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Weaning and co-sleeping

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My son is 11mths. and it is time for me to wean due to stress issues and me wanting to go to work/school. I want to do it gradually, but it is getting hard for me to figure things out.

He is co-sleeping with us and has never set foot in a crib. He did sleep in a side bunk for awhile, but now he;s just in bed with us. It is getting crowded and both me and my husband are kinda done with it. However, I cannot crawl into bed without him screaming and pulling at my shirt. Even if he nursed 5 minutes ago, if I wake him up accidentally or if he feels me next to him, he wants to nurse. This ruins my schedule for cutting back the feedings. So, I have realized that I also need to remove him from our bed and into a crib. I want to keep him in our room, next to my bed. Is this unrealistic?

What I am wondering is if there are any good books about weaning and co-sleeping? Websites? Are there any set ways to do this weaning/switching of beds?

Any help would be wonderful!!!
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Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. The No Cry Sleep Solution by Pantley.
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I used the Dr. Jay Gordon method. I think his website is drjaygordon.com

My DS was 26 months when I did this, but it should work for you. DS still sleeps with us, he just knows that he can't have "num nums" anymore. You might have a few not so pleasant nights. Our experience was actually wonderful. He didn't complain at all, but I think the age had a lot to do with it. Good luck.
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