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Would this work?

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I need to go in for my one hour GTT but figured out they gave me a 100g drink instead of the 50g by mistake.. Is there any reason I can't just drink half of the 100g and go get my blood drawn an hour later?
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I wouldn't have a clue! Mine is 50 gm also, I just noticed. Can you call your ob/midwife and ask them? Are you sure it was a mistake?
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Originally Posted by mamamilkers
Can you call your ob/midwife and ask them? Are you sure it was a mistake?
Yep, I called and they said take it to the lab and see if they will switch it for you... Which just kinda seems like a hassle if I could just drink half ykwim? Yes, I could call them I was just trying to avoid phone tree annoyances today
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and avoid two trips to the lab...

I would call the lab and ask them!
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I think you should just measure out and drink half. But then, what do I know? I've been putting off my test for weeks. I was going to go this morning but decided to sleep in.
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Hmmm, well, honestly the lab I went to was a PITA about the drink. I left the smallest little amount in the bottle by accident, it just didn't come out when I tipped the bottle. I started to hand it to her and the lab tech said "oh, you need to finish it all." I bet there wasn't a 1/4 tsp in there.

If you do decide to only drink 1/2, I wouldn't tell the lab because I bet they'll send you home with another bottle for another day.
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I would think so. You are lucky that you get to drink it at home. Here they don't give it to you until you are at the lab and they make you drink it all in 5 min.
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Okay so I bit the bullet this morning and took the test. I drank it at home with ice and it wasn't that bad - downed it in about 2 minutes. Thank goodness I didn't have to take it at the lab and wait an hour there. I would have been a terror fasting any longer.
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