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After the Birth Care?

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Last night in my hypnobirthing class, our instructor had a few suggestions for care of mama's bottom after the birth - now, she is an RN and this is stuff that they do in the hospital, but a few I do remember from ds1, and I remember them being helpful. On top of this stuff - I was wondering if anyone had any natural care suggestions -

She recommended

1.) Ibuprofen for afterbirth discomfort
2.) Dermoplast
3.) Hydrocortisone
4.) Water filled condoms that are frozen make an awesome ice-pack

I rememebr taking mega ibuprofen that the nurses just had me take. I tore badly last time so the hyrdrocortisone really helped.......not so sure though that I will want this stuff this time around - what do you suggest?
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I would use:

-calendula cream
-homeopathic arnica if you have bruising
-rescue remedy applied right to the site for the trauma to the tissue

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Cotton cloth mama pads soaked in witch hazel and chilled/frozen are awesome on sore bottoms, especially if you have any stitches.

Ditto a sitz bath with warm water.
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I second the sitz bath with lots of camomile tea bags in it...

And if you can, take as many of those cooling pads from the hospital as possible (I just loved them).
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Recipe for Herbal Healing Postpartum Pads for those interested...


from: http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/pppericr.html

First make up a strong pot of comfrey tea. Bring aprox. 2 quarts of water to a boil, remove from heat then throw in clean fresh comfrey leafs. (about 8-10 large leaves or if not available, about 1/2 to 1 ounce of dried leaves). Let steep overnight or at least 4 or 5 hours.

Then take 4 to 6 large sized sanitary napkins (cloth or disposable should work). Cover a shallow baking pan or cookie sheet w/sides with foil and lay the pads out. Pour the tea over each pad, soaking well, then put them in the freezer. After they are frozen cover each with plastic wrap (so they don't stick together) and stack them in a container (or not) and keep frozen till birth.

After the birth remove the plastic wrap and cover a pad with a clean sterile wash cloth or several layers of sterile gauze. This feels great on the perineum, aids swelling and the comfrey (which contains allantoin) aids healing. This can go on right away and again after stitches. They can be worn for the next few days. Your regular sanitary pad helps hold it in place, of course change it after about 45 mins to an hour as it gets soggy.
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Your mommy
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Check this out:


My friend just gave me this as a little pre-baby gift and it sounds like it will work great!! All I used with the first two was a peri bottle of plain ol' water - so I'm looking forward to trying this stuff!
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My midwife gave me a special herbal tea mix of herbs that reduce swelling and bleeding and had me freeze pads for post-partum care.

I did it similar to the method on gentlebirth.org, but rather than pour the tea on the pads, I squirted it onto the pads with a peri-bottle. I wanted to use cloth pads, but I didn't have enough $$ to buy any or time to make them, so I used disposable pads.
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I have an Herbal Peri Soother. It's a blend of *all organic* uva ursi leaves - yarrow flowers - sage leaf - comfrey leaf - comfrey root - garlic - witch hazel leaves - sea salt. I made a tea with it, drained the herbs, then dipped the pads in the tea, squeezed em out (gentely), then wrapped em in plastic wrap and put them in a bowl to freeze until I need them. With the tea I have left over I'm gonna add to my peri bottle and I still have some herbs left to make more and to make a Sitz bath with.
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on the EarthBaby stuff. I loved mine last time.

Sitz bath everytime you go. Is soooo soothing and really does help promote healing. Using a chamomile teas of some sort is wonderful but just warm water is pretty nice too.

Witchhazel soaked/frozen pads are nice. Only time I use disposible pads otherwise its all about the cloth pads. I use the disposible so that they don't leak and getting everything wet in case I fall asleep. Yes, it is possible to fall asleep with an "icecube" between your legs.

Tucks Pads if you don't want to do the witchhazel pads.
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I'm making a comfrey/plantain/calendula tea to freeze on pads. I also plan on using it in a spritz bottle for whenever I use the bathroom. We have 30c Arnica pellets and I'm making calendula cream/salve. I also have a bottle of witch hazel, which might also be used as a spritz after using teh bathroom. Oh, and Rescue Remedy is my friend! We don't have any ibuprofen or tylenol in the house, but plan on using all herbal and homeopathic remedies for healing.
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great stuff mamas! I asked my mw last night as well and she said that she highly recomends rrl tea and sitz baths. I am leary to take Ibuprofen - haven't taken it in years (since ds1's birth!) But I am leary of after-birth pains as well - OK, off to check the wise woman's herbal as well - will post back if I find anything!

Regarding the rescue remedy - I always have that on hand (anxiety) but was not aware that it would be good directly on a trauma site.......you put a few drops on the "bottom?"
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