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Good luck...maybe no news from you is good news? Here's to hoping you're in labour!
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I wish I had exciting news!

Well mamas, I had the same cntx ALL day yesterday. From the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. Lauren (one of my mw's) came over and checked me around 5:30pm and I was still at 2cm. I was on my feet pretty much all day (it was a crazy day w/ trying to find a new mw and all that) so I took a nice warm bath around 10pm. Then went to bed around 11pm and woke up @ 9am w/o any more cntx. *sigh* So it was a false alarm I guess but I can tell things are *definitely* happening. It won't be too long now.

Thanks for all the Positive Vibes mamas!

If anything changes I'll be sure to update!
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EcoMama, I'm right there with ya!

I had strong contractions yesterday, about 6-7min apart all day. We decided to get out and be active, try to help things along. We ran a couple of small errands, picked up some take out, went swimming down at the springs (well, mostly I just sat in the cool water ), got ice cream after. We came home and, um, had some private time and, boy, did that ever get things going!

I had ctxns all night, steady 5min apart and intense too, too strong to sleep through. I tried to rest, but was pretty much up from 2am-6am. Finally decided nothing was going to happen and went to bed around 6:30. Slept on and off all morning.

The ctxns are still intense, but much more spaced out. COME ON OUT, BABY!!!
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Ya, last night I wasn't really able to *ahem*, ya kno...DTD. So I think tonight we're gonna...see what happens.
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