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question on feeding frequency @ 2 mo.

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Hi all,
I've a quick question of the frequency of feedings for young babies.
DD is exclusively BF. Up until her 2mo. well-baby check up (2wks ago), she was eating about every two hrs. (except for two days that seemed to be growth spurts). Her pedeatrician asked at the check up how often she was eating. And said she should be spacing out the feeds at this point to about every 3-4 hrs. and suggested I try making her wait a bit.

BUT... except for one or two 4hr stretches at night, she hasn't been spacing feeds at all. And for the past 4 days or so she's wanted to eat about every hour (I've been watching the clock).

(I tried making her wait once or twice but don't want to do that because when I do she attacks the breast and gulps lots of air and then burps burps that'd make a truck driver blush. And is fussy for hours after. Plus, making her wait to eat just doesn't sit right with me...)

Is her not spacing out feeds normal? And what about her wanting to eat more often recently (doesn't seem like a growth spurt at all)?

And, if this is all normal, when do young babies start spacing feeds (if they do when exclusively BF and not FF or BF+FF)?

Thanks in advance -- I know you guys'll have great advice on this!!

PS pee and poop fine, DD is gaining well (off the charts) and growing well (just barely on the top of the charts) and is alert and playful usually when awake (although she's started 4-5 hr fussy spells from about 7pm on)...
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BF babies should be fed on demand. This means whenever they want! In fact, you actually should be looking for the hunger signs and offer the breast before the baby gets histerical about it. Every 2 hours is perfectly normal. Please don't try to space the feedings. This will just cause lots of frustration for everyone. Find a Ped. who knows more about breastfeeding. You would be amazed at all of the bad advice someone like that can give you. Babies will often nurse more in the evening, like every hour. And if she is nursing that often, she might be making up for the fact that she is going longer streatches at night, or she just needs it right now. The paterns will change frequently. My DS nursed every 2 hours for 2 years!!!!! I does get easier. In another month or two she will start nursing for 5 minutes at a time (instead of 15-30 minutes), and you will think something is wrong, but that is also normal. So even though the frequency might not change, the time and amount of each feeding will get shorter. Hope this helps.
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I was going to say what PB's Mom said, but she already did. Ds#2 is a frequent nurser and he has always been. He still nurses 3-4 times in the middle of the night too. He's 14 months old.
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Ditto. Your daughter knows what she needs, not the ped. It definitely gets easier, but it's distressing when you get bad advice from a breastfeeding moron and it reduces your self-confidence!

Just remember that most peds have a) no formal training in breastfeeding and b) no clue about "normal" breastfed babies, unless they've been a nursing mother themselves (and even then they may spout misinformation unless they've taken the time and trouble to educate themselves).

(It's kind of a pet peeve of mine, having been subjected myself to some ignorant peds' advice, can you tell I have a chip on my shoulder? )

Hang in there and don't worry, you're doing great!
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I have a 2 month old and also have to turn a deaf ear to all the people who want to give me advice about when I should feed him or when he should sleep. Mine also eats at least every 2 hours during the day. But the way I see it is that he never eats for very long, so he's still getting the same amount. It actually works very well for me because I don't like to sit still for very long. So instead of sitting and nursing for half an hour at a time a few times a day, I nurse for 5-10 minutes all throughout the day. If it doesn't bother you and it doesn't bother the baby, you're doing everything perfectly.
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Thanks all!

I guess my real question (not very clear in my post, I admit) is do BF babies space out their feeds as they grow (or is that a FF baby thing)? And when? Is it normal that she changes her "feeding schedule" every few weeks or so?

'Cause she seemed to be doing the opposite -- from 2hrs down to every hour. But I'm not going to worry about it at all. After all, she's healthy and happy and I'm OK with whatever she wants. Especially since today was different, again: back to an hour and a half between some feeds (except for the two two-hour marathon feeding sessions, LOL, two hrs at a time of wanting ONLY to sleep on the breast and eat (swallowing and all) every 10 mins.)...

DD will continue to be fed whenever she wants... and since she is pretty vocal about not wanting the boob sometimes, I'm not going to worry about feeding her "too much".

Anyway, thanks again!
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I think every 2 hours is pretty normal. Many babies do not space their feedings past that. However, some do. A friend of mine had a baby that would go 5 hours between feeds, but I'm not sure she took the "on demand" feeding schedule. She was wanting to wean early. Just keep in mind every baby is different, and it depends on if you do "on demand" or try to force the baby to stretch the feedings. Eventually the baby will be nursing mostly for comfort, and that is also normal. Good luck. Those first 3 months or so are probably the hardest.
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My pediatrician, who breastfed her own daughter for 13 months, also tried to tell me that my dd was nursing too frequently. I just nodded and went on feeding her on cue.

As far as your baby nursing MORE frequently, she is probably having a growth spurt. It's been a while, but I believe babies have them at about 2, 4 and 6 months...someone correct me if I'm wrong? Not only are they more hungry, but they nurse more frequently to increase your supply so that it will meet their increased need as they grow. Ain't it amazing?

Plus I found that my daughter and I didn't have a really well-established nursing relationship until she was at least 3 months old - we were both learning. So don't expect things to be so predictable at two months. Some babies never fall into a pattern, and others, like mine, nurse like clockwork (really, it was like having a FF baby! ).
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Yes, the growth spurts tend to happen the way Lunamom said.
Don't worry about the frequency in feeding. Just feed her when she's hungry. ONly worry if she starts to loose a lot of weight.
Babies do learn to get more efficient at bf'ing, so sometimes when they are a little older they go longer between feedings. But then again, they need more to get that full feeling when they are older.
I think that my DS (6 months old now) still eats every 2 hours or so, but goes for real long stretches at night without eating.
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I wish dd had spread out her nursings more! She nursed about every 45 minutes for about the first 4 months. After that she would sometimes go for an hour or two. This went on until she really became interested in solids at around 8 months. She still nursed very frequently at night. In fact she still does (every 2-3 hours) at 2.

I would follow your instincts to feed your baby. It may be that she is going through a growth spurt. It could be that she is bigger and simply wants more, so is keeping up the frequency! I have gotten a lot of bad advice from Dr.'s about breastfeeding. So I tend to take anything they say with a grain of salt. Just do what you think is right. Nurturing, feeding, and being with your baby are the right things to do. Sounds like you're doing fine!
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