were born. We didn't even know if they were boys / girls / boy & girl. They were born 10 days after my grandfather died, so if one had been a boy he would have been Tsvee, but they were girls and we didn't like the female version so we named the older Nechama which means comfort, and then the younger became Rena (joy / thanksgiving). We decided the names after they were born. We had tossed around Rena the whole time, but Nechama just came to me after they were born. So their names go together, and they are appropriate for the situation, but I don't really consider them matching (although I guess they are if you know the situation and the meanings)
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Well, in the end we kind of went cutesy by naming our guys for one of DH and my favorite poets, Dylan Thomas. But very seldom do people even get it, and both names are good strong stand alone names.

However, we did have great fun thinking of funny name combos.

My favorite that my hubby came up with was Randolph and Gandalf (since LoTR names were all the rage when I was pregnant). I guess it's better than Sauron and Saruman. ;>

And really, I do kind of like Eomer and Eowyn, and they would almost go well with our last name, but...eh.

I actually like the names we chose for our guys, because most people think they fit well (since even if they don't realize it they've probably at least heard of Dylan Thomas) but they are real, stand alone names that will serve each boy well from baby to man.
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Savanna and Sydnie... It was hard though... We already had Kambria and Faythe so it was really hard to find names I like that were not too common but still about to be pronounsed LOL I had a dream that Kambria and Faythe were playing with two little girls named Savanna and Sydnie... and it worked out nice that both our oldest (oldest twin and oldest DD) names are both 7 letters and both end in "A" and our youngest (twin and non twin) were both 6 letters and end in "E"... I know the things the drugs in the D.R. make you figure out :-)
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No rhyming here. Their names are Malaika and Isaiah.
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I read that when I was pregnant too.... DH was adamently against it!
We almost did all M's our dd is MOrgan and we were thinking about Miles and Marley...But went with...
Ryder Forrest
Hunter Cole

Hunter and Ryder are somewhat similar but not obvious.

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Hi- I'm new to the twins forum

My boys are named after their father and my dad-
Hayden Dudley and Robert Cooper (we call them Hayden & Cooper). It took forever to come up with names. I think they were 2 or 3 days old when we finally agreed on names. We never considered rhyming but with twins it seems important that the names flow well together.
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No, didn't consider rhyming, etc names. My only concern was that all 3 of my girls names "go" well together So we have Sadie Grace and Ella Charlotte (my twins) and Maryn Madeline (my singleton and oldest).

When asked early in my pregnancy, Maryn said that the babies would be named Sassy and Khaki. We dubbed Baby A Sassy since she moved more and Baby B Khaki. Once we'd chosen their real names, we named Sassy Sadie since it seemed to fit and Khaki became Ella
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