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Thanks June Mamas!

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Hi All,
I recently stumbled across this forum in hopes of finding some support to get me through the final few weeks of my first pregnancy (had no idea how difficult this could be!) Just reading all the posts (in particular, the confessions posts) has done wonders for my psyche and I just wanted to thank everyone!
so so much--
Mochi(first time)mama
brand new to this forum
edd: June 8
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I'm so glad you're enjoying it here! I've been here about 4 1/2 years and I love it. I, too, have gotten so much inspiration/support, especially for my upcoming birth.
Hope you have an amazing gentle birth!
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Welcome Mochi! Wishing a happy, gentle birth for you Glad you found us!
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Welcome, Mochi! I MDC... glad you are finding some support here. I'm due just a few days before you -- here's to a fabulous birth for both of us!
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Welcome! Glad you found us, just in time.....
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