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We have a 3 bedroom house and we call the room we arranged "Maggie's room" w the crib/tot bed dh made and the changing area. Plus the dresser and closet has her clothes, cloth diapers etc. Maggie sleeps w us or in the arms reach co sleeper, usually next to us. But there is no "theme" this time around. What a waste anyway.

Our crib is solid wood that dh built and it converts into a tot bed. DD1 loved it and is in her own big girl bed now that dh made. He is now making her another dresser. She at least once a week also comes in and sleeps w us. But usually leaves since she feels crowded but she is welcome!

At the nicu, there was parents of twins near us. The father was remarking how he had work, visiting here, and finishing the nursery. He asked dh how our nursery was coming etc and will he have it done. DH said- "2nd child, we could care less about a nursery and she will sleep w us anyhow so why bother. " His sister took months to get her nursery together only to never use it. Finally by her fourth she just put a bed in the room and eventually her baby grew up and slept in it