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Ergo with a toddler?

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I have been drooling over the Ergo for a while now, and my birthday is this month so I'm thinking of telling DH that's what I want. The catch is that the weight limit is 40 lbs and dd (at 23 months) weighs about 30 lbs. and I don't want to pay $100 for something we'll only get to use briefly. My plan has been to continue using the ergo after the new baby is born (dh wears dc1 in ergo while I wear dc2 in another carrier).

Has anyone used the ergo past it's weight limit? I need to know whether or not I can and if not, what should I get instead?
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Hi Crystal,

I have worn my 4 year old who is 45 lbs for fun around the house in my Ergo amongst many other carriers that he could fit in. I must say that all of my carriers have held up well with no seams coming apart. The Ergo is a very sturdy and well made carrier.

You definitely have at least a year or more until your DD reaches 40 lbs so I think the Ergo will be a great purchase if it works for you, your DH and DD. I know I love mine so much that I just bought another one in a different color.

The Ergo website also says this: "We say our carrier will accommodate you as long as you would like to carry and/or your baby would liked to be carried. The owner, and designer of the ERGO, still carries her son who is now 4-1/2 years old. As you can see from the picture, it will also carry a 90 lb adult."
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Wonderful Now to let dh know what color I want
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The website also says people have used it to carry their "aging, infirm parent" so I'm sure a toddler over 40 lbs would be no sweat!
Oh and that picture of the guy carrying the 90lb women always cracks me up! (It's located on their FAQ page if you want to check it out for a chuckle!)

Definitely worth the money if you've got a new babe on the way! I've been wearing my two week old in our new khaki Ergo everytime we go out. So fun! (The infant insert has been invaluable as well.)

Jessica- wishing for an Ergo smilie right about now...
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