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Can't figure out spots...

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DS developed what looked to be the beginnings of chicken pox a little over 2 weeks ago, but only a couple actually acted like pox and they were gone about 2 days later. Then a day or so after, I notice one bad blister type lesion on his buttock towards the side where a diaper edge would be. I noticed anotyher on his scrotum. Both burst and one went away completely, the other is still healing, then since then, he has continued to develop a new one every few days/week. AS one heals, another one starts. I've stripped his diapers, gone to coverless diapers as much as possible. I don;t know what to think of this or what to treat it as. The blisters are the size of an eraser or maybe a tad bit bigger. Anyone? I need to take him to my grandmothers for 2 days and she's immunosuppressed and has 2 other children there so I don't want to take him if this isn't just a diaper rash.
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Did you have any luck identifying? My two year old has spots that sound very similiar right now. He had just one on his chest, looked sore but he said it didn't hurt. It took over a week to heal and there is still a faint scar. Now he has one on his upper arm-an area that may have come in contact with the original one-and several little ones all around it.

We had chicken pox this winter-so that's off my list, but hesitant to run to dr.'s.....he seems fine otherwise.
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