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How did you lose the weight??

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Hi! I'm wondering how those of you who have lost weight and EBF were able to do it. I'm sure, for some of you lucky gals, it came off "naturally." Unfortunately, I don't fall into that lucky category!! I had to work my b**t off to get the weight off. Of course, it didn't help that I gained 60 lbs. I shed about 25 lbs due to bf, I think. The rest has come of the old fashioned way.....exercise. It's hard, as I'm sure you all know, to find the time to exercise with a baby around. Plus, I WOH. I'm now down to the last 10 lbs and they have been sticking to me for the last 4 months. Granted, I kind of fell off the band wagon around the holidays and the last couple of months. I am just now getting back into a exercise and healthy eating routine.

I'm wondering, do any of you do a specific diet or exercise plan to shed the weight?

Are any of you hanging onto the last 5-10 lbs? I have read and heard that your body naturally will hang onto that much weight until you stop bf. I don't want to stop (and dd definitely doesn't want to!LOL!). I just would like to lose at least 5 lbs more to fit into my clothes a little better (I refuse to buy more clothes!!) Any suggestions? I'd love to hear how you shed the weight. THANKS!!


mama to a little bobka!
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LOL, I'm hanging on to the last 30 or 40 lbs! I actually GAIN wait when BFing....in the beginning I feel like I'm starving. I'm doing weight watchers now and losing slowly and actually eating much better.
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Except for the time my DD was in my arms, I wore her (in a sling and a back pack). My arms and hands were free to do the work I needed to do, she was there sleeping or observing, and my body got a good workout. The heavier she got, the more I worked, and I'm sure that really helped get rid of the extra weight. Good luck!
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In my mind, I usually think that I lost it naturally, but in actuality, I exercised a lot to lose it. I gained 54 pounds onto my 112 pound body when I was pregnant. I am a very active person, though, so it was "natural" for me to resume exercise when my ds was 5 days old. By the time he was 3 weeks old, I was putting him in the stroller and walking 4 miles a day. This, combined with nursing (I guess) took the weight off in about 8 weeks. But I have to say, I was also in really good physical condition, due to lots of exercise, before my pregnancy, so I think my metabolism had something to do with helping me. For me, lots of exercise is key- and then I eat everything I want to eat.
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I joined Weight Watchers when ds was 2 months old. Those nursing points were GREAT! In the beginning, I felt like I could eat the whole house, and drink a Great Lake.

I've lost 61 pounds, and I have 6 more to go. I would say that things have slowed way down now that I'm within 10 pounds. I don't know if it's nature, or my lack of journaling.

I REALLY want to get these last 6 off! I'm not trying for another until I do!

I'm finding that I need to exercise more now that ds is nursing less. In those early days, I didn't exercise at all and the weight came right off.
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Some friends of mine swore that their bodies hung onto that last 10 pounds until they stopped nursing.

I have just decided that I can't blame my extra 20 on nursing or being preg anymore. So I started running and have given up starches. I still eat whole grains, but no white flour, white potatoes, white rice - I call it the "no white things diet". anyway, it is going pretty well, I've been able to maintain a 1.5 lb. loss per week for several weeks now.
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I am a huge sugar fiend.. SO when i wanted to lose weight i cut all the refined sugar out of my diet.. If it said sugar or high fructose corn syrup or what have you on the lable i didn't eat it.. If i had been good all day, and avoid the sugar i would have usually had i would have a scoop of ice creann (just 1 no cheating) that night.. It helped.. I still got something sweet, but i wasn't pigging out on it all day.. That's what worked for me.. I lost a lot of the weight that was sticking around..

I have heard however that the last 10lbs stays around because of maternal storages while bf'ing.. So it may be particularly hard to get rid of...

Best of LUck and Warm Squishy Feelings...

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