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Sounds like we're all getting settled and ready for babies!

I'm looking forward to a home-water birth this time. Lots of people want to be there, but so far I've only given the okay to: dh and dd (of course), my mom (support person for dd), and a family friend who is needing to do three births to be certified as a doula. Oh, and the midwife and her asst. of course. LOL My grandma wants to be there too, but I'm playing it by ear.

The belly cast sounds so cool... I wish I could get motivated enough to do one. I doubt there's anywhere to have that done here!

I need to get on the ball... I feel the need to be prepared at 36 weeks. I swear, it feels like I have a bowling ball in my pelvis just ready to fall out... if only it could be that easy! :

Michelle 33w3d and feeling like baby's dropped already!
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Hi, it's been a while since I've posted here. I'm due April 8th (7th according to me, 8th according to the doctor -- I conceived on day 13, but who's splitting hairs...) so I'm 36 weeks today. I'm so excited to be full term next week!!! Ds was born at 39.5 weeks so I'm thinking it's possible that this baby could be here in a couple of weeks. But who knows, it's all a guessing game.

Everything going really well. Textbook pregnancy as my OB says. I'm so excited to have this baby and find out if it's a boy or a girl!!! I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Hope you ladies are all feeling well. We're getting SO close!!!
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Thanks for sharing your belly casting story! My sister and some close friends are coming over at the end of the month (when I'm about 37-38 wks.) to give me a belly casting/casserole party. Everyone is bringing a homecooked meal to be put in our freezer for after Amber arrives and then we are going to do a belly mask! I can 't wait.

We are planning a waterbirth at a freestanding birth center. This sunday, we are taking a "birthing from within" class from a friend who is also going to be our birth photographer. Last Sunday, I had some pregnancy photos taken here at our house. I had always wanted to do these things w/my first, but $$ were tight and things were a bit stressed.

I feel much more relaxed this time around and so supported. My ds is also going to be present at his sisters birth and he wants to take photos as well. So it will be the three of us, my doula and midwife and our birth photographer. My mom wants to be at the birthing center, but natural birth makes her nervous. Her comment was this weekend "I just don't see why you don't get an epidural?" I had a natural birth the first time, but labor/birthing noises scare her.

Feeling great pregnancy wise, except I just got over the stomach flu and now I have another sinus infection!:


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We made a belly cast last weekend- it is very cool! We also have one for my DS- they both will hang in our room. It is amazing how differnt my shape is this time- way out front. Doing the cast made me really see it.

We are going to a free standing birth center with the option of water birth- we'll play it by ear and see if I want to be in the water at that time or not. With DS we planned a homebirth- ended up with a CS so I am really trying to stay focused on pushing this baby out. I've never experienced labor, and I cannot wait!
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Wow, bellycasting sounds great! Gret, are you going to paint yours?

I love dolphins, what amazing imagery to have while giving birth. I wonder if dolphin babies have that squished look, too, when they come out, lol.

Do you think it's normal not to have any Braxton Hicks? I never had any with dd either- unless I just never noticed they were happening:

I am going to give birth in hospital, but with a midwife and labor coach- and dh, of course- and we plan to try and sneak in a tub. Dh and I are going to scout out the floor plan of the birthing ward to see where all the elevators and stairs are, and what would be the least obtrusive way to get it past all the nurses.

Wish us luck

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I forgot to ask, can you guys with belly casts post pictures of them so we can see what they look like?


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We'll probably paint it a solid color, unless dh gets inspired otherwise. The one we have for DS is all salmon & I love how simple it is. We'll see! I'll try to show you all a picture of both of them!
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No belly casting for us. My house is so small and I have no where else to put it. There really is no storage space around us. But I love all the stories!

I am 35 weeks, and some days I hope i am early even though no one in my family ever went before 42 weeks. And most of the seconds were 43 weeks. But they do say every one is different, and I have the only boy .

We did not find out what this one is, but people are all dreaming of a girl. If it is I think I am done. Or at least for the next ten years. there are plenty of mama's who are 35+ you conceive and have healthy pg's.

I am hopeing that DP gets the job he applied for, then I can stay at home for 5 months with the baby, and go to school in the fall! I do think for the summer, the baby, ds and I are going to live on my Step dad's farm for a couple months. Get out of the city, have tons of room to explore, and jusy get to know the baby. I asked DP if he liked the idea, and he said he would get bored. What is more exciting than having all the time in the world to spend with a new one? :

Oh well.

I love that the closer we get the more people are checking in. It actully makes me feel good to read how others are, and what other mama's are doing . I wish I could write more but must get to work.

Have a great day!!!!

oh, we are planning a home birth if I go into labor at night and if I go inot labor durning the day and DP can't handle it I will go into a Hos. the midwife (my aunt) has a job where no matter what the emergency is she can not leave work.
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Question about the belly casting. It sounds really neat, but we're tight financially right now. Is it something I could do on my own or do you have to get someone to do it? How do you do it? Do you have to buy a kit or can you make your own supplies? What about doing it like paper mache or something, just from ripped up paper and that glue (which I'm sure I could get cheap at a craft store???), or is that totally disgusting to put all over your belly? I have no clue, thus the questions. I would love anyone's input.
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Another question -- did/are any of you doing anything to help labour along, such as natural labour inducers? If so, what and when did you start? Of course, I plan on starting a lot of walking and a lot of sex as soon as I hit 37 weeks (on Monday) but just curious as to what, if anything, you guys are doing and how soon you started.
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In the book "Birthing From Within", they have some directions on how to do a belly cast/mask (pg. 66 I think) and where to purchase some of the supplies.

As for natural inductions, w/my first, I tried walking and the acupressure points around the ankles and it didn't work. Did have some therapeutic touch and the next morning I went into labor. It was also a full moon, so I think that also helped.

Not planning on doing much this time around. The full moon is 2 days after my due date, so I'm going to rely on the gravity pull!

Good luck~

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For our Belly Casts we did them ourself with plaster strips purchased at an art supply store- I think we spent about 15 dollars for it. We wil use whatever paint we have around. I'm not sure if paper mache would work.

I am taking evening primrose oil right now, and after 38 weeks will be inseting it vaginally. Hopefully it will help!

Anyone doing peri-massage?
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At this point I dont' plan to use anything to try to induce labor. So far, I feel like I've held this babe in by sheer will. :LOL I just feel this major need to be fully nested and ready to go the first of the month (I'm not due until the 25th).

Of course, find me still pregnant at 38 weeks and I'm sure I'll do the EPO orally and perhaps vaginally.
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Hello Everyone!

It's been over 2 years since I've posted on these boards but I'm so glad I found my way back!
I have 3 due dates due to an irregular cycle, 4/16, 4/21 & 4/26. One date is an estimated geuss for conception and the other 2 are from ultra sounds. We think this will work to our advantage at the birth center by allowing a few more days on either side of the 5 week time period we can deliver there. DS was born at the same BC on 4/13/00, 1 day before his EDD (April babes are so sweet!).
I want to try a water birth again, I felt too ungrounded the first time around to stay in more than 3 contractions, we'll see what happens.
I am glad to hear everyone is doing so well, I am excited but really nervous. I am worried I won't be able to keep up with my spirited toddler after #2 arrives.

Happy to have found these boards again,
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Originally posted by gret the great
Anyone doing peri-massage?
LOL... I can just picture my dh's face if I explained this and asked him to do it. :LOL I'm not, but I'm planning a water birth and am crossing my fingers that counterpressure from the water (and the fact that I won't be in that horrid lithomy position) will make up for no peri-massage.

Originally posted by Quilter Mama
It's been over 2 years since I've posted on these boards but I'm so glad I found my way back!
Welcome back Quilter Mama!
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Yes, welcome back!

As for the perineum massage. I did this w/my first and tried it once this time and decided not to go there! We are planning a waterbirth too, so hoping that the warm water will do the trick


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welcome back, quilter mama! and congrats on expecting #2. i'm also more than a little anxious about how i'm gonna handle my 2.5 year old and new babe, too. and bunny is also here, i think her baby #1 is not even 2years old yet, is that true bunny? and lots of others having baby #2s in april it seems, so at least we'll all be in good company.

peri-massage, good goddess, NO. we tried that when i was pg with dd and it hurt so badly, i wondered why anyone would want to put herself thru that at all. and i tore just a teeny tiny bit with dd (one stitch took care of it), and only because i was in the lithotomy position AND she had her littl efist up by her head in a kind of salute. little stinker. plus, i found a few studies that show that the positive effects of PM (i.e. less tearing in labor) have not been proven. this time around, we're doing hypnobirthing, and they really reccommend PM, but i'm not doing it anyway. youch.

sahm, papier mache would definitely NOT work for a belly cast. it won't dry fast enough (i.e. you;d have to stand around naked with the stuff on your belly prolly for an hour or 2 before you could get it off), and even then, i think the whole thing would prolly get destroyed when you tried to remove it. you need fast drying plaster bandages. we got ours at the local medical supply store. birthing from within has great instructions, but PM me if you want specific tips. prolly cost us $15 for all supplies. dh did the casting, and it turned out lovely (i covered the inside with plaster of paris to make it sturdier and it is drying for a few days before i paint the outside). there is a womanhere locally who will do them for you, but she charges $145!! (includes all supplies, but sheesh!)

i'm not gonna do anything to encourage labor to start unless i go over 41 weeks, in which case, my accupuncturist is a whiz at induction with no side efffects, and my homeopath can also do it nice and gently. dd came 5 days early, so i'm not too worried aobut going over, but it could certainly happen.
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Thanks for the warm welcomes!

I ditto Bunnys mama on the P/M. I was a doula for a woman who did it regularly and she still had 3rd degree tearing...eeesh! Her kids head was huge. I just talked with my MW and a Bradley instructor tonight and both said the only benefit they could see to it was getting an idea of what it may feel like to have a lot of pressure in that area. They also said there isn't any harm in it so if I wanted to I could do it.

Bunny's Mama- I saw you are Sf/ Bay area, are you using a local MW? I am.

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QM, i didn't know you were in the bay area, too! where are you? we're on the peninsula (coastside) and are using the same MW we used for dd's birth, kathryn newburn (CNM). she's been doing homebirths here i think for around 15 years. although we may end up with renee acker (of kings mountian midwifery), as she is kathryn's backup and kathryn has another mom with the very same EDD as me (and we both actually conceived on the very same day...so who knows). both MWs are terrific. i'd be happy to have either.

oooh, whining toddler, gotta run...
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B'S M- I have heard good things about Kathryn Newburn, I live in Sonoma Co. and am delivering in SF with Judi Tinklenberg-Lobenstein. She delivered our first and has the only free standing birth center that has a sliding scale and excepts Medical in the bay area. We also have a tiny house and are at least 20 min's drive from a hospital so I feel safer there.
I was a doula at a birth she attended and gained a huge amount of respect for her watching how she handled a 54 hour labor. She also has a fantastic team of assitant MW's in her office.
The only slightly unsettling thing is she has a lot of April EDD's in the office, 4/13, 4/14, 4/20, 4/23, and 3 others that I don't remember right now. She has 2 delivery rooms, a water birth room and an exame room, if worst came to worst we'd fit but it would be tight.
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