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We have a king size and Dh and I still fight over the space. :
When dd sleeps with us neither of us get much sleep, there's just not enough room!
Sometimes I wish we had a bigger bedroom and we could just cover the entire floor with mattresses and make it a real "bed" room, and everyone could sleep together, and actually sleep!
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No baby room here either! I set up a nursery with #1, and we never used it since we co-slept (until he was 5!). With #2, I lived in a 2br apt, one room was the family bedroom and the other room was the playroom for #1.

We actually have four bedrooms now, but the fourth will be a guest br for a while. We'll need as much help as we can get! :LOL
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Never had a nursery, never owned a crib. The only baby furniture I've ever had has been a master bed, LOL! I do have a Moses basket for daytime naps but that's about it. This babe probably won't have her own room til she's at least 3.
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We set up the little room off our room.. but we call it the baby's stuff room. It was so so so fun to paint, I did a Lorax theme. I doubt the baby will actually sleep in there for a few years, but it's so fun to look at. It's where all the clothes/dipes and paraphenalia are stored. I may have a nursing station in there, but we'll see.
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No nursery, never owned a crib, we invested in bed rails instead.
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We don't. DD #1 has a room, which she has never slept in since she has always slept with us. But all the kids cloths, diapers, and changing table are in there. We don't have a crib or anything. Both kiddos will continue to sleep with us though.
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We have a crib in the dd's playroom, but neither of my girls ever slept in it. They slept with us and now they have their own room that they share, but we play musical beds at our house. Lately they've been ending up in bed together, which is adorable!!!

We've put all the baby's clothes, cd stuff and whatnot in the "playroom", but he'll sleep in a co-sleeper in our room. Then he'll move into our bed.
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No nursery is necessary! When I found out I was pregnant with Kalina, we had a small two bedroom apt.! My MW said to us, this baby could sleep in a shoe box if it needed to! So true - storage is all you really need a "baby's room" for. The crib we got became change station/storage. And now baby #2 is arriving and we only have 1 bedroom in our current house - so we're all together for sure!
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Originally Posted by Leakyboobs
No nursery, never owned a crib, we invested in bed rails instead.

Actually with dd1 we had the whole nursery thing set up, crib and all, but never used it after I discovered attachment parenting (thank God!!) when she was around 6 weeks old. We sold the crib and invested in some nice fold-down bed rails for dd2 Both girls recently moved into their room together (although dd2 usually comes in our bed to nurse at some point in the middle of the night and stays there) so to make a nursery for this baby we'd have to give up our 3rd bedroom which is our computer room/office/guest room - not going to happen!! I hope by the time we do need a boys' room we'll be living in a bigger house!!
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Four children. No nursery ever. Two are teen, two are wee ones. I think the USA invented this idea of a nursery. It makes money for the industry. More rooms, more stuff. We have a family bed. A large playroom, the bunk beds in the playroom are for our teens. That's it. They children have a great sense of togetherness and belonging. We love it.
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How nice to see this thread. We want to co-sleep & bf and our place is a 1-br, so we never planned to have a nursery. Don't think we would even if we had more space, though the "playroom/stuff room" option would be nice. We're still trying to find a dresser for the baby's clothes and cd supplies - hopefully this weekend! Everything's in bags and bins right now, strewn all over the living room. The birth tub's being delivered tomorrow, so we *must* make space in the living room for the dining table so the tub can take up the small dining room... there's no other rooms for anything else except the kitchen!
But, we'll make it work
Nice to hear other's stories when I'm a little worried about space
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We don't have one this time around, but it's really because we're "out" of room. We have a 3br (all very small rooms) house. We have the master, but we can barely fit our bed and dresser in there. One BR is the office/sewing/storage room and the other is the nursery we did for DS1. He just started sleeping in his crib within the last 6 months... but I've always loved having a "room" for him. I don't know why, I just like having the decorated, baby-fied room. We have his changing hutch, chest, toy box, crib, and glider in there. I'm actually sad that this baby won't get the same treatment even if it is totally unnecessary. We hope to move soon and hopefully the rooms will be big enough to put both boys in the same room together and have a playroom too. But, for now of course the new little guy will be sleeping with me and in a bassinette sometimes (I have to have at least a couple hours sleep with no babies in the bed or I get really cranky).
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We do have a baby's room but don't intend to use it right away. We got the crib and dresser from my sis who didn't use it becuase they coslept for 3 years so we aren't out any money if we don't use it. The baby will sleep with us for the first 6 months or so and then transition to the crib. I'm not against the family bed so if things go longer, I'm fine with that, but right now it isn't the plan. We will probably use the crib for sleep during the day if I'm not sleeping too as I should be.
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What a relief that I am not alone here. I keep getting questions like "what is your nursery theme?" Theme? How about the "hodge podge of stuff we got for free from our friends" theme? We have a very small one bedroom home so the baby will obviously be in our room. We actually just set up the co-sleeper and a small changing table/dresser yesterday and found that upon rearranging the room, it actually feels bigger--even with additional furniture!
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We have a small 3 bedroom house. One is the master where we all sleep. Then we have a 'study' where all the media stuff is at (computers and tv) and our books and then the playroom. The playroom has a fullsize bed that the cats and sometimes momma uses.

So, nope we don't have a nursery. And it freaks people out to hear that we don't. Even if we wanted one we don't have the room. Okay, I'll admit that I do want one but that's only so I can decorate the room in all the cutesy frilly baby things only to be used by the cats.
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We're in a two bedroom apartment (about 1000 sq ft) and the second bedroom is for my stepson, who is ten. He is only with us about every other weekend, wed evenings, and holidays, but i guess he still needs his own room. The baby will stay with us, first in a sidecarred bassinet (or straight co-sleeping, if that works in our queen, but we already fight over space!) and then later in a sidecarred crib... I too would like a "nursery" only to decorate it with baby things!
I'm not bothered by not having a nursery, but I wonder about not having a den, it seems this place might start to feel small after the baby begins walking. But maybe by then we will have rearranged everything so it works a little better. or moved. ?
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Originally Posted by grace's voice
We have a king size and Dh and I still fight over the space. :
We have a King as well and DH takes up so much space and blames ME! I love having a family bed but I also want a momma bed that I can go and stretch out by myself without having to squish up.
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I have no room. We live in a 1 bedroom flat and the bedroom's pretty tiny. We will cosleep and I have a Amby baby hammock as a back-up because the bed is small. I had to make space in the (again very small) wardrobe we have for baby's clothes. The carseat is above the wardrobe. No changing table. I plan to do EC and if I need to, I'll change the baby on the bed. We had to keep things simple and minimalist and that's not a bad thing for me.
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Originally Posted by tsume
We have a King as well and DH takes up so much space and blames ME! I love having a family bed but I also want a momma bed that I can go and stretch out by myself without having to squish up.

Exactly! He says I take up all the space, but there I am on the edge hugging my body pillow, all curled up while he's got his (very long) body sprawled every which way... I swear he grows extra limbs at night. AND, this baby seems to have inherited this "sprawling" gene! He's gets his parts so far popped out of my stomach I can actually hang onto his arms and legs! I have a feeling I'm in for several years of extreme exhaustion.
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We got a king size bed when we moved to our house. It is great, and we can fit two kids in it and throw a third at our feet. Not ideal, we really don't sleep well that way, but in a time when it is bad sleep or NO sleep, we make do.

Now, I am afraid to add an infant to the mix, although my oldest two haven't come into our bed in a really long time. Actually, neither has the four year old lately?? Hmmmm....

I am thinking I may use the guest room during the night for me and the infant and my DH can have the master for him and the toddler if need be.

Who knows..."The best laid plans......"

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