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in search of success stories

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Hey everyone, I've been a mother for 3.5 weeks and can't get more than a trickle of milk for my darling babe. I give him formula with the SNS and pump a lot. I really could use to hear about any women who've been in my place and were eventually able to move to exclusive BFing. I'm still hoping I'll be able to do it but my optimism could use a boost. Thanks in advance!
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Hang in there! I admire you for sticking with it!

I started out making very little milk. About 0.5 oz per feed or less. I knew this not because of pumping, but because I did weigh/feed/weighs at a BFing clinic. I tried absolutely everything except standing on my head. Fenugreek, pumping, drinking tons of water, oatmeal, beer, mother's milk tea, etc. Nothing worked! I was so stubborn, I didn't want to have to take medication. I thought I could do it on my own. At about 7 weeks I had a uterine infection and was checked for retained placenta. After that was ruled out, I guess you can say I was ready to give it one last shot. I went on Domperidone at 7 weeks PP. It didn't happen instantly, but very gradually with lots of pumping. Also, I was putting my son to the breast practically every hour. It was an uphill battle, heartbreaking at times and joyous at others. It's a struggle unlike any I've ever faced. But it's the most amazing feeling to know that whatever happens, you got one more day of breastmilk into your child. I was told in the beginning I'd probably never make more than 0.5-1 oz per feed, and that I'd probably have to supplement a majority of his calories. Well, they were wrong. While he's never been exclusively BFed, at about 3 months old, I was making about 75% of his calories. Now, at 8.5 months old, he gets one bottle a day before bed (about 4 oz) I would have continued to nurse even if I only had a drop, but it is such a blessing to me that I'm able to make almost enough for him now.

It is so rewarding. Really. It is. Breastfeeding is about SO MUCH MORE than just nutrition. It seems so hard now, and it is, but as each day passes and you get more time under your belt, you may find it becomes less about the actual milk and more about the bond between you and your child.
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citykid, seek out henhao and gianna's mom. They've both got success stories that might help you.

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I have never been in your place but I have to commend you for doing the best for your child ! It is worth it keep it up
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Where did you get dom?
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Has lots of info and other mothers' stories about milk supply issues. Also, there is a brand new book coming soon by Diana West about low milk supply, but I don't think it is out yet.
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What a difference a day makes (Relactating)

Hi All! Just wanted to give a to those of you that encouraged me with the SNS. Well , we tried again last nite after work and my DS did pretty well on it. He struggled at the end b/c it hard for me to tell if he is full (since he does get some BM) or just antsy about it.

The LC said maybe I should try Reglan for 2 weeks just to give my prolactin a boost. What do you think? I did have some postpartum depression and am a bit afraid.
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i would be very concerned about taking reglan since you have depression in your history. a friend of mine was on reglan for severe hyperemesis during her third pregnancy and only at the END of her pregnancy, after quitting it a few months before, did she learn that it might be contraindicated if you have a history of depression, which she did. she was kinda mad at her doc for not pointing that out.

would your md or your child's pediatric md prescribe domperidone for you? you can also get it from a few internet places for your personal use.

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Trying Domperidone

Hi TurboClaudia - I tried Domperidone and only noticed a slight increase in milk supply. I am on 120 mgs total. Take 30mgs. - 4 times a day. Starting Fenugreek. Someone said Goats rue???? may be a good one to try.

Please share your thoughts.
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I am a success story. I never got my son to latch on in the hospital and had to exclusively pump. The first day I pumped, I got drops. My day's total was less than 2 oz eventhough I pumped every 3 hours. It was very discouraging. However it did get better. At 1 month I could pumping 18oz for the day (still less than he was eating, but better than 2 ozs).

I took fenugreek and ate oatmeal, but none of that helped me. I was told to pump every 3 hours for 15 minutes, which equates to 8 pumping sessions a day. I did this for a week, but I was still pumping drops at the end of the week. I decided (for many reasons such as trying to get a good nights sleep) to change my sessions from 15 minutes to 10 minutes and pump 10 to 12 times a day. I also only got up 1 time during the night instead of several. This made all the difference for me. Every day I was pumping more and more BM.

After 1 month, I got my son to latch on. I was so happy. I still supplemented some for the next month - but he did not have any formula after 2 months. He is now 2 years old and is still breastfeeding.

What I did may not work for you, but I wanted to let you know that it is possible to go from pumping drops of breastmilk to exclusive breastfeeding your child.

Good luck
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from what i have read, domperidone may not help some women until after 3 weeks. i also believe you can safely go up to 180mg a day and watch for another 3 weeks for any increase. how long have you been taking the dom?

sadly, i was someone who did not see any appreciable increase in milk supply with domperidone after a month at 120mg a day and another month at 180mg a day. it can help many women, but not all.

i don't know very much about goat's rue, but will be adding it to my list of things to try should i need it with this second baby. i did not know about it the first time around.

if you are willing and your doctor is willing to give the reglan a try, it may work differently for you than the domperidone, although from my reading, again, domperidone has seemed more effective in increasing supply overall for most women. having depression in your history and having overcome it will help you be aware of the signs and help your partner and your doctor also be aware of the signs with you, so it may be appropriate to give it a try if you feel comfortable.

with the fenugreek, be sure you are taking enough to make your body fluids start smelling like maple syrup (sweat and urine in particular). i took 1800mg x 3 times a day. it helped some but not much.

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Just as an aside. . .

Pumping to increase milk supply requires a hospital grade, heavy duty pump. Remember, regardless of all the stuff you can take to increase supply (oatmeal, herbal supplements etc.), breastfeeding is supply and demand. Pump as much as you can . . . frequent sessions long or short will help. Another tip is to keep pumping for five or so minutes even after you stop actually getting milk. This stimulates milk production and will help to build your supply up as well.

For more info.: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p....html#increase


I am so proud of you! Keep your head up. You are an awesome Mama and you WILL get through this!
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Thanks for the information

Hi TurboClaudia,

It is my 3rd week on Dom and supply is pretty good - not great - as we all hope to be someday. I think I will give until the end of this week with it. I think the SNS helped alot but I had to trade off with that one. DS will not take the bare breast anymore - he likes the faster flow of milk. But he nurses alot longer with it which obviously helps my stimulation.

Thanks so much for the advice about Reglan. I am hesitant but willing to try it just telling people to keep an eye on me is a great idea.

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Originally Posted by momileigh

Where did you get dom?

is a good place.

We really need some stickies around here.
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Originally Posted by MaryJaneLouise
We really need some stickies around here.
start a new thread for your sticky topic and then pm a mod to ask to make it a sticky.

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Dude, I made a domperidone thread in the forum. It's titled something like "Domperidone / Reglan / Other Galactagogues / Metformin use while pregnant".

Stick stick stick!

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We're a success story in a different sense...

Most people around here know our story--milk didn't come in until day 5, and never was more than a few drops. When Brandon dropped from 6 lbs 15 oz to 6 lbs 3 ounces, the doctors forced us to give him formula in a bottle. And I mean they REFUSED to write a prescription for an SNS. Eventually we went over their heads and got one from a LC, but it was too late--he was on bottles for a month. He was still nursing 45 minutes every hour around the clock and every 2-4 hours I pumped with a lactina. Eventually I was able to get him off the bottles and using an SNS.

At the 6 month mark, I was still making less than 1 ounce a day. Brandon was only 12 lbs. He was still nursing every 2 hours around the clock and I was still pumping every 2 hours (and getting mere drops), and went to full term 4 oz of supplements in the lactaid at every feeding.

By a year old, we'd gotten pretty good at the routine and I decided to stop pumping because I couldn't take it anymore. Then I got pregnant (so the lactaid was a blessing--Brandon didn't notice my milk dried up). After Ryland was born and passed away, Brandon continued to nurse, but again, my milk supply was really low. However, at 30 months old, I'm happy to report that Brandon nurses 3-6 times a day WITHOUT a lactaid, and then one time a day with it!!

My baby, who screamed every time he saw the breast at 6 weeks old is still nursing at 30 months despite severe low supply, 5 weeks of thrush, 2 diagnoses of failure to thrive, a pregnancy and all other obsticals we have faced!
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Wow AllyRae - what a wonderful story. Your child is very lucky.

I just revisted this thread, I posted earlier about my story. Here's a recap. I exclusively pumped the 1st month and only made 2 oz all day. I kept at in and within a month was pumping 18 ozs. I eventually got my son to latch on and actually nurse and haven't supplemented since the 2nd month. He is now 2.

I just wanted to add something. I think a few people have mentioned this. My pump was a rented pump from the hospital.
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Keep it up

That is all i have to say. Don't use formula! That will only make things worse. It will lower your supply, etc.
Just keep the baby on there. I know it is so hard, they cry, wiggle, etc. But they will get the hang of it. I just kept reminding myself that mothers back when formula was non existant did not starve thier children by breastfeeding, why would we??
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Keep it up

That is all i have to say. Don't use formula! That will only make things worse. It will lower your supply, etc.
Just keep the baby on there. I know it is so hard, they cry, wiggle, etc. But they will get the hang of it. I just kept reminding myself that mothers back when formula was non existant did not starve thier children by breastfeeding, why would we??
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