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Anyone have experience with Measles?

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I really wonder if it's possible for my DD to have this. She has had the ful course of MMR shots. She has had a fever for 5 days. She began with a rash last night behind her ears. It has spread now to her trunk and back. It's a prickly red rash that does not itch her. It looks like it might be headed for her face next. She's very clingy and weepy last two days but is eating and drinking normally. Temps are around 100 day time and up to 102 at night. She is 22 months old and attends daycare 3 times a week.

What else could this be?

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Could it be chickenpox? Even if she had the vax it's only about 75% effective against chickenpox (don't know the stats on MMR). It could also be just some virus that for some reason presents with a rash. This happened to my oldest ds at about 14 months. No itching or anything. Just fever and a red rash all over. My doc said this is pretty common in small children. If you are concerned and trust your ped, I'd give them a call.
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You might want to ask this on the vaccination board. MMR is not effective for everyone.
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could it be roseola? my dd's have had this and it always starts with a rash behind the ears! also, there are tons of viruses that cause rash.

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When my brother was 11 there was an epidemic of measles in his age group because they were vaxinating too young. He was one of the unlucky ones to get it. He was miserable and unable to move from the sofa for a week. I seem to remember him itching and spiking a pretty high daytime temp. (I was 8 at the time though, so my memory of this may not be accurate.)

I wanted to add that when I was in college I got a rash that sounds like the one your baby has. It started behind the ears and knees and then spread across the trunk and eventually did cover my face. I had a very sore throat and when I went to the doctor they could not determine what I had. They said it was a virus with a rash and they made up a technical sounding name for it but when I looked it up it just meant red rash accompanying a virus.

If you are concerned you should call your doctor. I would also start giving her a teaspoon of colloidial silver every few hours for the next week. Once it builds up in her system it should be able to suffocate the virus.

Good luck to you. I know how miserable everyone is when a toddler is sick. It breaks your heart.

Let me know what you find out.
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It was Roseola or "Baby Measles". It looks and acts just like Measles but the key difference is that Measles has a rash and fever at the same time and Roseola has a high fever for days that stops and then the rash happens. Freaky! She was such a sick kid. She's still not too great a week later but she has no more fever. Looks like one big rash though. Still weepy and clingy.

What a total drag this week has been. Thanks for the support everyone.

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