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By what name do your children address you?

Poll Results: By what name do your children call you

  • 71% (59)
    Mom only
  • 0% (0)
    First name only
  • 15% (13)
    combo: Mom and/or first name
  • 12% (10)
82 Total Votes  
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I'm wondering what name other's children use when addressing you.

My children use a combo of first name and/or Mommy. Whatever they choose is fine with me.

When I was growing up I wanted to address my parents by their first names and they had a fit. Only Mom or Dad (it was my Mom who had the problem with it, not Dad. She would have a fit if I called either of them by their first names)

So I'm curious what names your children use.
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My girls only call me Mom or Mommy. They call my husband (their stepdad) Dad and their bio-dad by his first name. Occasionally they'll call me Andra but that's maybe once every few months.
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My 14yo calls me Ma.
My 21mo calls me MaMa sometimes.
If they were to call me by my first name only once in a while I don't think I would care but I don't think I would like it llt he time.

I used to call my mother by her first name all the time when I was a teen because "everybody" called her Ma so she would ignore that name and respond to Patty because she wasn't used to hearing it.
She says she doesnt like me calling her that.:
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I am mommy or mom, but lately (this week) y 2 year old has started callig me Dyan.. IT makes me sad.. It told him that he could call me Dyan, but everyone calls me that, and that he is special and only he and his brother (and the new baby when it gets here) get to call me mommy... SO i answer him when he calls me by my 1st name, but now he laughs when i answer him, and says NO!! MOMMY!!!

So who knows what he will want to call me when he gets old...

Warm Squishies..

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my 13 year old calls me "mom" ....when she's really snuggly i'm still "mommy". When we met her dad (stepdad) she was 5 and called him Tommy till we were officially married, then they both decided she should call him daddy and he's been Daddy ever since (never Dad). I think its surprising that she has no interest in calling us by first name.

my 2.5 year old calls me mama, but more recently has started calling me (for some unknown reason) momby or mombo. lol
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My stepdaughters call me by my first name. Once in a while they call me 'mommy' by accident and then correct themselves, and when the older one was 4 or 5 she liked to call me 'mommy' as a slightly self-conscious joke!

My 18 mo old calls both me and her father 'mama'!!
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I voted mom, but she has never called me that. I have always been mommy. I guess she will really be grown up when she switches to mom.
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My son calls me mama or Tracey. It depends on his mood...when he is sick or sad I am always mama.

If you had asked me before I had him if I would like my child to call me by my actual name I would've said "No way!" and that I earned the mom title and all it's specialness. But when he calls me by my name, it does feel special to me just like mama does.
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Ds occasionally calls me mama. He isn't really talking yet, but I assume that's what he'll use. I called my parents by their first name exclusively. It just kind of happened that way. I would prefer that ds call me mom, but if he doesn't then it's not a big deal. It would be a big deal to dh. He really wants to be daddy.
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He calls me Mummy most of the time. Liz or Auntie Liz when he's heard his cousins call me that but it's just a joke. I call both my parents by their first names. We started calling my dad by his first name just on our own and we called my mother Maw. I think we picked it up during a brief period living in Alabama. She finally admitted she hated it when I was about 10 so we switched to her first name. If you had heard us scream MAAAWWW at the top of our lungs when we got home from school I think you'd understand why she hated it. Don't know why she didn't just ask us to switch to Mom or something a little less Southern. No offense to any Ma's out there but it sounded really odd in a big northern city.

Anyway, I think I'd be fine with him calling me by my first name if he wanted.
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Oops, besides the 'mama' for both dh and I, I forgot to mention babelet also has started calling us both 'honey' -- since it's what she hears us call each other!
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Mom or Mommy. Dd2 (2.5) sometimes calls me by my first name, but only because she hears the foster kids do it. I want to be Mommy (or Mom). I worked hard for it!!
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I will always ask that my dd call me Mommy or Mom even when she's an adult. It's one of the ways she can honor the special place I have in her life. Any old person can call me Darshani, but only my children can call me Mommy. Dd knows that my name is Darshani and knows her daddy's name and also her own formal name Abirami, but she calls me Mommy, him Daddy, and herself Abi.

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My oldest dd will sometimes call her Dad and me by our first names, but it's pretty unusual. Generally, we're Mom and Daddy.

Unless, of course, she's decided that SHE is 'Carolyn' today - in which case, I go by HER name! :
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My son's first word was "dog" and his second was "oe" . My husband's name is Joe. Even still at almost 3 he calls my husband Joe when he is trying to get his attention. Otherwise he calls him Dade. He has never called me Sandie. But he only started calling me Mama a little before 2 yrs old. Before that I was just plain no-name until NaNa (nursing?) at about 14 to 18 mo and then Booby :LOL until about 23 mo.

Recently I have been working with him to tell people when asked our LAST names though. So in the last month or so when asked "what is my name" or "what is your mommy's name" he will say Mama LeVar and Daddy LeVar -- though once or twice he actually figured out that it was Joe LeVar, but never Sandie yet?
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Mama, and papa for my husband.

That's what I called my parents and husband wanted to use those names, too. He said he didn't want to be Dad. He calls my father Mr. Papa.
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"Unless, of course, she's decided that SHE is 'Carolyn' today - in which case, I go by HER name!"

Yes!!!!!!!!! my two year old does this all the time, then gets really confused.

I think there's a phase of sorting out roles and identities - dd loves calling me by my first name some days, but I figure it will pass and I'll be Mummy again.
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DS went through several months of sometimes using my first name when he was 2, but now it's back to Mom. I didn't object to him using my name, though I did point out that we get to use special names for special people, like he gets to call his grandmas Gran and Grandmommy, and call me Mom. I did let him know that i don't much like being called Ma, and he seems to have given that up too (especially as I don't answer when he tries it).
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My 18 mo. old dd usually calls me Mommy, but lately has been addressing me by my first name. She seems to be very proud her ability to use "both" of my names, and at this point, I really don't mind, although I prefer Mommy.

Amy, mom to Tsuneo, 09/12/01
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I voted for 'mom only' b/c I hope that it what the baby will want to call me.

I have a 7 year old step-daughter and she calls me by my first name. So it feels very 'detached', I guess, to me. I will be 'mom', so I want to be called 'mom', I guess.
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