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Good Chiro Experiences

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I took my wild (but so cute) one year old ds to the chiro today. We are going to see if this will prevent recurrent ear infections from happening. My active, energy-filled ds, ran through the office...in circles. When it came time for the chiro to adjust him, my ds literally "melted." It was as if the chiro's touch just made him calm.

So please, make me feel like I am headed in the right direction...
What did chiropractic do for you?
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The chiro did wonderful things for our kids. First my youngest baby was in a very odd breech position with her head jammed up under the rightside of my ribcage and after birth her head had the slightest tilt to the left when sitting behind her, and she couldn't sleep tummy down facing to her right. It caused her alot of pain, so she would immediately turn her head to the left. I knew something wasn't right with that. I took her in at about 4 months of age and he adjusted her neck (my first visit to a chiro ever for my children). She went to sleep on the way home, and I decided to lay her down on her tummy facing right - guess what - no pain and she slept peacefully like that for the remainder of her nap. Fast forward to about 12 months of age. She kept getting ear infections when she would cut teeth. I took her in for 1 treatment, and she didn't have a single ear infection for about 4 months, so I took her in again at that time, and she has been ear infection free since - now 23 months old. We avoid antibiotics like the plague, and I had read that sometimes the estauchian (not sure on the spelling) tube gets out of alignment, and an adjustment can do wonders for that. It sure did for us! My older two have had an occassional adjustment, and that has been good as well as they had some small issues after falls and general kids play. Hope this helps.
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My good chiro. experience is that my son has been ear infection free for a year and a month!! YAY!!!!!!! We started going to the chiro. in April, '05, a week or 2 before he was scheduled to have tubes put in. We cancelled the surgery b/c he got a cough(from all the fluid finally draining) and he has not had one ear infection since then. Several colds, etc., but no ear infections..
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DS has been going to the chiro since birth (he's 4.5 years now). He's never had an ear infection, and I also find (good) changes in his behavior. DS is very spirited and we often leave the chiro in a less frantic pace. Once, after DS's adjustment, he bounced off the table and was running across the room. The chiro watched him and said "oh, he's not done...bring him back." He did a cranial adjustment, after which DS calmly got off the table and walked quietly over to the toys and played while I got adjusted. 180 degrees! He's also helped me with numerous things such as headaches, eczema, depression...the list goes on! For myself, I have nothing but good things to say about our chiro, in fact...I would say he's our primary health care provider.
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Yay! Keep the stories coming! They make me so hopeful!!!
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My ds started running a fever this past weekend so I took him to the ped on Mon and they told me he had a double ear infection plus walking pnemonia! Wrote me a prescription for antibiotcs and an inhaler for him. I took it, and then took him to our Chiro. He looked in his ears and said they were irritated (red by the ear drum) but no fluid and not infected. We suspected allergies. He adjusted him Mon and Tues and by Wed (without any drugs!) he was fever free and good as new! I love our Chiro. and definately am in favor of having my entire family adjusted.
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