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Baby Medicine Chest?

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Is anybody putting together a "baby medicine cabinet/chest"? I'm curious to know what other people are putting in one if they have one.
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Nope. I've never had anything but a thermometer, a few bath items and bottom creme. Eventually we got some dye-free Motrin for high fevers. And we got a special comb and sponge and mineral oil to help break up cradle cap.

- Krista
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I am not really planning on my babies getting ill. The first three babies never really required any type of medication preperation. I have found that now that my 3rd turned one he really responds well to Chamomilla 6x (which I thought would be total hooey)...so when he gets the look of teething about him I give him the Cham and it makes him easier to deal with. My other two never really spazzed about teething that my 3rd does.
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Yeah, we used some homeopathic teething gel with our first son for when the 1 and 2 year molars came in. He actually asked for it at bedtime. Didn't use it much with #2 though, even though he had two teeth by 3 months old.
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Ditto on the dye-free motrin (my 1st was an EXTREME teether ). Also...we ended up needing oil for cradle cap as well...I think I used olive oil, honestly, or maybe sweet almond oil....but I know it was whatever I had on hand. Oh.....and now that I'm thinking about it, we used .5% hydrocortisone once or twice when ds was an infant (out of desperation, trust me!) for his crazy exzema (which cleared up around 6 mths).'

That's it!
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Yep, our first has eczema too! But sadly none of the remedies or OTC creams worked, and we had to resort to a prescription cream froma dermatologist. His also cleared up before a year old, and has never returned, thank goodness! It was dreadful though, even though it was just on his face and hands. I put mittens on him every night and slept with my arm across his arms and would nurse him whenever he woke up to scratch.

- Krista
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We dont have one together however I do have a case of many different homeopathy remedies and an herbalist right down the block. I pretend to not even think there is Motrin or other baby otc things like that as DS#1 always has been healthy and when he was teething homeopathy works for us.

Heck one of the remedies work great the other day for a friend that was helping remodel and he stepped on a nail

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I just have the dye-free Motrin, as well, but actually bought it for DD.

I'm sort of the frame of mind to be generally prepared (like have a thermometer and some Motrin) but if anything else goes awry, then I just go to the store and get what I need.

In DD's first year, she seemed to always get sick. I bought lots of teas that I drank to give her a boost through the breast milk and also some herbal children's immune-booster type things. Now I give her vitamins and occasional supplements to help keep her healthy (not sure what I'm doing right, but it's working! In the last year she's maybe had the sniffles twice-- that's IT. The first year of life she had a cold every other week it felt like!) Okay, I'm getting OT, but the point being, I just get what I need when I need it so I'm not stocking a billion things around the home.
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Well, I didn't put one together for DD, and we ended up making lots of unplanned trips to Walmart, you know? So here's what we'll have on hand, for the first six months or so.

Baby thermometer and petroleum jelly
Hyland's Colic Remedy
Gripe Water
Hyland's Teething Tablets
Baby Orajel
Hyland's Earache Remedy
Dye-Free Tylenol
Saline nose drops

Once he/she starts on solid foods, I'll add in Benadryl, too. Never had to use it, but in case of a severe reaction, I want it handy.
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I know children's cough syrup isn't on anyone's list, but I just wanted to add that there's a lot of evidence that it is completely ineffective in children & only marginally better than placebo in adults. That's one that we definitely won't have in our medicine chest!
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We had the motrin as well, thermometer, gas drops (ds was horribly gassy even after I cut out brocc/cauliflower/garlic etc), saline nose drops, and the hospital provided the brush for cradle cap and the little suction bulb.

If we needed anything else, we just ran out and got it.
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teething tablets and gripe water were the only things we ended up using with DD, when her big molars came in then we needed some tylenol but that was much later on. Breastmilk cures just about anything

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