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gret, what does primrose oil do? Do you drink it in a tea? And how do you "insert it vaginally" wouldn't it just drip out? Excuse my ignorance, but this sounds really interesting.

My dd is 13 mos. now, and figuring out the needs of two babies at such different stages does intimidate me a bit. But I figure this would not have been thrown my way if I could not handle it. Better me than a lot of other people I know:
A friend offered to have me stay with her after the birth for a few days, but dh and dd were not invited to stay, they would be welcome anytime, though. I am not sure about accepting the offer or not, mainly I am worried about the extended separation from dd. My friend cannot come stay with us, so that is not an option. I don't want dd to think I am abandoning her in favor of this new person who will demand so much of my time even when I am right there with her. What do you all think?

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The EPO is supposed to help ripen the cervix- my midwife suggested it as I went 2 weeks over w/DS. It comes in capsules- like vitamin E and I take it orally, after 38 weeks I will insert a whole capsule into my vagina at bedtime. The outer part melts away and the oil coats the cervix.

Personally, I want to be home in my space with my family after our baby is born. I have never been away from DS overnight and I want to keep the separation as short as possible as I know this is going to be a hard transition for him. MY DH also wants to be a part of the first few days of bonding with the babe...so, I would opt for going/staying home with the baby, dh & dd. Is there any way your friend could come over for a few hours a day just to help out- entertaining DD, laundry, dishes, etc? Go with your gut though...
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bunny, so your family isn't doing the days of seclusio(forgive me, i forget the real name) thing right after the birth? (i have an orthodox friend who does this as best as she can after her births and finds it really wonderful bonding time for the whole family).

personally, i think your dd is too little to understand your being away for any amount of time (i have no idea what her personality is like, but at 13 mos. my dd woulda freaked if i wasn't there at night...plus, are you still nursing her??) at her age (or even an older child for that matter) she might be very likely to see the baby as taking mama away form her, even without your leaving for an extended time, KWIM?

what are the advantages for you/your family in staying with this friend?
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My update

Hello all!

I saw my midwife today... everything looks good.

Just as I thought, ds is head down and all but engaged. He's really low right now. I told her I have a lot of pressure and those shooting pains in my cervix. I'm going to see her in about two weeks (if I don't go into labor before) and she'll check to see if I'm dialating at all. With dd, I was 3cm 80% at 36 weeks.

Anyway, just had to share. I'm getting SO excited!!
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Fantastic! I too am feeling like everything is sitting really low and had some shooting pains today that made me wonder if it was some cervix activity.
I see the MW tommorrow for a class but don't have my 36 week check up until next week.
I'm going to try to follow your enthusiastic example but I am getting a little nervous with the date coming closer. The landlady (who we love, honestly!) promised us a shed and a live/work studio for my brother before the little sweetie is due and they have only now started tearing out the old interior of the studio. We have so little space (sharing a 2 bedroom w/ my bro) and I was really counting on the extra room to clear up some of the clutter and make the house a little more peacefull.
Oh well as long as babe is fine that should be all that matters.
Thanks for the space to vent,
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I've never been away from dd overnight, either, and I am definitely bothered to do it now. She really is still very much a baby and still bfs at night and morn, and 2-3 times in the day. I want to be there for her when she needs me, not just when it's convenient. The thing is, if I stay with my friend I can just be a natural part of her schedule, because she doesn't have a couple of hours in a block of time to dedicate to my "cause." It would take a lot of pressure off dh in terms of me and the new babe, but it would add pressure in terms of dd.

I'm leaning against doing it, it just sit very comfortably and I would probably feel guilt about it forever.

Bunny's mama, I'm not sure what the days of seclsion are. There is a period of separation between spouses after a baby is born, but it's not really seclusion. I would like to hear more, though- new family bonding is always a good thing!

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We had our 36 wk. check yesterday too! Time is flying by. Its getting to be more "REAL" now, isn't it??? Her head is down still, I haven't gained anymore weight and we reviewed the birth plan. On Sunday, we did a "Birthing From Within" class which was wonderful. It was nice focusing on the birth and spending the day w/my dh.

Tomorrow, I have ANOTHER: ultrasound to check the extra amniotic fluid. I've always measured right on, but I think the are being careful. But, I have to admit, I can't wait to see her again!


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Hi Other April Mammas! I've never posted on an April Mom thread before, but I'm expecting our first little nursling on April 06th! Woohoo! Our midwife is coming in from Edmonton for our home/waterbirth, which is 1.5 hours away . We aren't planning on doing ANYTHING to rush the baby along. I feel that baby needs as long as she needs to get ready (and no we don't know the gender), she'll come on her own schedule methinks!

And besides, I still want to get 1 more diaper cover knit and maybe some wool onesies! So, only like 2.5 weeks till due date, but I'm fully expecting to go over, as the average for first time moms is 41.5 weeks, but I would be delighted if baby came earlier. This pregnancy has been SO easy, I feel like an Earth Mother, I've just started swelling and have never leaked protein/sugar or had high bp.

My DH did my belly cast this morning and it looks awesome! I got a bit claustrophobic towards the end though, since it did kind of restrict my belly, I wanted to shake it right off! I also did a birth sculpture today out of homemade modelling dough with some eo's in it, and it looks beautiful IMHO (although I'm not the artsiest person around!). I still want to do some birth art, and have the watercolours ready to go .

Baby is fully engaged, thinks the midwife, it's funny last Tuesday I looked at my belly and said hey it looks different, then my midwife told me that day baby had dropped (can't say it feels any different though?).

So, we're waiting for the wee one!

Expecting Kaelynn or Aidan April 06/03!
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Welcome, Jennifer!

I just had my 34 week appointment today. I start meeting my m/w every week now! Yeah! At next week's appointment we do my belly cast. Next weekend is my blessingway, and then the tub arrives (we're doing a homebirth) the next week! It's really happening!

We have one more hypnobirthing class next week. I've been really psyched with the class--it's helped us get "in the zone" and and get ready for this little babe, which has been more challenging to find the time for compared to our first pregnancy.

DS (26mos) has been watching birth videos lately, and talking a lot about it all. He's taken to requesting "baby-out-vulva-now!" anywhere and everywhere we go! Very funny!

So who's going to be first?! It could really be any time now!!
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Originally posted by MamaMae
DS (26mos) has been watching birth videos lately, and talking a lot about it all. He's taken to requesting "baby-out-vulva-now!" anywhere and everywhere we go! Very funny!
Oh my! :LOL Out of the mouths of babes.

My dd loves to watch Gentle Birth Choices... so I'm hoping she'll do well with our homebirth. We did a trial run with blowing up the pool. Easy as pie!
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welcome jennifer! ah, your first baby...how wonderful to have the time and space to do all of those wonderful birth art projects. it's taking me FOREVER to finish my belly cast, and to ready our house and garden for our homebirth, as i can only do most stuff while dd is asleep or at school (only 2 half days per week).

bunny, as far as i know, it is an orthodox (???) custom for the family to take a certain amount of time to be together without interruption from anyone else. it's not called days of seclusion, i'll find out what exactly the word for it is.

good news all, my friend just delivered her 2nd child today at home, in water, with a 4 HOUR LABOR!!! woo hoo hoo. now that's a story i like to hear. she said it was "a breeze," and she kept waiting for it to get more intense, but then baby arrived and it was all over. i will pray that ll of us have such a wonderful easy birth.
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My ds who is 6 1/2 years old has watched so many birthing videos too. In fact, this week in the car, he had me practicing my "birthing" noises. "Now mama, do this....grrrrrrrruuuuunnnnttttt." I grunt. "No mama, LOUDER"!

But, he flip flops between counting the days until his sister arrives and being anxious/scared and not wanting her. He is really struggling w/his emotions right now and its so hard to watch him go through this process. My 1st dh died when he was 3 yo and I think his feeling around Todd, the baby, him loosing his dad and having me to himself all these years is surfacing. We talk ALOT and read too, but I think it is going to take her coming and probably seeing his therapist again to make things better.


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Hi everyone. Thanks for your answers about the belly casts. I am going to look into it.

Well, I'm 37.5 weeks. Ds came at 39.5 so who knows... Could theoretically be at anytime. I haven't packed my hospital bags yet, but I do plan on finally getting that done this afternoon. Much more to pack this time around, just because I also have a pack stuff for my 2 year old to keep him entertained when he's there (I want him there as much as possible, though we decided to not have him there during the actual labour).

Anyway, I am so excited about having this baby and FINALLY finding out the sex!!! (we chose to wait until birth -- I love this building up anticipation).

Haven't had any internal exams yet. They start at 38 weeks. Part of me doesn't want to have them because I know they don't tell you ANYTHING, but part of me is just plain curious to see if anything is going on. So we will see which side wins. One thing I don't like is that at my 37 week appt, my OB said that I am classified as a "fast labour" (which sounds GREAT to me) but because of that, when they do the internals, if things look "favourable" they will probably just go ahead and send me to the hospital then. WHY??? How nuts is that? She didn't clarify but it sounds to me that I would be setting myself up for induction or other interventions that I'm not interested in. I LIVE ONLY FIVE MINUTES FROM THE HOSPITAL!!! It's not like I'm hours away. Anyway, I didn't take it up with her then because I'm in a practice of four OB's so it will all depend on who I actually see at each appt., PLUS I figured that I would just question it at the time that they actually want me to go to the hospital. And if they still think I should, then I will just refuse. To me, I'm a fast labour girl, but why would I screw up what should be (notice the SHOULD, I know there's no prediction of labour) a quick, no time for intervention labour, and trade it in for a possible longer, intervention, labour. Oh well. That was only one of the four -- I have no clue if the others feel the same way. But I'm not worried, I will stay home until those contractions hit!!!

Anyway, sorry for the long explanation. Just had to share.
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Originally posted by sahm
To me, I'm a fast labour girl, but why would I screw up what should be (notice the SHOULD, I know there's no prediction of labour) a quick, no time for intervention labour, and trade it in for a possible longer, intervention, labour. Oh well. That was only one of the four -- I have no clue if the others feel the same way. But I'm not worried, I will stay home until those contractions hit!!!
They've just got to be in control! : Good for you, sounds like you've made a good, informed decision (you're only 5 minutes away!).
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I'm 38 weeks tomorrow...sheesh! Where did the time go? I am officially not working anymore and it is great. DS came at 42 weeks so I'm not getting my hopes up. DH and I are having a little job/housing stress right now (they are intertwined as we live/work at a boarding school)..and I want it resolved now!!!! I am also feeling sad & anxious about the war. I am trying to not let it all get to me so I can focus on my vbac, but it ain't easy.

Do you feel like your DH's/DP's are prepared for your baby? My Dh is a great dad, but I feel like he's in denial a bit. With DS he was a lot more involved & erxcited in preparing for the birth/baby (although I admit I was the clothes/supplies gatherer- I enjoy that)...Oh he DID finalize the puchase of our mini van this AM. We pick it up this afternoon. Driving the mommy bus! I have never had a car bigger than a toyota sedan.

I am starting to make meals to stash in my freezer too...
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Early Labour Signs

I'm curious to know from other experienced Mom's who've already done this before - what are the tell tale signs for you that labour has started? I've been feeling a big menstrualish today, like that dull background uterine ache that you get the day before you bleed if anyone knows what I mean - could this maybe be being caused by hormonal changes as I approach my due date? Curious if anyone else has had this sensation late in their pregnancy - I have to admit I am getting excited/anxious!

Due April 06/-03 to Kaelynn/Aidan
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I do remember getting a bit "crampy" about 2-3 wks. before my EDD. It just happened for one day and then it was gone. Other "early" signs are nesting, loosing your plug, dropping/lightening, loose bowel movements and of course cervical change. But, you could have none of those things and go into labor too. I was 2 cm and 80% effaced for about a week before my ds came 6 days late.

We had another ultrasound today to check my extra fluid. Even though I'm measuring right on and haven't gained tons of weight, I still have "generous" amounts of fluid. My baby girl looks wonderful and SO DAMN CUTE!!! The tech. said, "she looks like she'll be a great nursling". That was because the entire time she was trying to shove BOTH hands, fingers and wrists into her cute little mouth. She has a little bit of hair and is approx. 6 lbs. It was so amazing to see her~SO, SO newborn like. She even opened her eyes! She has some baby fat on her and I'm in LOVE!!!

As for dh/dp's~Todd is supportive and wonderful, but he actually forgets that I'm pregnant sometimes. Yes, he is in denial too. Its coming SO fast. We did our BFW class on Sunday and I think it forced him to open his eyes and see that this is really happening. So your dh/dp isn't the only one!

Hugs to All~

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Internal exam warning!

sahm, Your post reminded me of something I had wanted to mention. I know we are a really well informed bunch of women but I wanted to bring it up because this is the time in our pregnancies that it can happen. "Stripping the membranes" is a fairly common practice that happens mostly in hospital settings but can also be done by a MW. It is an intervention where the examiner will lift or push the bag of waters up and away from the cervix or uterus. This is painfull and NOT nessesary, it can even be harmful. If you haven't already discussed it with your MD/MW please do because sometimes they won't ask.

gret the great, I sympathize with the housing, war, job thing. I'm in the same boat and am going nuts! I'm glad you have the mom-mobile now, we have a 2 door honda and it's looking smaller every day.

JenniferC, I had some menstrual type cramping through out my 1st pregnancy, but the day I went into labor it felt like I had food poisining or a stomach flu at 4am, I lost my plug at 5:30am, and started regular contractions at 4pm.

Oh wow it's getting close I just pulled my infant car seat out of the closet and put it in the trunk of the car!
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Thanks for bringing up the stripping of the membranes thing. I actually just went through a discussion about it with my OB because with my first pregnancy my membranes were stripped at my 38 weeks appt (without my consent or knowledge, I only know in hindsight) and it was PAINFUL!!! And of course didn't even do anything to bring on labour anyway... Now that I know the possible side effects involved (premature breaking of water -- which can lead to induction or other interventions), I have told them that I DO NOT want my membranes stripped.

As for the feeling before labour, in hindsight I can look back and say that I felt PMSy the day that I went into labour, but it definitely wasn't the only day that I felt PMSy. And this pregnancy I have had that feeling on a few different days too. So while it probably is a sign that "something" is going on with your body as it prepares for labour, and could even be a sign of early labour, it isn't necessarily. It sure would be nice to have more indicators of when labour is going to happen...
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Wow...sounds like a lot of us are feeling really close!!

I also felt crampy all day the past few days, and it definitely feels like the baby seriously dropped! But I remember feeling this way for a few weeks towards the end of the first pregnancy. I guess it's all working up to labor!

I had a wild dream last night that I had a four minute labor! I was laying in bed and woke up DH saying, "honey, I think the baby is crowning" ....and whoosh, there he was!! Too funny!!

We're spending this weekend "getting ready for baby"...setting up the co-sleeper, getting the homebirth supplies stocked and ready, etc. Yeah!!
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