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my husband is gone

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I am not sure if this belongs here.
It is both grief and loss.

Yesterday am dh dropped ds and I off at my mothers yard sale.
He said he'd be back at 12 to pick us up...we'd go yardsaling.
123o rolls around, I call his cell...it says, this # is no longer a working #.
I thought that was weird.
So, ds 19 months and I get a ride back to our house.
He took all of his clothing, his whole book shelf...but, not all his books...
some posters but, not all his pictures...he didn't take his pillow or favorite blanket.
I am in SHOCK!
Not even a note or any money.
And the rent is due...
Friday night he held me all night, tight...and made love to me.
We went out to eat with ds & had a fun time, joking ect.

I am deistated.
How could he leave ds?
ds calls him daddy and right now he keeps saying it.

I am having a nervous breakdown.
I am a sahm.
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Wow... i am so sorry. i hope that you get the support you need...hugs to you.
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I can't imagine the shock you must be feeling...please don't hesitate to ask for more support from me or any other MDC mama.
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OMG mama, I am so sorry - I can't even imagine the pain that you are going through.

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That is so scary....I am so sorry you are going through this.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you
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what an awful thing for him to do! i am so sorry mama. you and your ds are in my prayers.
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I am so devestated.....
I feel like selling what is mine and leaving.
I can't stay in that house.
It seems so lonely!
Doesn't he even want to see the baby grow up?
I don't understand.
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I'm so sorry that happened!!! I hope he will get a hold of you and you guys can figure things out
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That's terrible! Does he have a job or relatives around so you can at least find out what's going on and get some financial support??

Good luck to you and your little one.
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he is an electrition.
I will call there in the morning, see if he showed up.
thanks for the hugs

do you think I need a lawyer?
I don't know where he is but, doesn't he owe me child support and alimony?
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wow. yes mama, even if he freaks out and can't do this anymore, he is legally required to financially support his child.

i truly hope you will have great amounts of real life support.
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oh mama i am terribly sorry. yes, find a lawyer and see what you can get for financial support.

you will be able to do this and you will be able to get through this. you may never understand why he did this but i know you will find peace in the future.

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What a horrible shock, I'm so sorry!
I hope you get some answers and, find some peace.
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Yes, you can get support but if you don't have funds for a lawyer try to contact Legal Aid service in your area for help.(they help pro bono).

I will keep you in thought and prays....he probably don't deserve you anyway. This is a sad day for you but each day that goes by it get mor happier and better, that he become almost forgotten to you.
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I don't even know what to say. I am so sorry mama.

yes I definitly think you need a lawyer! ASAP!
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Momma, I'm so, so sorry this happened to you and ds. Could Dh be having an emotional breakdown? Is he depressed? Any legal reasons why he skipped out??

I hope you have friends/family IRL who can give you support at this time. Please be strong for your ds. My thoughts are with you. Please keep us posted.
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