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Where to begin?

1. DS1, poop all over his crib (back when I didn't co-sleep).
2. DS2 and DD with a one pound container of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. They looked like mimes.
3. DS2 and DD and coffee grinds.
4. DD with kool aid and new house.
5. DD with sharpie black marker and a 2 hour nap time (so much to do and so little time!).
I'm sure there's more. LOL.
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My hat goes off to all of you mamas!

Whenever I hear stories like these, I thank the stars for my kid. The worst she's ever done is get into a pot of miracle salve when she was a tiny thing and get it all over her face and hair.

My next is a boy. I'm sure I'll be in for more mischief.
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oh, Shel, you say that now... knock on wood!
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And this was just in the last year...

DD went downstairs to get a drink. She was down there quite a long time but not a big deal. She was 11 afterall. I went down to check on her anyway. And what did I see?!?!? She says she dropped a can of pop. The thing looked like it exploded. I couldn't believe it came from just one can It was on the walls, counters, ceilings, fridge, floor, chairs... EVERYWHERE! And she was bawling. I felt sooo bad for her. She was trying to clean it and freaking out. I called dh down and told him DD spilled ONE can of pop. He took one look at and started laughing. We ended up all laughing so hard we had tears and could hardly clean it up!
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LOL I havent read this thread yet - I look forward to the responses!!! LOL

Mine havent been all that horrible: a marker drawing on the couch (and came right off amazingly enough - thank you Crayola!) and a HUGE mass of tampons and pads stuck all over my bathroom, which just made me laugh.
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5lbs of flour all over the kitchen floor. But, that wasn't the worst part. He tried to help clean it up by dumping water on top of it. Yeah..I had to chisel that crap off the floor.

That was my oldest son, luckily, my youngest hasn't been too bad yet.
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Originally Posted by onlyzombiecat
The worst was not the messiest. The worst was finding her and our aquarium of dead/dying fish. I don't know if she dumped something in or if she hit them with the net. She told me she was playing with them.
Oh yes!! DD1 took flowers DH had given me and stuffed them into the aquarium so "Lava" (red betta, pet of DS) could see them. I changed the water in the tank, but it was the beginning of the end for poor Lava.

We have had the poo smeared room when DD1 was supposed to be napping (DS never did this and DD1 has done it a couple times) and can you even imagine the disaster a large container of BurtsBees powder, apricot oil and wipes can make. It was smeared in the dresser drawers of clean clothes, toddler responsible for mess and the carpet is still not the same. Arrrgh!!
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when my son was two, i was sleeping in one morning while his daddy was at work, and finally i woke up to hear this quiet sort of, rustling (?) noise coming from the kitchen area. "that's odd" i thought, because the baby gates, both to the hallway AND to the kitchen, were up, and he would have had to get past *both* gates... so i laid in bed awhile... and finally got up to check -- and he had indeed gotten past both baby gates, gotten in the pantry, and took off EVERYTHING, and i mean *EVERYTHING* from the bottom few shelves... he had sampled handfulls of both the peanut butter and the shortening, he had "made juice" on the floor, using all of our reserves of bottled water and all of our powdered juice mixes... sugar, flour, baking powder, everything, ALL of it was on the floor, from the pantry, out into the dining room and on the entire kitchen floor.

but that wasn't the worst of it! so... i cleaned it all up of course, and a few days later ~ i had gotten in the habit of stacking chairs in the hallway at night, in addition to the double baby gates, which i figured that he couldn't get past. i mean, *i* couldn't get past them without disassembling everything..... well a few days later i woke up to that same rustling sound, rushed out, and there he was, happily making juice with -- all of the new stuff i had bought to replace all of what he had used up before! : he had taken down both baby gates and moved the chairs all just enough to get past them. i STILL don't know how he managed it. it was the exact same mess ALL OVER AGAIN.

i think that was about the time we started sleeping with him again ...

and he was so sweet and perfect while he was doing it too. just happily mixing and pouring and painting and smearing... on the floor.
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crackers or some other kind of snack all over the floor. Nothing too bad, yet.
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I shudder just to type this, but when my little boy was 9 months old he found a dead mouse!!!!
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Originally Posted by clane
We have had the poo smeared room when DD1 was supposed to be napping (DS never did this and DD1 has done it a couple times)
This happened twice last year during nap time. The first time it happened I started bawling and couldn't stop. It was on every single wall, her dresser, bed, and door. After I cleaned up DD I made her sit in one spot and watch me clean it all up while I sobbed uncontrollably. I was really shocked when it happened again one week later, although it was not painted onto every surface that time.
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Originally Posted by mahogny
My 13 mo daughter was in the bathroom while I took a shower. I knew she was poking around in the garbage, but as I didn't have my glasses on, I couldn't tell exactly what she was doing. I finished my shower and got out, and found what had kept DD so occupied - she had gotten one of my used tampon applicators out of the garbage and had licked it clean!
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Originally Posted by cjr
Our first dd was up in her room playing. We always kept all the doors locked except her own so she could come and go. I went up to check on her (she was about 17months) and she was fast a sleep on her bed...with her pj's unzipped, a clean diaper under her bum but not put together, and diaper cream smeared from her head to her toes. She decided she needed a diaper change and got so exhausted doing it, she fell alseep. It was the cutest thing ever.
you're makin' me laugh here!
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Originally Posted by iamthesmilingone
I called dh down and told him DD spilled ONE can of pop. He took one look at and started laughing. We ended up all laughing so hard we had tears and could hardly clean it up!
not a kid story and not that gross - but funny anyway.

One day before marriage, I moved into a brand new beautiful 2 bed room apartment all to myself, with a gleaming white kitchen - white walls, white floor and newly painted white cabinets. Now DH spends the night and makes me coffee in the morning and drops the coffee cup. It lands right side up and doesn't tip over but it is the most spectacular fountain of coffee you've ever seen. Like a perfect break in pool - splatter covers the entire kitchen - ceiling, counters, walls, whole area. It was stunning. DH is really upset and I just started laughing. Was cleaning coffee 2.5 years later when I moved out and we got married.
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We have many as dd2 is quite mischevious...
Fabric Paint all over dd1's bed, walls and carpet, still there to this day. Hopefully soon we will pull out the carpet and redo the hardwood floors.

Craft paint on the wood floors...

Poop smeared all over her bedroom. Walls, bed, doors, windows, etc... This happened many times.

The typical pencil, stamps, crayon and marker on the walls...

There are many more with her too, but my personal favorite was the time.... Nevermind, pictures are better.
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I would have cried at all that peabut butter! Cute as anythingg, but the smell makes me gag! I make DH clean DD everytime she gets messy with the PB&J.
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This is a funny thread!
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About 5 years ago the oldest boys were around 18 months and 3 years. We came downstairs to find what is referred to in our house as "The Flour Incident"

The boys had managed to climb the gate at the top of the stair and gone down into the kitchen dumped about 10 lbs of flour on the floor with milk and broke eggs on it and... well, here's the pictures of it.

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Okay I have preface this with this was a long time ago and I don't eat the same waynow that I did then. DS#1 was about 4 and DS#2 wasabout 2, today they are 36 and 33. We were all visiting with the neighbor in her back yard with her DS, also about 3. While neighbor and I visited we suddenly noticed that the three boys were very quiet. When we found them in my house they were in the kitchen. They had gotten the can of crisco out of the cabinet, mixed in cocoa and sugar and water and frosted flakes cereal to the top of the can. It was all over the floor, all over the three of them. Then they had mixed water in the rest of the box of cereal and ran through the dining room and living room on the bright red carpet. The whole downstairs of the house was covered with that wet frosted flakes cereal and the kitchen was covered with chocolate crisco mess. They were baking a cake. We couldn't do anything but laugh.

Okay, now DS#2 did not want to potty trian at all. He would pee in the potty but not poo. Whenever he had to poo he would hide in a corner somewhere and go in someone's shoe. Didn't matter whose shoe it was. You wouldn't find it until you went to put the shoe on. For about two years you didn't put a shoe on at our house without looking first.

Number #1Grandaughter tried to calm her flyaway hair by putting hair cream on it, Nair. She was the baldest little 4 year old you ever saw.

DGrandson #2 tried to put a grilled cheese sandwich in the cd rom of his mother's computer.

The legacy goes on and on.

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I guess I've been semi-lucky so far with DS (5yo)...

His worst moment came when I found him holding the back end of the cat in the toilet.
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