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How many times a week are you having sex? - Page 4

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gosh when I was last pg we had sex like 5x a week, it was crazy, I craved that more than food sometimes, LOL my DH was not complaining!!
now with two toddlers and a preteen in the house it is more like 1-2x a week, sometimes sleep just does win out!
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Originally Posted by papayapetunia
I hadn't been in the mood much for the past month or so...finals...moving...I was stressed. But poor, poor DH is so sweet to me and always tells me how hot he thinks I am even though I'm a beast, so I'd throw him some lovin' once or twice a week.

But lately...chicka BOW (70s porn music). I'm all about it. We did it three times today!!!
Wowzers, girlie! heehee

For right around 2 years I would rarely, if ever, come on to DH because he turned me down COLD EVERY time I asked or tried in the last month I was preggie with DD. So, my courage was utterly destroyed for a good long time. I've actually come on to him a lot more frequently in the last month or so, but even so the most we have sex is 3 times per week and that was only one week.

I, too, have a DH who will go for LONG stretches without asking or trying for sex. The longest was 6 months when DD was 4-10 months old. That was REALLY hard for me... and it came out that his low drive was a result of my weight/appearance. I know it's a combination of that and stress levels, but it's still really frustrating to me because no matter how he changes (like when he has facial hair, which I CANNOT STAND!) I wouldn't say no to him and try to still come on to him (before that time that I had no courage, anyway). I do want to lose weight and was starting to before we got preggie... *sigh* It's just difficult to have a partner with a MUCH lower sex drive. And I should know... ALL of mine have been lower. Can you imagine?? I have THE worst luck EVER!!! :
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We have sex between 3-5 times a week, depending on how tired we are.
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a week?!?! a week she asks
yeah right!
try hmmm 2-3 times a month and hell he's happy to get getting any, with ds I concieved and that was IT!! the lips below the hips were on lock down until after birth
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