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Fast heart rate in baby?

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I got a chance to look at the results from my last ultrasound (IPS at 13 weeks), and saw that the heart rate was 171...when I did some research as soon as I got home, lots of sources say normal is 120-160. Of course this has me worried. Has anyone had this happen and everything was fine?

The only thing I can think of to explain it was that the baby was turned to face outward and the U/S tech had to prod my belly to get the baby to turn her/his back to get the measurement for the nuchal translucency. Could the poking and prodding have upset the baby and made the heart rate so high? I sure hope that's all it is...Also, I was really nervous, because I've had a miscarriage in the past that wasn't found until about 14 weeks, so could my anxiety have caused baby's heart rate to increase?

Anyone have any reassurance?
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I'm not in this ddc but I can reassure you. one high reading doesn't mean any more than one low reading. the baby could have been very active or stressed at that moment. My dd has been on heartrate monitors several times (after a car accident during pregnancy, during birth, for 5 days in the NICU after birth and two weeks after that at home, and all last week after cleft palate surgery). I can tell you, those things jump around quite a bit! she was up to 180 several times. don't worry!
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I've always heard that normal fetal heart rates are 120-180. I definitely wouldn't worry about it at all! The baby's heart rate should go up with movement (is often slower when the baby is sleeping), but I also wouldn't worry about your anxiety affecting the baby's heart rate. According to the "Old Wives," faster heart rates mean girl babies.

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Some research suggests that the sound waves used in an ultrasound can raise the fetal heart rate...slightly! Also, the chances of having a MC after seeing the heart beating is something like 3%. Congrats on your pregnancy, too!
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A heart rate of 170 is still within normal range as a baseline heart rate, and of course if baby is moving alot, the heart rate will go up temporarily. I wouldn't worry at all. Sounds completely normal to me! My baby's was 163 at 12 weeks, and that's totally normal (and above the "160 normal range" that some sites say). I've known lots and lots of people to have baby heart rates of over 160.

Also, I read one article that says a SLOW heart rate is what signifies possible impending m/c (although don't get that confused with a slow rate really early on, like at 6 weeks - the heart starts out beating similar rate to your own, then speeds up for a few weeks, then slows down).
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All of the above and just adding some more reassurance. The older the baby gets, the slower the heartrate. So you might find that your baby has a heartrate in the 170s right now, but it could slow down to the 140s or so in the third trimester. And the more active the baby the faster the beats!
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Thanks ladies, you are all so reassuring. I've calmed down now, especially after my midwife appointment yesterday, where we heard the heart beat (first time actually hearing it, instead of just seeing it! that was amazing!), and it ranged between 148 and 160.

Your comments and wisdom helped to put me at ease too...we'll see if the old wives' tale is right in November...
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my 2 boys were around the high side of 130's, this baby has been 163 so far
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