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NAET - I know a lot of people who are doing it, but...

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really, does it really work?
We are all skeptics.
I have been doing NAET on my son since the end of January.
Lately I've been finding myself wondering if it's all a hoax.
Is there anyone here who can attest to its validity???
I know at least half a dozen mamas who are doing NAET on their kids who would love to know!
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You can find out more by searching for NAET within the Allergies forum. It seems some people have had success with it when nothing else worked-same with NMT.
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I am not a mother, I am a father and after reading your post thought i might be of help. I what i say does not work in your world then tell me no and I will move on. Fair enough?
I have tried all kinds of therapy with little results. I have been recieving treatments of NAET fro 2 months now. I have had muliple food sensitivities removed, 4 year cronic back pain removed in three sessions, many emotional issues resolved once and for all. I am continueing on a quest for physical and emotional health with great success thru the NAET treatments.

I hope this will encourage you.
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I tend more to Western medicine, so I'm not a big fan of NAET. If you do a big of googling, you can find various articles against NAET, such as http://www.chirobase.org/06DD/naet.html.

But if someone feels they're getting a benefit from it, I don't begrudge them that at all. If you don't think you're getting results, though, you might want to look into other options. Nothing works for everyone.
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2 or so years ago, we did it with no success. For various reasons, I recently went back to give it another go (with another practitioner). Again, no luck. And in fact, it left me even more skeptical. PM me if you want details.

ETA: I didn't realize this thread was from 2006!
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My half-brother just had new version done, with computer hook up? It sounded odd to me, but he explained it was supposed to be more accurate or something. He's been lactose intolerant for a couple of years. He said that the machine said he was reacting to lactic acid (or all acids, or something). It did something to him (this was just 2 weeks ago) and he's been having ice cream, yogurt, milk, everything ever since. Now if he were truly lactose intolerant, he wouldn't be producing the enzyme, so how does that work? He was "diagnosed" as lactose intolerant by naturopath doing muscle testing. So maybe he wasn't lactose intolerant in the first place? I just don't get how you could start producing the enzyme again if that's the issue.

When I was considering it last year, I asked too. There are people who swear by it, and people who've had no success. It doesn't seem like there's a middle ground with it.
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I have had great results with NAET for myself and have switched to BioSet which is similar but more in depth with allergy clearings and digestive enzymes.

There are some IgE allergies though that cannot be cleared like severe peanut allergies for example.
But seasonal allergies, inhalant allergies, some food allergies can completely disappear. It is also a lifestyle change.
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do you think you could describe the naet and/or bioset a little more? it sounds too good to be true
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I am almost sure that NAET does not work. We were desperate for a cure for my 9-year-old son's allergies, the most severe is tree nuts which sent us to the ER twice. We do not live near California so we started seeing a practitioner that was recommended on Dr. Devi's Nambutprad (founder of NAET) website. I took my son over an hour away once a week for his treatments. She followed Dr. Nabudripad's protocol. We paid $70 a visit for months. We were obsessive about avoiding the allergens he was "cleared" of for 25 hours. Sometimes he would even miss school in order to avoid coming in contact with the allergens. His practitioner assured us that he was clear of his allergies and even wanted him to start eating nuts which could be fatal. Thank God we did not let him eat nuts and decided to wait and see how his yearly blood test results were. Because the Nambudripad's book stated that sometimes it takes months for the blood to show the results of the NAET treatment, we were not discouraged when my son's blood test showed that he still had allergies. After a year, his allergies had still not cleared. I don't mind the money and time spent on NAET as much as how I gave my son false hope. He was devastated when I told him that he was still allergic to nuts. Another year has passed. We just received more blood test results and his allergies have gotten worse. I have called and e-mailed his practitioner and of course, no response. I have also e-mailed Dr. Devi Nambutripad three times. The first time, someone from her office responded that she was out-of town and that was the only response I received. It is heartbreaking enough for my son to have to be on such a strict diet and miss out on play dates and parties. I keep beating myself up for being so naive and letting him get his hopes up because telling him that all those treatments were for nothing was the biggest heartbreak of all.
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Check out www.bioset.net

To explain it a little more, it has allergy elimination, and organ clearings. They use similar NAET techniques with kinesiology for testing. Practitioners will provide vitamins or minerals if needed along with digestive enzymes, probiotics, herbs, or sometimes homeopathy.
Some practitioners use a computer for testing and clearings.
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Noosmom~ That NAET practitioner doesn't sound so professional. Yikes even my practitioner told me not to eat nuts after clearing me to them! Certain allergies just can't be cleared! That's too bad you had such a bad experience.
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May I be the lone voice of dissent here. I'll start by saying that I don't have true "allergies" to foods, at least nothing that Western medicine can identify. However, after spending 4 days out of 7 in the doctor's office trying to figure out why I was having asthmatic attacks when I don't in fact have asthma, a friend recommended I give NAET a try. By that point I was completely dependent upon inhalers to breath, and was having to use them several times a day (after every time I ate, it turns out). 2 NAET treatments removed the dependence on the inhalers, and that was almost 8 years ago now.

The friend who recommended that practitioner to me had an anaphylactic shellfish allergy when I met her and the last time I saw her she was eating shrimp, having discovered a love for them. I will say though that the practitioner when dealing with her anaphylactic allergy made her test the allergy in her office, not on her own.

I just recently started having a similar asthmatic reaction and am back on the inhalers. I no longer receive NAET treatments (I've moved away from my practitioner and the local one I've met I didn't care for), so we've been slowly doing eliminations to try to locate the culprit(s) with the help of an acupuncturist, and at this point it seems to be something I've never been treated for (cow's milk). I would happily go back to NAET treatments if I could find a local practitioner I liked.
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I am glad that your allergies have improved. Are you really "cleared" of nut allergies. I am going to look into BioSet....Thanks
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Noosmom~ "Cleared" yes, however I still react to nuts. It is just something that will not change, except that it's likely that my reactions could be less severe, but I'm not going to run out and test it.

Like a PP said, I too have been able to get off of asthma meds and have been able to be in a room full of animals where in the past I wouldn't be able to breathe. I can also eat plenty of foods now that I couldn't in the past.

Because of my success with NAET my mother, who is an RN, went and got training in BioSet because she saw how much it helped me and she wanted to be able to help people naturally. She is having great success with her patients getting them off of a variety of medications, healing their chronic pains, freeing them of allergy suffering, etc.
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I see you have a dog. Did you ever have dog allergies and were cleared of them? We have a doberman pinscher and have just found out that they are one of the most allergic dogs. My other son has become very allergic to dogs and I wouldn't dream of giving my dog away. Am now looking at all our options. Do you think BioSet would work. Thanks again
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could I ask how long you did treatments for your child? Did you have to do a basic panel first? And then the treenuts? Did you go back after the nut treatment to see if the treatment "held". Sometimes you can be cleared, but subsequent exposure to the item may cause the treatment to not hold, and I think you have to treat it again, and sometimes the really severe allergies could take a while. Did you treat the nut allergy more than once? What about the other things treated, would you say any other issues were resolved for your son, if he had any (behavioral, skin, etc.)??
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Noosmom~ Bioset is a a long term treatment regime. It takes a lot of time and patience. But the results, I think, are worth it.

I am VERY allergic to dogs. I can't get cleared to them at all. Seems to be an emotional connection. My DS is also allergic to the dog and we don't let DS come in contact with the saliva. For whatever reason we are both able to live with the dog without much trouble though. However, the next dog I get will be a non-shedding breed.
I feel that living with animals is beneficial to the immune system even if you are allergic to them.
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My son went for about 20 treatments. Nut was second to last. My practioner said that she had to clear all his other allergies to boost his immune system befor treating for nuts and shellfish. His blood test results show many allergies and none have been resolved. Other than, anaphylaxis from nuts his only other symptoms are brief and rare bouts of asthma(has not improved) and severe eye infections, which have actually gotten a lot worse since his naet treatments. I do, however, think that is just coincidence.
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thanks for your reply. your experience really interests me. I can understand that severe anaphlaxis allergy may not ever be resolved, but you say the practitioner assured you he was cleared? How many times did you treat nuts? And the muscle testing showed he was cleared even after several weeks? I mean with a severe allergy such as that one, naturally you would tread carefully. So you never actually tried even tiny amounts of the nuts with him until you took the allergy tests? if that was some time later, it could be that the allergy crept back? I am under the impression it is important to introduce at least some of the allergen, because if they cleared it, then the body/mind will imprint and remember the friendly reaction. So it is possible that by avoiding the nuts initially for a time was not a good thing. But the practitioner should have took steps to try the nuts a little at a time with the precautions necessary in case of a bad reaction. you never know, it may be that the allergy still shows, but if he had the nut, the allergic reaction may not have been anaphlactic or severe, but on a lesser scale? They do say that some allergies need a booster every now and again. Did you notice any other health improvements or behavioral improvements (if he had any) while treating the other 20 things prior to that? I am just speculating here, because I'm surprised because you say the practioner was l isted on the NAET website, otherwise I would have said they may have not been properly trained or experienced. Did they have advanced training? I have heard that the exerience of the practioner is key. I would have persisted in trying to get in touch with her after spending all that time and money. Why do you think she would not return the call?
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Any other reports/experience with NAET?

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