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How much prune juice for constipated 6mo.old

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I know that solids are just a "condiment" and should not take the place of bm, but my 20 lb ds seems like he wanted to eat so I gave him small amounts of banana yesterday and friday (couple of bites)

Now, he is constipated and miserable. I am so mad at myself for giving him the banana but too late now...

How can I help him? he has had 2 very small bowel movements in 48 hrs.

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How do you know he is constipated? Is he breastfed? Because it is not unusual for bf babies to go for several days at time without a bm. My dd used to go about once a week.
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I have a 7 month old that cannot handle bananas either. I don't want to do juice so I just gave her prunes to eat. Pears and peaches also help. My breastfed and solid food eating baby is having less bowel movments now than she did...daily down to like everyother day. I'm sure you can tell if your dc is uncomfortable or straining to have a bm or if they are just not having one. If you are going to do juice I believe it is not more than 4 oz and I'd recommend watering it down some. One of my big mistakes was not offering water with solids right away and that seems to have helped. I just offer her a sippy cup of water with each meal. Good luck, I hope your dc feels better soon!
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Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast are the main components of the BRAT diet...the diet they recommend when you have loose stools and need to "slow things up a bit". It's a bit unfortunate that these are some of the first things babe's are usually offered!

I'd probably nurse more and let nature take it's course...but if your little one is really miserable I'd suggest giving them some actual prunes (steam them or plump them up a bit and run them through a food mill/dice them really well, then mix it with some breastmilk). Prune juice by itself can inflame the lining of the intestine and can be a bit harsh for a little one. The prune paste is better for them and my own dd actually loves the taste...we started giving her a little "breastmilk and prune smoosh" every few days when we began solids to keep things from getting "stuck".

HOpe your babe feels better soon!
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cool idea about the prunes, wombatclay!
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If you go to kellymom or Dr. Sears site, you'll see that just because a baby doesn't go as often, doesn't mean they are constipated. If the baby is uncomfortable though, or if the stool is hard or dry or difficult to pass, then they are constipated. Our doc suggested 2oz prune juice diluted with 2 oz water. This wasn't enough for my dd. We ended up using 4 oz of juice. I had already tried pears, prunes, cooked dried apricots....I ran out of ideas, so we did the juice. We weren't doing much solid food either, but the little she had got her really backed up and uncomfortable. Anyways, I bought some peaches to cook up for her, they say that works too. good luck, it's so sad to see them uncomfortable!
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When we started solids Isabel was horribly constipated until I figured out that the iron-fortified stuff was just not the way to go for her. I'm gradually re-intriducing the fortified cereals now, several months later, but making sure that they are mixed with fruits and with freshly ground flax seed so there's a little fiber in the meal to help her system process the iron. I also make the cereal with prune juice and usually give a couple ounces of prune juice with her lunch. I was completely unaware that prune juice can irritate the intestines, tho... do you have a refernce for that wombatclay? Not that I doubt you, but to see if there's anything else I need to know! Love the idea of just using prunes - will need to look for some organic ones the enxt time I'm at Whole Foods.
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try to nurse more. anyway, i think 2 bm in 48 hours is okay!
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VickV- no worries Our ped told us about the irritation from prune juice and suggested whole prunes for dd if necessary, and a friend's naturopath told her the same thing about prune juice causing irritation, but also warned her against using whole prunes. I'll poke around to see if I can find something "quotable" but that's the info I've been running with.

stay well!
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thanks everyone- he finally had a real poop...he usually goes 4x daily so he was srely constipated. I ended up doing nothing but buying the juice and he went before i used it. I really do need to feed him solids or formula i cant keep up w/ his needs (20 oz while at daycare) I eat oats 2x daily, drink lots of water and mothers milk tea..

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How old is he?
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My DS had constipation and I don't think it was possible for me to nurse more unless I physically strapped him to my breast. My ped reccomended starting with 1/2 an ounce of prune juice in a eyedropper once a day or every other day as needed. It worked well. I think I ended up giving it to him every other day or less. But now that he is on some solids he doesn't have as much of a problem.
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