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I wanted to post here again before the milk bar closes

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He is three years and seven months old! I just cannot believe that. He is down to nursing less than once a day. He didn't nurse today, for example.

He is in pre-school now. He has been since October!

Lately he has started to ask for it a lot again, though he doesn't get too upset if I say no. He can be VERY persistant though, to the point of aggavating me! Is it in any of your experiences for a nearly weaned older nurser to suddenly want more? I am not letting him have more, as I am pooped on the whole thing, sort of.

I will miss it though.
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Wow, congrats! I hope you feel proud of yourself.

Not to dash your hopes, but... DD has been down to once a month for probably 6 months! Starting in January she started to go every 3 or so days and now she is regularily nursing only once a week. We are getting there, but she is just over 4. I'm not having too much nostolgia in that she *is* 4, and DS, 18 months, is nursing too

Congrats & good luck,
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Honestly that kind of made me smile. I mean, I am not bothered by the nursing seeing as he is tries so hard to be respectful and understanding of my needs. Awwwwwwwwww

Honestly, I am in the closet with it around my family and my in-laws. Not their business. They gave me shit about it since he was six months old. "Aren't you going to wean that boy?"

So no pressure on me, and that is the way it should be.
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But if he decided to quit tomorrow, I would be calling a plastic surgeon to reel these mothers back in!
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let's not go there...
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You have done such a wonderful job nursing.We are celebrating 3 years today.WHere does the time go.It seems like he was just born.I hope we make it as long as you have.HE still nurses at least 10 times a day.HE stayed curled up to his daddy last night so he slept all night and I was so sad this morning.That was the first time he had been without Nynee at night.My nynees have felt so full today.I know my heart is going to break when he weans.
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Hey, that is cool! Molly is pretty much weaned now as well. She started using the potty and stopped nursing all in the same month. She nursed about 5 times in January and twice in February, and so far not at all this month, but she claims she will nurse again once I have milk for the new baby. Her main complaint was that the milk was gone. It dried up before I got pregnant, and I'm not exactly sure why, but maybe she was having a hard time getting it one day, and then going for several days before trying again is what did it.

Anyway, congratulations! After this next baby, I'm thinking I'll get some large volume lipo and some sort of boob lift. :LOL
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Molly is just way too smart and cute.
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