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"Start spreadin the news.."

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I'm leaving tomorrow for New York. I'm going to be there until August 4th, by myself, doing an internship for a really high profile design firm in Manhattan. I have been working up to this for a long time, it is a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity that I had to fight tooth and nail to earn, and now I sort of don't wanna go. I am nervous about being on my own in a huge city during my 7th and 8th month of pregnancy. I wish I could just postpone the whole thing and focus on having my little bean and my family, and enjoy time with my fiance (we just got engaged on May 17th), but instead I'm leaving to become a big city designer for a little while, which is what I always wanted, but I just have so much going on in other areas of my life. Has anyone ever been on there own for 10 whole weeks of thier third trimester, or am I the only one this crazy? Do you think it's selfish of me to still be going?
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Not in the same boat at all, but during my last pregnancy, my dh was gone (travelling for business) during my entire 8th month. I was fine, happily independent

I think you'll love it and it will be something great that you'll always think back on. Take lots of pictures and do lots of fun things and it'll definitely be a great story to tell your child later
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Last pregnancy, Mike got sent TDY in my 8 month....luckily he was sent to Biloxi, and I used to live in Jackson (about 2.5 hours away!) I went on a mini-vacation to see friends, and really enjoyed myself! It was tons of fun, and a great little break for me before I got enraptured in the throes of motherhood!
Just relax and enjoy yourself!
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I think you should go for it. It sounds like a once in a lifetime thing and it will not be any easier if you wait till after the baby comes (actually it would be lots harder). So I say go, do as much as you can and learn as much as you can. Take care of yourself too and have a lot of fun. Is your hometown anywhere near where you will be so your fiance could come visit?
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Go! Enjoy your time and maybe you can find some MDC mamas on the NYC board for support and any help you might need. Here's one advantage...any food you may be craving will be easily found in NY and think of all the sensory delights (sounds, smells, etc.) your baby will be perceiving through your belly!
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You will likely look at this job as the last time you ever did anything "alone." Independence and selfishness should not be confused! go for it, take VERY good care of yourself and enjoy
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I'm here!

I've started my internship and am doing great so far. I'm really glad I decided to come right now... except for the fact that there are only TOP BUNKS in my dorm available, so I can just imagine what it's going to be like climbing up there in another month or so... The area is great, though, it's in the financial district, I actually am finding my way on the subway, and in general, I just feel brave. I'm almost forgetting how much I miss my fiance... 9 hrs away. Thanks for the encouragement!
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3_angels, congrats on your engagement & such a high-profile internship- WOW! I'm glad that things are going well for you so far, I think you're brave too! As you get bigger, do you think someone on a bottom bunk might take pity of you & swap?

I totally agree w/ what Katiemare said... hopefully this is a time that you'll look back on fondly when your feeling your life has been consumed by baby.
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