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Lots of crampiness here too. I get bh all the time too.

The weirdest thing is ds will move and it will feel like he's about to pop through my cervix... it's hard to explain and man when he does that I about lift out of my chair if I'm sitting down.

Yup... we're getting down to the count. I'm only 35w1d today, so I really want ds to stay in there until Friday (at least)... I really want my homebirth! After Friday I'm ready though. Monday the 31st would be bad (dh has a job interview/test) and the weekend of the 5th my midwife will have family from out of town so I half expect it to be one of those days! ag

I can't wait to hear about the first baby to be born!
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BBM, you can have a homebirth at 36 weeks? our MW will only do them starting at 37 weeks. so i have one more week to go, then i'll breathe my sigh of relief. also, i'd like baby to be nice and chunky (at least 8 lbs.) so we don't have to worry as much about him/her being able to regulate temperature, so i'm hoping for 39 or 40 weeks (although i'm starting to get a little tired of being pregnant).

this babe has definitely dropped. good news: breating is easier, bad news: i am peeing even more than before. i'm afriad in labor i'll just be peeing all over my house. i guess that's what chux pads are for though, eh?? (and worst case scenario, we can have the carpets cleaned).

finished my belly cast today, it's all painted in an ocean scene. i'll see if dh can help me post pics of it here so y'all can see.
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BBM, same here for me. The first day I can deliver out of hospital is April 1st (37 weeks), it must be a California thing.
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My midwife will do our homebirth at 36 weeks, as long as everything's been fine. Though I know some midwives in the area that prefer to wait until 37. I think here, at least, its a personal discretion thing for them.

Still hoping this baby will hang in there until atleast 37, though!

busybusymomma--I know exactly what you mean about the cervix! I *swear* sometimes the baby's head is *right* there! Feels so bizarre!
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Originally posted by MamaMae
My midwife will do our homebirth at 36 weeks, as long as everything's been fine. Though I know some midwives in the area that prefer to wait until 37. I think here, at least, its a personal discretion thing for them.

Still hoping this baby will hang in there until atleast 37, though!

busybusymomma--I know exactly what you mean about the cervix! I *swear* sometimes the baby's head is *right* there! Feels so bizarre!
It's a personal discretion thing here too. For me, the only way I'd probably have an eight lb baby is to go to my due date or even overdue. My mom had three 6lb 12oz, 7lb 11oz and 8lb 13oz (three weeks overdue), my MIL had six kids they all weighed 6lb something except one was 7lb. Dd was 6lb 2oz at 38 weeks and I knew my dates. : Dh and I are both small, so we just don't make big babies I guess!
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I've been having lots of them this evening. I mean probably every 10-15 minutes, but they don't last very long. Ouchie. Dh just left for work and I had him take the cell phone just in case. I really want this baby to stay in there for another week.

I'll try drinking some water and lying on my left side... anything else I should be doing?

Michelle- 35w3d
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I don't have any other ideas--water and rest, I think are your best bet! I hope they go away...it's too soon!

My braxton hicks have been increasing the past few days, too. I hope it's just a sign that we need to slow down and rest towards the end!

Keep us posted!
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Yes, Yes, Yes~H2O, rest and a bath! Please let us know how you are doing.

I was feeling a bit "crampy" today myself. Going to go to bed early tonight.


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Like everyone else said, WATER! Try to reduce any excess stress that you may be having. If you have a friend that you love who you don't have to play hostess to, call them up and have them come over and do simple stuff like make you tea, answer your phone, whatever so you don't have to. Any pampering can help.

I had the back-up hospital tour today and I really hope I don't need it. I did however ask about the 37 week thing. The hospital is in San Francisco and the OB said that there isn't a set law about it but if something were to happen to the baby and it was born out of hospital before 37 weeks there would be a lot of trouble for the MW in this state. My MW agreed with her, but said after the OB left the room that some MW's in the state will deliver at 36 weeks and say the mom "misread" her cycle to allow an extra week one way or the other.
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Whew! What a night... the two tacos I ate for dinner went right through me so once I did get nice and asleep (the contractions finally went away after I went to bed) I had to keep waking up to go to the bathroom. :

That was kinda scary... but I think I just had too busy of a day (working out, working a full day, driving to pick dd from Grammy's house, going to Walmart-ugh!).

I lectured Jeremy and told him to stay put for another week or so (minimum) and I'll try to do better and not overdo it.

More water and rest definitely helps...
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busybusymomma -- glad to hear that baby is staying put for now...

Well, I'm 38 weeks and I was really hoping that this baby would come at any time, but for now, I think I've changed my mind. It looks like my 2 year old might be breaking out in chicken pox. He has a few spots tonight so i'm sure we will know by the morning. I'm not worried about him getting them, and I'm not worried about me or the baby while it's in utero (I've already had them) but I am terrified about what would happen if I have the baby and ds has the chicken pox and is still contagious. I have read too many scary things about brand newborns and chicken pox. I guess my only option would be to keep them separate until ds heals (now, how hard would that be? I haven't been separated from ds hardly since birth...). So now I'm hoping that if he does get them, the baby stays put until after the contagiousness is over. I still have hope that the few spots he has are just skin blemishes or something (they are very fair and almost pimple looking) but I fear the worst... Man, this couldn't have come at a more complicated time.
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sahm- sorry to hear about about the chicken pox! My brother and I got them when my newest brother was not quite one month old. He never did get them, probably because my mom was bf'ing. I hope it all works out okay for ya!

Ds is still cooking thank God. Trying not to do quite as much so he'll stay in there a bit. Ideally, as anxious as I am for him to get here I want his lungs good and healthy so I think 37 weeks would be better than 36 but you just never know. Lots of menstrual-like cramps. Ugh...
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Good news -- no chicken pox, YET. I am hoping that they will not come. We are nearing the end of the incubation period so if they don't show up in the next couple of days, I think we can safely assume we are in the clear.

So I'm just about ready for this baby to make its appearance!!!

Baby being really quiet this morning. Usually moves around like crazy but hasn't been moving much today. I am going to take a drink of orange juice and spend some time paying attention to this little one's movements. I'm sure he/she is just sleeping...

Hope everyone else is well. I wonder how long it will be until we get our first April birth announcement -- can't be too much longer, we're almost there!!!
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SAHM--what a relief for you about the chicken pox! You do *not* want to deal with that right now, I'm sure! We're hoping to wait until next spring to expose DS to them--that way babe will be 1 year old, and pretty safe. Oh, about the movement--don't they generally slow down at this point? I've felt a lot less movement the past week--I figure there just isn't the room in there to move that there used to be! LOL!

busybusymomma--hope you're still hanging in there! Not much longer to go...just rest!

I'm feeling very ready, finally! I'm 36 weeks next tuesday, and feel like I need to get everything in order by then, (DS was born at 37 wks) so this weekend is dedicated to getting all the homebirth stuff set up, the tub, etc. And my blessingway is Saturday...yeah! We finished our hypnobirthing class last night--I'm in the zone!!

Can't wait to hear about the first April babe!!!!
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SAHM- glad you seem to be clear of the chicken pox!

I am ready!!! I am not getting my hopes up that the baby will be born in the next wek though...I'm 39 weeks on Saturday. Lots of Braxton Hicks today, and this baby is moving less lately.
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Do you think the chicken pox thing could be ecxema? We had a similar scare a few weeks ago and found out this is the time of year that some kids will get a wet type of ecxema that looks somewhat like chicken pox.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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Baby Update...no baby's not here yet . But I have been getting more BH contractions, hardly had ANY during the first 8.5 months, and baby is actually moving more? Strong, firm movements!

Gretel, I'm due just the day after you! Isn't it getting so exciting (I'm definitely having a hard time waiting now). My midwife thinks the baby is posterior though...herm....But she also thinks babies on the right, and she seems to be on the left to me! But she also sways from side to side still!

I had a dream a few nights ago that I delivered our little one in the bed in the side-lying position, and she came out so fast, I could feel all of the sensations and it didn't hurt too much! But then the weird part of the dream was that she only weighed 5 lb 5 oz.....LOL!
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Well, I drank the OJ and baby started moving again so I feel relieved. Yea, I know they slow down a lot now since they are so running out of room, but he/she was just more quiet than usual. Though he/she still has been. Do the babies slow down even more right before labour? Maybe it's just wishful thinking... I remember when I was early in this pregnancy I looked at my calendar and the on-call schedule of my OB practice and "picked" the last weekend in March to go into labour. Now, when I say picked, I don't really mean it, I just mean that I thought that would be a great weekend because it's a few days before I'm 39 weeks, my fave doc is on call, plus it's a weekend and "usually" weekend are less busy and you are less likely to get kicked out of the nice LDR rooms because of incoming inductions and scheduled c-sections. Anyway, THAT'S THIS COMING WEEKEND!!! Though I don't have any indication that it could be this weekend, but there's always hope... Though I am content with carrying this baby as long as it needs...
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