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I don't understand. And I've never posted here so I don't really know the dymanics of this forum. But, this is the SAHM forum right? For SAHMs, right? So you're asking if people want to exclude a 'category' of SAHM's? That makes no sense to me.
So, I guess my answer is that if you SAH and want to post here, you should be able to post here.
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Originally Posted by sweetbaby3
First i must ask this pressing question. Are you the Mod for this forum? Have you been tapped by Peggy?

MDC is for everyone. There isn't a forum here that excludes. I have posted in every single forum. The circ forum (and my boys are circ's, but i had a question for Frank about doing a cath on intact babies, so I went there). Mmy kids are fully vaxed, but I had a question about Hep B, because of my job they encourage it, so I went to the vax forum and asked around and did some lurking. I wanted to homeschool so I started a thread there, even though my kids have gone to public and private schools. I posted in the queer parenting forum because a thread caught my eye, and I am "straight". I will support a mama in the single parents forum if her post speaks to my heart and I am married. I could go on and on, but never has anyone told me: You're straight! you cant post here! or You're married, you cant post in the single parent forum! Or your a right winger and aren't welcome in the politics forum (or whatever its called now). Ever. And many of my views are vastly different than most here. But never have I ever in all the three years I have been a member at MDC seen such divisive, demeaning pot stirring crap as I have seen lately in this forum.
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Originally Posted by BlueNote
Okay. I do believe SAHM is ideal. But it is not for everyone, nor should I think it so.
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I just want a SAHM forum without any WOHP bashing--which option is that?

I think it is very much possible to be pro-SAHM without making snarky comments about "mothers who work for their expensive cars/houses/vacations". No one gains anything by saying that. We must remember that the line between SAHP and WOHP isn't that well-defined. There are many moms who work very part-time (and don't need to!) but do so because they love their job, but would consider themeselves primarily SAHMs--because they are at-home with the kids 90% of the time. There are also SAHMs who are transitioning back into the workforce or WOHMs who are transitioning to SAH.
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I am trying help the SAHM forum improve. I asked this question because these things have come up possible solutions in the brainstorming thread. If you read that thread I think you will see that I am not trying do "demeaning pot stirring crap." I didn't invent the idea to exclude Pro-SAHMers. In fact I want to include them. So now you know what I want.

I never said I was the moderator and whichever side gets more votes will win. I want to know what you-all want. I still don't know what you-all want because people are not clearly answering the question.
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i don't even understand why the OP is even asking this question.

this is a SAHM forum, if anyone has any questions/comments relating to SAHM, they post here. there is also a Workin' Mommas forum on MDC, so if anyone has questions regarding that, well, there's a place for it.

i see this board not being one or the other (pro-SAHM or mothers for equality), just a place to discuss SAHM.

i agree that there shouldn't be any bashing of anyone's choices, just a place to discuss and get honest feedback. why wouldn't we include everyone??
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This forum is here for moms at home to celebrate their life and choice, and talk about issues.

It is not, however, exclusive to anyone. Period. Any one of the members can post. It is not a forum in which people can hide and spout divisive demeaning crap about other womens choices.

I am pro woman. I want so much for women, and my daughter, and my future daughters in law.

And lets not forget its a privilege to post anywhere here at MDC, much less this forum, not a right.
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word to sweetbaby.

i've actually been seeing it all over mdc-- people thinking a forum is exclusive to people of a certain viewpoint.

eta: that was for your first post. i like the second one too.
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Thread closed. Don't start another one for this or any similar discussion. Post to the forum within the guidelines or we will have to return this forum to moderation.
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