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Happy Second Birthday! *~June 04 Kids & Mammas~*

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Happy Birthday, Kids!

Killy (Queen of Cups); 25 May
James (Smithie); 30 May
Flora (seedling); 4 June
Rossignel (Balancin1); 5 June
Rowan (LizD); 8 June
Kieran (rubellin); 9 June
Caitlin (Mummoth); 14 June
Lily (3girlsmommy); 15 June
Julian (Doodlebugsmom); 16 June
Charlie (BabyBumblebee); 16 June
Zach (boatbaby); 18 June
Lily (dharmama); 19 June
Nadia (heatherbell); 19 June
BooBah (eilonwy); 24 June
Rowan (mattjule); 26 June
Michael (bandana); 29 June

Let me know if you want anything added/changed.
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Happy Birthday Killy!!!

My best friend had her baby this afternoon, on her birthday! She had a little girl!!! I'm so excited for her!!
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Nadia was born on 19June
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Sandi, that's very cool.
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
Sandi, that's very cool.
She's breastfeeding and she can't wait to use her sling and she has a co-sleeper but no crib!! They named her Nadia too! I wish sthey were closer 'cause I really want to meet her.
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Last year for the birthday thread, we did updates; anyone want to do that this time around?
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Rossignel was born June 5. I love the idea of updates.

QoC, hope your sister is recovering. Prayers winging your way.

Sandi, a pal of mine had a baby today too. Isn't it just this little piece of magic every single time?
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Thanks Rynna! And thanks for doing the list. It is so cool to see the birthdays all in one place.

I feel very drained lately and like I am not hitting on all cylinders. I do not know how you mamas with more than one kid manage 'cause it feels like R takes every little last bit of me. Does anyone else feel like you are always just two steps behind caught up, at best, and left waaaay back most of the time?

We are finally seeing some interest in the potty again. R is willing to sit on it and will ask to have her diaper changed if she is poopy and sometimes when she is wet. She has been very resistant to the potty since she started walking last summer (was it only last summer? It seems like it should have been at least five years ago!) I think brazelton says something about a period of intense negativism and how that is not the time to PT--well that has been R. So this is major progress...
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Glad to see the new thread! Happy birthdays all around!

Just subbing as I have nothing of interest to say beyond that-which-is-my-life now, trying to contract on the new house while fixing up and selling the old house and selling my property in Coatesville. We are all tired and drained but most of the interior of the house is painted, dh has done the frameless shower door and put in recessed kitchen lights, and tomorrow there's more and more and more....BUT we have listed the house, just haven't listed pictures yet. At least it's officially on the market, though! Now we just have to hope for a quick sale. School's out down here so people should be looking and ready to move. We made an offer on the new house, she counter-offered, and we just made a new offer, hoping to edge her down a wee bit more. And I am trying to decipher the tuition forms for dd. That seems more overwhelming than everything else.

In Rowan news I notice another sudden burst of vocabulary expansion all of a sudden. He's still watching way too much tv while we paint the house. And sure wants to nurse a whole lot more than I am interested in nursing him.
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my ils are moving from caotesville today; mike is down there with beanbean being a big strong manly man. boobah is staying with my sister, her cousins, and skinnypunk's little man (who is one month older than bella, about 4 inches longer, and *maybe* 4 oz heavier, tops). that's right-- bella and i are home in peace and quiet! i watched csi dvds until an obscene hour last night (i can't watch those with bean around) and had a jamocha shake for dinner (naughty me!). bella's been a muffin, but she seems to miss her siblings; she's never experienced so much quiet in her life.
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
but she seems to miss her siblings; she's never experienced so much quiet in her life.
Lily is the same way. At first she seems to like the fact that they are gone but then she realizes that she is stuck w/ boring old mom and wants some excitment!
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Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers for my sister. She's done amazingly well! She's had very little pain from her leg (though it is HORRIBLY bruised and has 26 stiches in it). She's applying for jobs at library branches closer to our house, too, so it won't be such a pain for me to drive her for the next six months. (She can't drive for 6 months after a seizure.) I can't believe she had a seizure while driving on the interstate at 65 miles an hour and lived to tell about it.

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes for Killy! He had a fabulous birthday yesterday. We had two friends over and the in-laws were here, so it was a nice small group. Five kids in all, and seven adults. I baked and decorated a train cake, which turned out okay. I think it would have been better if I hadn't done it at 2am, but I realized the night before that there was no way I'd get a couple hours uninterupted to decorate on his actual birthday.

The in-laws visit went pretty well, except that we were all sick at some point with the stomach flu and my sister was in a car wreck. It was a real blessing to have other adults around during that. Poor DH is sooooo behind on work now, though. And we're leaving for a weeklong vacation on 6/3!

Of course I took TONS of pictures and even took Killy to Walmart for portraits (that actually turned out beautiful!), but Photogrove (our website) has had some big issues so I can't add anything to it until DH finishes fixing it. But, I'll post links then...


at Birth:
7 lbs 11 oz
19.5 inches

at one year:
23 lbs 8 oz
31 inches
-he was walking and had a handful of words

at two years:
30 lbs
36.5 inches
-he's running, jumping, climbing and suddenly has a big vocabulary and is talking in 2-3 word sentances.

PS - Our big verbal step of the week - Killy called me a "mean mama" when I buckled him into the carseat the other day and last night told DH he was a "mean daddy" when we made Killy get out of the bath because he drank bathwater.
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subbing and wanted to share quinn's birth story in case anyone wants to read it (the photos are at the end if you want to skip all my and just see the little man)!
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beautiful, Erin!!!!!
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Zach is June 18 (Father's Day!)
We just got back from a trip on a pirate boat and we're all pooped!
I am overwhelmed by the thought of the upcoming birthday party. Even though it will be a small-sih group, I am horrible at cooking and I am worried I'll poison everyone.

The great part is Zach's best friend's daddy is a PASTRY CHEF and has offered to do the cake
A great friend to have -- also a horrible one since he often shows up for playdates with "a cheesecake I just whipped up" or "some eclairs I want you to taste" -- ugh 10 pounds later...
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Erin,he's a sweetie.

BooBah's updates:

6 lbs 13 oz, 19"

1 year:
18 lbs, 27.75"
walked, climbed *everything*, was delicious.

2 years:
~23 lbs, 32"
Talks like a small child, only without proper "r" or "l" sounds-- everything is a "w." "I wove you, Bewwa!"
Wants to do everything "by mysewf!!"
Just recently got her four canines; no sign of the second molars.
Runs and climbs like a thing possessed; BooBah is quite the daredevil and has no fear.
Is a very loving older sister, but a bit too enthusiastic with the loveloves still.
Doesn't nurse at all, and hasn't for what feels like an age. :
Sleeps in the family bed, sucks her thumb like crazy and will not give it up, and in other ways seems very "2." She's a muffin!
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Anyone else thinking of weaning? I had to kind of encourage dd to nurse anytime after 18 months, so this constant demanding of "moomoo" is getting to be a bit much. He even still wants to nurse in restaurants! And since he screams when he doesn't get what he wants (he is very much like Ramona) I often have to give him what he wants. Then again he is *so* intense I think perhaps the nursing is the only thing keeping him together, the only time he *must* be still and connected. On the fourth hand I wonder if he would cuddle and read books and just be sociably intimate with me more if he weren't nursing. I also think he would accept comfort from dh much more if he were weaned. But how to go about it with a child who is positively like Gussie in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn? And we're moving yet!
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I'm not seriously thinking of weaning, but I do fantasize about it sometimes. Your description of Rowan would fit R too. It's such a catch-22, I think she still really needs it which is what is making it so hard on both of us. DH and I have a joke about "drink some me-mes" which gets shouted at the top of toddler lungs a zillion times a day around her.

Erin, what a beautiful birth story, and baby too!

R's update:

At Birth:
8lbs 7oz, 21" long

One year:
(I'll have to come back and edit for height/weight)
climbing stairs but not yet walking
saying hi and about a dozen words

Two years:
~34-35" and about ~25lbs
* running, walking up and down stairs holding a railing (3rd floor apartment), climbing chain ladders, trying to jump but doing a kick thing instead, kicking and throwing a ball
* has two canines and is working on a third, no sign of the 2 yr molars
* nurses as often as a newborn, but is efficient
* one two hour nap a day, about five days out of seven, but still needs it
* sleeps in the family bed with her feet on top of mama for safekeeping
* is beginning to use compound sentences and conditional clauses, can be understood by others over half of the time although sometimes I wonder if they just don't realize she is talking to them. Uses correct pronouns sometimes but talks about herself in the third person too.
* knows her colors, recognizes some letters and numbers, can count to 12 (how many steps in each flight of stairs, I think), sings half a dozen short songs (two to three lines)
* sometimes talks about things that happened several weeks in the past, or even longer
* bosses around the two dogs and anyone else she can
* is very willful, but generally very cooperative
* prefers the stroller mostly to the baby carrier, but more than that prefers to walk
* tells us when she is poopy or wet, but refuses to use the potty
* loves trains, books, puzzles and toys that fit together

Here are two pics: smiling and conceptual art project
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Can I just share a big joy in my life at the moment? I'm back at my pre-kids weight!!!! Of course, I can't chalk up the last few pounds coming off to exercise or healthy eating, but sickness and stress... but they're gone! I'm not quite the same size as I was pre-kids, but I'm getting pretty close. I'm very comfortable in my size 7/8 clothes, so it won't be long before I'm back into my 5/6 clothes. And, when I get back to a size 4, you will alll hear me shrieking with glee! It will be awhile before I'm back at my college weight, but I'm finally seeing some results from all the hard work I've done the last six months! Since the day before Ellie was born (6.5 months ago), I've lost 47 lbs. Obviously, the first 8 lbs were the easiet...!

Today I made a huge effort not to yell at Killian, and I did pretty well. I yelled in panic when he tried to stick his hands into a poopy diaper, and I did raise my voice after he'd spit on Ellie 5-6 time, poked her in the eye, and then kicked her... (the kids were in the stroller and we were 2 miles away from home, so it was a tough situation to deal with Killy hurting Ellie - any suggestions for a situation like that? what natural consequences are there for spitting on your sister or hitting her while in a double stroller? I finally showed him that he could spit in his hand that that would be fine, but that was when he started the poking and hitting... I can't seperate them when they're in the side-by-side stroller, though! Killy's not reliable enough to walk along busy streets next to the stroller.) DH really hurt my feelings last night because he told me it didn't seem like I even liked Killy because I yelled at him so much yesterday... I felt like the worst mom ever and was seriously on monster.com looking for a job and planning to the put the kids in daycare because I felt like such a failure. I'm feeling a bit better today, though, and making a big effort not to loose my temper really paid off.
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